Thursday, 29 August 2013

Apple Lock Your iPhone UDID And Not Add iOS Beta 7

Apple Lock Your iPhone UDID And Not Add iOS Beta 7: All this iPhone have in common that situation is to install iOS 7 Beta shift by 6 update from iOS to not add UDID. 
Apple Lock Your iPhone UDID And Not Add iOS Beta 7
Today some overseas website posted notice that Apple has begun to shut some iPhone running iOS Beta 7 deactivating the active state machine will stop at the active standby screen.

The problem is that I also received information from the users in Vietnam has also been a similar situation, the machine is used after access to it was deactivating wifi. 

It is possible that Apple is conducting decommissioning of the iPhone running iOS Beta 7 which is not registered in the list of device programmers. 

Therefore, to be sure then if you are using the Windows 7 Beta to iOS add UDID or data backup for sure. Recently, Apple has also increased the number of devices that programmers can add up to 200 devices UDID. 

Should you backup data with iTunes, iCloud by now. If careful, you can turn off wifi and 3G, temporarily use the network again. 

Deactive If you are worried do not rush, move on DFU and restore normal iOS 6.1.4. UDID as identifier codes of each iPhone, Add UDID is often manipulate the programmer to make an iPhone that add to the list of our test device, they can use it to develop software. 

Every time programmers of iPhone UDID added to the list which is updated at the same time Apple also their list. 

The problem is that you usually do not add UDID Subtle but pressing shift use from iOS 6 update to iOS beta 7 is always to bypass UDID check this step. 

This machine can help active normal operation without interest accounts programmers interested in what is UDID. 


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