Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hacker Arrested FBI Selling Visit American Supercomputer

Hacker Arrested FBI Selling Visit American Supercomputer: A 24-year-old hacker in America now faces 18 months in jail after being arrested by the FBI while trying to sell access to information are two of the country's supercomputers. 
Hacker Arrested FBI Selling Visit American Supercomputer
With the name James Andrew Miller, the hackers had successfully hacked into the information system of many large companies such as American Express, Yahoo . Adobe, Google, WordPress and installed by hacking keyboard tracking software on the computers of employees of this company. 

In the case that Miller was arrested, the perpetrators wanted to sell access to FBI information management accounts of two supercomputer located at the Department of Computer Science Research under the U.S. Department of Energy. 

Miller demanded the FBI paid $ 50,000 for this deal and of course the FBI never spend that amount.

In the chat with the Secret Service Miller boasted that he had been accessing information supercomputers is due to hack into the system of a university in Japan, where the two are allowed to connect to this machine. 

Miller also served previously sold for FBI agents account access network Domino's Pizza stores and many other places the U.S. at a cost of over $ 2,200. 

The culprit was also revealed he can gain access to supercomputers at Harvard University and the University of California

Miller used the nickname Green to go online and he is a member of the hacker group Underground Intelligence Agency. 

One other hackers named Robert Intel Burns who became a witness for investigators since 2010 and has participated in UI A plays an important role in solving crimes because he introduced Miller the FBI agent.

In addition to 18 months jail, Miller will be monitored within 36 months and forced to compensate for the damage he held was hacked and violated. The amount of compensation has not been disclosed.


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