Friday, 23 August 2013

BlackBerry Not Easy To Go Bankrupt

BlackBerry Not Easy To Go Bankrupt: BlackBerry is not much value, especially its value will decline as it has its own sale. 
BlackBerry Not Easy To Go Bankrupt
You will kill a business when you own your company for sale Brian Huen its analysis Red Sky Capital Management commented.

No partner is interested in buying the entire BlackBerry. Maybe this time the BlackBerry is necessary to calculate the partial dissolution and sold separately to maximize value.

Analysts said that BlackBerry can not revive businesses smartphone and its dissolution is inevitable.

The phone hardware segment the largest source of revenue of the BlackBerry but the $ 800 million valuation but basically it is not worth anything because most acquisitions partner if BlackBerry will delete Book by integrating it into their own technology.

However, patents, array software network security of the BlackBerry are valued at over $ 1 billion for each array and its current is still about $ 2.8 billion in cash. 

According to some analysts this amount is more than enough to help BlackBerry not being bankrupt.


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