Friday, 30 August 2013

Second Largest Market Of Opera Mini 4

Second Largest Market Of Opera Mini 4: Talking Hodiny he said, Vietnam is home to the largest Opera Mini user of seventeenth worldwide and fourth in Asia, after India Indonesia and China.
Second Largest Market Of Opera Mini 4
The reason is that in the past year efforts deployed 3G infrastructure the data package fits pockets and smart phones suitable budget in Vietnam has fueled the growth of Web access from smartphone users of Opera Mini especially Android devices.

During 1 year, from 7/2012 to 7/2013 Opera Mini users on smartphones has increased 142%.

The rapid growth of the Android operating system has taken the mobile platforms become the second largest Opera Mini user community in Vietnam.

The latest data we showed that Vietnam Opera Mini users increased by 211% on Android and the Android web page views increased 465% over the same period last year he said Ivollex Hodiny.

On this occasion Opera officially announced the partnership Monday with partners in Vietnam, which is Vinaphone. 

Accordingly, VinaPhone also officially launched the data package unlimited browsing of the first network in Vietnam.

Customers only need to pay 2,000 dong a day to be able to unlimited browsing via Opera Mini browser, download files or watch live video free.

Currently, Opera Mini mobile browser is a fast and stable, has attracted more than 230 million users worldwide regardless of the ordinary telephone lines or smart phones and PC .

In Vietnam, the number of people using Opera Mini on Android up 211%, contributing to the total number of Opera Mini users on smartphones up to 76%.


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