Monday, 19 August 2013

iPhone 5 Will Death And Paving Way For iPhone 5C

iPhone 5 Will Death And Paving Way For iPhone 5C: Analysts famous for Mingchi Kuo has published a long article which emphasizes will to stop Apple iPhone 5 production after launching the iPhone 5S and 5C cheap model.
iPhone 5 Will Death And Paving Way For iPhone 5C
Bloomberg then summarize this article and made ​​the comment 5C iPhone is going to replace the iPhone 5 product. 

According to Kuo, 5C iPhone will be sold for 400-500 USD. It seems, those who are most knowledgeable about Apple that Apple will not be launching about a product cheap to serve ordinary users. 

Earlier, the CEO of Foxconn confirmed by voice iPhone cheap would be not cheap.

Surprisingly, he asserts Kuo, Apple will still keep the iPhone 4S product line. Traditionally, Apple will lower the price after the iPhone introduction before the new iPhone launch. 

However, the iPhone 5 will retain the serious impact of the iPhone sales because 5C, 5S after the iPhone launch the iPhone 5 price will fall to $ 500.

In addition, the removal of the iPhone 5 also makes the user part required to select iPhone 5S by tradition two products will have identical designs. 

If this information is accurate, then the time in October this year Apple will distribute the iPhone 3 products including 2 completely new model iPhone iPhone 5S and 5C. 

Products remaining iPhone 4S model has 2 years old, and glass shell designed 30-pin charging port old.

Before that most believers are anticipated technology Apple iPhone 4S to the death of synchronization Lightning connector generation.

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  1. iPhone 5 is really better than older versions of it. But iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 are not too different — they have the same screen, SD card, memory etc. I made a list to compare:

    iPhone 5C:
    • It has a lower cost than iPhone 5 (US$ 100,00 is the difference);
    • It has lots of colors (blue, red, yellow etc.);
    • It was created with plastic;
    • The battery has a better duration time. (10 hours iPhone 5C / 8 hours iPhone 5)

    iPhone 5
    • It has a higher cost than iPhone 5C (maybe because it's made by a better material);
    • It has black and white colors;
    • It has an Apple A7 on it;
    • It has a prettier look.

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