Friday, 30 August 2013

BlackBerry Begins Official Website BBM For iOS And Android

BlackBerry Begins Official Website BBM For iOS And Android: BlackBerry has recently launched surprise official website refers to BBM as well as its characteristic features for iOS and Android. 
BlackBerry Begins Official Website BBM For iOS And Android
Accordingly, BBM on iOS and Android will be fully functional as the BlackBerry OS version it still has BBM Video with screen sharing capabilities BBM Voice phone calls BBM Connected apps associated with a of certain software helps us share with your friends on BBM more quickly. 

By accessing this website, you will see a small square box, this will be the email you enter early to receive the latest information about BBM for Android and iOS, or perhaps when you have BBM on both the founded on those who register will be given priority before use. 

Fact, a few minutes before appearing on the Web site, the BlackBerry has accidentally launched a website titled BBM For Android And iPhone Is Here accompanied by two function buttons. 

BBM BBM for iPhone and for Android. However, Canadian corporations have quickly removed and replaced on the website. 

Upcoming conference programming Blackberry Jam will take place in Hong Kong from 26th till 27th October 9, probably BBM for Android and iOS will be introduced here.


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