Friday, 23 August 2013

Microsoft Shares CEO Believes Soon

Microsoft Shares CEO Believes Soon: Steve Ballmer, who served as CEO at Microsoft since 2000, recently made ​​the decision to retire in round 1 next year from this point. 
Microsoft Shares CEO Believes Soon
This information has been Microsoft officially announced.

The resignation is a difficult decision but this is the most appropriate time for Microsoft looking for a new leader personally Ballmer said in his speech. Microsoft has embarked on war corporate services reform. 

Microsoft aims to become a company of services and facilities and we need a new CEO for the new target. 

This orientation was also Microsoft announced mid last month. Accordingly, the entire group will be divided into 4 main groups including the operating system, and entertainment devices applications and services and cloud businesses.

Following the decision the company has appointed a special council to first look for a new leader. 

The council headed by John Thompson and will have the participation of former CEO Bill Gates. 

In addition, after the release transmitted, shares Microsoft has increased by 9%.


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