Thursday, 22 August 2013

Box Up 10GB Storage For Users

Box Up 10GB Storage For Users: Thus, Box is a provider of cloud storage solutions wide compared to most other competitors such as SkyDrive Dropbox (2GB), Amazon Cloud Drive (5GB) and Apple iCloud (5GB). 
Box Up 10GB Storage For Users
Google then give users 15GB free storage space but it is shared between Drive Gmail and Google+ Photos. 

Previously Box has also opened several waves allows users to permanently upgrade the capacity of the 50GB or 25GB without costs. 

It is also given 50GB of free collaboration for users of mobile devices from Sony and LG.

On this occasion, Starter Box launched a new package aimed at small businesses with 100GB capacity. 

Starter package costs $ 5 per user per month, supports up to 10 people. 

Box added that its service is 20,000,000 was spent by users and 180,000 businesses across the globe.


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