Friday, 2 August 2013

Moto X Super First Receiver Was Not Going

Moto X Super First Receiver Was Not Going: After months of speculation Google has finally unveiled Moto X a special smartphone because many probably. 
Moto X Super First Receiver Was Not Going
First, it is the first product Motorola launched after Google acquired. Second this product claims made ​​in the United States instead of in China as most rival products. Third, it allows users to customize the machine case logo, color preferences.

However, due to speculation and excessive leak before G should launch Moto Xalmost no unexpected factors. 

The excitement that blockbuster press for this harbor when Google announced prices for the network key Moto X up to 199 USD signaling the international version will not be as cheap as it is expected.

And most recently, Pages Business Insider proved too cold to punch it clear that much less. Despite praiseMoto X is a powerful smartphone but this page handy stocky predicted: There will not be anybody out to buy Moto X.

In January, the first BlackBerry smartphone launched its newest tablet is Z10. Despite receiving praise from experts but the consumption of the Z10 is still very weak. Most recently, many networks have not decided to give the Z10 for subscribers to sign 2-year service contract.

March, HTC released the HTC One a cricket also commended sobbed through unique design luxurious and powerful configuration. But sales in the first month and only 5 million half rival Samsung Galaxy S4 and not enough to shore up the financial results for the quarter HTC.

A mobile giant Nokia is that despite Lumia smartphones sold millions but mostly due to the cheap model 520. The high-end Lumia 920 smartphone is not really called blockbuster. Meanwhile, high-end smartphone market seems saturated began when both iPhone and Galaxy will slow down consumption.

This context makes a smartphone such as 200 USD Moto Xhardly stand to be in the premium segment even where it is good to go again. And do not forget that only Samsung and Apple are two companies actually profit from the mobile business only.

Yet, Moto Xis a different product but it was just weird stop at the surface. Users have not found a convincing reason to change from the product they are used toMoto X. To describe the situation of Moto X we can say the following: Yeah, good one but who cares.


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