Sunday, 21 July 2013

Yahoo Ztelic Raise Level Of R And D

Yahoo Ztelic Raise Level Of R And D: Ztelic software developers are used to analyze and monitor activity on social networks. 
Yahoo Ztelic Raise Level Of R And D
After the company decided to buy Admovate advertising Yahoo the company continues to acquire data analysis Ztelic in Beijing to strengthen the research and development department (R & D) in China.

A spokesman for Yahoo emphasized the Wall Street Journal that the 8 engineers and developers of Ztelic will participate in R & D division of Yahoo in Beijing.

Ztelic founded by Hao Zheng, a former chief architect at R & D office of Yahoo in China, he has held the position of IT Director (CTO) of Zynga in Asia. According to Yahoo Hao Zheng will return to the role of critical leadership of R & D Beijing.

The terms of the deal have not been finalized 2 sides. It is unclear whether Ztelic will continue to operate or shut down completely. Meanwhile, Ztelic website has officially announced the merger.

One year after becoming the most powerful figures in Yahoo the company that Marissa Mayer acquisition decisions in fourth overall in the history of the business nearly 20 years of its existence. 

This shows the beautiful female CEO are very determined to restructure the giant in the field of the Internet to catch up with the trend of technological development.


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