Monday, 26 August 2013

Chinese Firm Shedding Accessories Apple Lost Market

Chinese Firm Shedding Accessories Apple Lost Market: The decline in market share of Apple in China are making thousands of units produced locally miserable accessories. 
Chinese Firm Shedding Accessories Apple Lost Market
At the present time, they are forced to shift to production of suitable accessories to the device products Samsung's tablet or domestic manufacturers.

The conversion of producing accessories for Samsung, Lenovo and numerous other Chinese phone companies make these units took a big charge Vincent Kwok - CEO of the production company's accessories in Guangzhou Magic Kingdom said.

The number of models released each year by Apple few manufacturers make such Kwok feel your breath because they only need to design a form or two accessories for the smartphone or tablet for long-term production. 

However, as sales of the iPhone, iPad plummeting in China the company was forced to develop a range of other accessories to form various sizes, different designs for brands such as ZTE, Xiaomi.

The market is shifting to Samsung and the Chinese brands so we are forced to expand the product line. 

This helps us reduce the risk. Just focus on Apple products is too dangerous at the moment, Mr Kwok said.

The market share of Apple iPhone products sold in China in June fell to 5%, while Samsung ranked number one with 18% as reported by Canalys on 9/8. IPad sales also fell 28% market share down sharply from 49% a year ago. 

Meanwhile, Samsung was able to expand its market share to 11% from 6%, calculated from the month 6/2012.

For those who like Giant Zhang co-founder Jison accessory maker Case the transition is not easy. The type of senior housing leather case for iPhone with over 300 currency price does not match the client group using low-level smartphones.

Although 70% of sales from the company's Han still come from Apple products, he said the company does not intend to rely on the iPhone and iPad. Apple has no new ideas, new designs. 

Rapidly changing market. If you do not change, you will die, said Han.

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