Thursday, 29 August 2013

iPhone Running iOS Beta 7 Is Apple

iPhone Running iOS Beta 7 Is Apple: iPhone 5 bikhoa Bring to a shop on Le Hong Phong, Vietnam Anh Nguyen said this morning when connected to Wi-Fi network, your machine was immediately deactivating. 
iPhone Running iOS Beta 7 Is Apple
Despite using many ways but Vietnam still does not turn up I used to be.

According to Ho Hai Minh, technicians specialize in iPhone, Apple is taking courses from iOS devices updated to iOS 6 beta 7 update by selecting shift without UDID step further. 

In the morning, his technical department have received from customers 4 devices with this phenomenon. Apple is taking active measures to stop the iPhone running iOS beta 7 is not registered in the list of its developers he explains Ming.

According to Minh, this is not worth worrying phenomenon, the user can switch the device on DFU restore back to iOS version 6.1.4 and used again. However, when restoring the machine, the device will lose all previous data.

To prevent this phenomenon, users can back up data in iTunes or through iCloud. To avoid locking devices installed iOS beta 7 is not the right way, as he Minh the user should temporarily disconnect the Internet connection such as Wi-Fi, 3G.

Add UDID is a process previously required for programmers to test before Apple's OS is in beta. UDID is offering iPhone, iPad. 

Test equipment to the list of application developers by signing up with Apple. However, many people when testing iOS 7 skipped this step proceed shift click to go to update the operating system is loaded on your computer.


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