Saturday, 3 August 2013

Android 4.3 On Nexus 4 Errors Caused

Android 4.3 On Nexus 4 Errors Caused: Since that time smartphone users Nexus 4 began to encounter some error Software. 
Android 4.3 On Nexus 4 Errors Caused
Even in the version release date Android 4.3 new Google also released an update via wireless to form the Nexus line of devices including the Galaxy Nexus,Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.

Immediately after installation multiple Nexus 4 can not complete the boot process that constantly gets stuck at the screen with the Google logo and logo Nexus. 

Some other users through the steps but a few small features not logical operation such as the soft keys are malfunctioning with lock code does not work.

More seriously, there are cases where the PC's processor speed is reduced to zero or use the multi-touch feature does not work. In addition, theerror reflected the remaining issues, including cellular, applications and user data from loss etc.

A further problem is quite sore after updating to Android 4.3 Some machines Nexus 4 overheating when being used. The final solution it seems to solve the problem but caused no less painful to reset that user's machine.

Of course, not every user to update Android 4.3 also encounter error Such discomfort. 

The good news for Google is that the company has held a numbererrorand may release a small patch in a short time probably Android 4.3 .1 to correct the error notification.


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