Friday, 30 August 2013

Facebook Fanpage Use Assessment Results Like Contest

Facebook Fanpage Use Assessment Results Like Contest: Facebook has updated its terms of use allowing businesses and brands to use their fanpage to create promotions and contests easier. 
Facebook Fanpage Use Assessment Results Like Contest
A special feature is the Facebook management support number of people like comment to summarize results.

Previously contests, promotions manager with apps only, now Facebook has removed it. Currently users can completely manage the site and the application Timelines Facebook .

The program is organized on Facebook will be the number of support like comment send messages to the page so that as the vote share. 

A given tool enables post export data help summarize the results simpler. This tool is still in the testing phase errors occur for a number of languages.

It is worth noting that on the fanpage competitions require players to tag your friends in such a condition is valid, and help spread the competition is higher. 

But Facebook has banned the use of this method fanpage.


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