Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Microsoft Games Windows Live Cease

Microsoft Games Windows Live Cease: A few days ago, Jason Holtman, Steam has experts on the military strategy game for the array of Microsoft and today this information Games for Windows Live next year.
Microsoft Games Windows Live Cease

This is an online service that allows PC gamers can communicate make friends with each other to exchange information and to play the game similar to Origin, Steam. 

Games for Windows Live (GFWL) was born on 29/5/2007 and will officially cease operations on 01.07.2014, enjoy life 7-year-old, the last time Microsoft updates for this application over 1 year ago on 7/7/2012. 

From here until the company was closed for the operation continues to serve GFWL players. thus likely to close after the Games for Windows Live they will launch a new service or attractive more reasonable? 

Or who knows when Microsoft will always include online services for PC game on XBox Live for clear console One Xbox and x86 platforms using the PC to the transition game for two platforms a lot easier.


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