Monday, 26 August 2013

HTC One Test Android 4.3 ROM Leaks

HTC One Test Android 4.3 ROM Leaks: Android 4.3 for HTC One at the end of September and now the installation of this update has been leaked online by nicknames LlabTooFeR programmers.
Android 4.3 ROM Leaks for the HTC One test
In the new version we are allowed to choose their own music as background for the video created by Highlights feature, in addition, the transit time in the video image will depend on the pace of soundtrack.

The task management and functional testing of network traffic is now carried out app drawer screen Wi-Fi icon Hotspot and innovation. Features Wi-Fi is turned on to serve for the purpose of positioning the Android 4.3 also appear.

Please note that the installer leaked today is just the internal beta pre-release only. HTC will likely add other new things before the company launched the official update. installed the new ROM Guide.

  • Download the ROM file here and copy it to the memory of the HTC ONe
  • Boot into recovery mode. If you do not know what the recovery is please reference topic about how to upgrade ROM and related issues .
  • Select the backup to backup the entire contents of the computer missed a problem, we can recover
  • Choose Install zip file> browse to the new file you downloaded
  • Choose flash, flash forward complete, restart your computer and start using


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