Monday, 26 August 2013

Market Growth Smartphone

Market Growth Smartphone: Report by IDC show Furniture smartphone sales volume in the Vietnam market in 2012 was 4 million. 
Market Growth Smartphone
This year, that number can go up to 6 million units. Theo to a report Titled Handbook on Vietnam's mobile market has been published by Appota - a unit of mobile content distribution Vietnam is a country with rapid growth of smartphones 2nd world just behind China.

According to reports from Appota, the number of Android devices available in Vietnam, by the end of 2012, is about 9 to 10 million units. The new iPhone is the most popular products in Vietnam. 

Accordingly, the number of iOS devices sold in Vietnam could reach 4 million units. Three quarters of them are iPhone.

iPhone is an iconic product for smartphones in Vietnam During the period 2009 - 2011 and Remain the number one position in the market at the moment. 

In Vietnam, Apple products are always respected and is a symbol of luxury and elegance. Trend loving Apple products only When changing the line Android phone with good configuration, Cheap appeared on the market.

The report of Apppota, iPhone currently accounts for about 40% smartphone market share in Vietnam, while Android with about 30 Different brands accounted for almost 60% of the rest mainly products from Samsung, LG, Q-Mobile and Hkphone.

As predicted, Android phones will continue to grow strongly accounting for about 80% smartphone market share in Vietnam for about 2 years.


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