Friday, 30 August 2013

Opera 16 Web Browser Based On Chromium 29 Engine

Opera 16 Web Browser Based On Chromium 29 Engine: Bring to a lot of new changes this version will support HTML5 on desktop protocol smoother operation along with the added utility W3C Geolocation API. 
Opera 16 Web Browser Based On Chromium 29 Engine
It allows you to standardize an interface to get information about the geographic location of the device such as the fact that it can be used on sites like Foursquare to services that can help identify locations easier.

In addition, the stable version of Opera 16 for Windows and Mac OS will bring features like before such as form autofill, full screen mode on Mac computers and jump list helps the better on Windows. 

In addition, other features such as Speed ​​Dial, Stash, Discover, Off-Road will also be added to upgrade the browser can work in the best way.

There are also two versions related to early use Chromium, Opera 16 will be added to the utility and chrome.history chrome.cookies are utility API appeared in Opera 15 but not only that, the session. 

This new version also provides for the development of more utility models to help them build the equivalent of processing tools and Opera version 16 also showed a clear break away from the utility limit 6 appear on the browser interface.

Reportedly, since switching from Presto engine to operate starting Chromium platform version of Opera 15, far more than 300 extensions support for this version and then another in which also includes many of today's popular service is Evernote, Pocket, Yandex, Pinterest, LastPass and Feedly.

Continue to develop your roadmap, earlier this month, Opera has released version browser developed by Opera first Chromium 17 to the 30, promises to bring back pin tab feature as Opera on 12 and many other improvements.


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