Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Hacker Walls Of Facebook Security Error

Hacker Walls Of Facebook Security Error: Interesting story error three times Palestinian hacker named Khalil Shreateh hackers are passed each other on the website and forum in the weekend 17-8.
Hacker Walls Of Facebook Security Error
When the error discovered in the fil compose.php on the website Facebook Khalil Shreateh tried to tell security team of Facebook but three times removed because they can not determine fault, according to his personal blog Khalik announced details of email communication.

To demonstrate, a hacker sent straight content (post) error message on account of Executive Director (CEO) Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, even though you only have to be able to do this.

Shortly after borrowing a wall (Wall) CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Engineer's security Facebook has quickly Khalil contact details to receive errors but said Khalil will not receive a bonus security error because his actions were in violation of the privacy policy of Facebook .

Similar to Google, Facebook has security program receive reward error Bug Bounty Program. 

As of May 8-2013, Bug Bounty has awarded more than a million dollars for a total of 329 people including hackers security professionals and students have reported errors in the products services and applications of Facebook . 

Until now, the highest award of Facebook is $ 20,000 for a serious error may account accounts Facebook via SMS without interaction from the victim.


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