Friday, 2 August 2013

Intelligence Countries Banning Lenovo Products

Intelligence Countries Banning Lenovo Products: Recently, Australian Defencevoiced correct erroneous information posted Financial Review of Ministry was implementing a ban products Lenovo on your system.
Intelligence Countries Banning Lenovo Products
Accordingly, this page gave a hasty conclusions about a department under the Ministry of Defence Australia has put a ban on use computer of Lenovo due to the risk associated with leaking state secrets.

Specifically, the Australian Department of Defence spokesman has just put out content ministries have a rigorous testing process for all equipment used in network defense and not have any suggestions about how love. 

The recognition of the product machine ofLenovofor his life but the page Financial Review reports issued misleading content on days 27 and 29/7.

The ministry said the ban does not have any relation to Lenovo or products Lenovoon their networks. 

Earlier reports of the Financial Review has caused no little concern for users as well as large organizations around the world on the issue of security on devices of Lenovo.


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