Saturday, 3 August 2013

BlackBerry Individual Messages On Lockscreen

BlackBerry View Content Individual Messages Just Outside Lockscreen: To see all your notification you simply touch the icon of it to ignore the soaring from right to left. 
BlackBerry View Content Individual Messages Just Outside Lockscreen
BlackBerry 10.2 is an update that you use BlackBerry 10 is waiting because it promises to be more exciting than the last and one of them is the ability to display the contents of each notification just outside the lock screen. 

More specifically, a member from a site CrackBerry have published a video showing his Z10 have shown in detail the contents of the message. 

This is a very worth while addition of BlackBerry because users can now see every detail without losing messages to unlock the machine. 

Known apart from above features the BlackBerry has a new 10.2 that more users will be able to interact directly with the notification bar but here is specific email or text message. 

Better when we have a new message or new email we will reply immediately easy to just touch the bar at the top. 

10.2 The BlackBerry is still in the development stage and trial, what you can see in the video below is just a leak .


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