Friday, 26 July 2013

Zalo Windows Phone Version Surprise

Zalo Windows Phone Version Surprise: Unless stated will be released at some point in the third quarter the publisher Zalo was relatively tight lipped about this version. 
 Zalo Windows Phone Version Surprise
Therefore, the sudden appearanceZaloWP on the weekend was quickly received the attention of netizens. Before that on many forums many users have expressed the expectation even by pressure to the release this version soon.

Currently, no see Zalo Official information about applicationsthis. Walking around the online community the majority of users are mainly found each other and spread.

Overall, version Zalo on Windows Phone(WP) different than the iOS and Android versions have been widely used. The interface in the WP brings flat design feature of the operating system. 

System icon and content layout is designed to impress users. According to the website of a product evaluation version Zalo on Windows Phone looks stunning than the old interface 2 on iOS and Android.

In addition to the traditional blue of the application is designed to be used as the main color ZaloWP on the increased use of character designs icons and functional systems interactive systems horizontally to bring a new feel to the user. 

However, the trial version is also limited due to not support some features such as two versions of iOS and Android. Perhaps publishers Zalo will need more time to improve.

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  1. This review looks very surprising and good.Mainly the system icon idea is nice.The basic criteria for the app developement is be make things easier and simpler.Here that criteria is satisfied
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