Saturday, 24 August 2013

Bing Search Engine Help Shopping Easier Product

Bing Search Engine Help Shopping Easier Product: Microsoft said that over the next few months the site search Bing of them will be upgraded to better serve the needs of online shopping. 
Bing Search Engine Help Shopping Easier Product
Specifically, when you type a name tag an item Bing will direct display of item information including footnotes consumer reviews and price have in stock or not and the the site also has a picture of every other product equivalent item that you are looking for. 

Also, the Bing ads also places are only about promotion or discounts on such items. Two most important information of an item is out of stock and the price or not. 

Bing should both understand that this information will be displayed in the results list search of each site as well. 

You only need to glance briefly compare prices between sites and sales from the Bing choosing where to buy without having to open a web page to each. 

Overall, this is a very good shopping experience because it helps us focus on the important information in one place, helping us shopping easy and saves time compared to a traditional surfing.


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