Saturday, 31 August 2013

Smart Meter Google Company Producing

Smart Meter Google Company Producing: Google recently confirmed that it has officially acquired companies producing smart meter called WIMM Labs. 
Smart Meter Google Company Producing
This is seen as a preparatory step to search giant entered the market to compete with smartwach manufacturers such as Apple, Sony, or Samsung.

Actually it looks like the sale has taken place since last year when WIMM claims to stop selling the smart meter at the time WIMM One of them is concurrently closed site Twitter announced on the website and that is there were confidentiality agreement to develop its technology SmartWatch. 

But then the moment we only know exactly what Google has acquired WIMM.

Once owned by Google, WIMM team of engineers will work in groups on Android. 

This policy is quite confusing as it had previously transferred smart meter project to the Google X team the development team responsible for Google Glass smart glasses and self-driving cars. Google did not disclose further plans which they intended to do with the WIMM.

Thus, we can see smart meter market has been getting a lot of interest from companies both large and small technology. 

After the SmartWatch to startup emerging from the upcoming Pebble. we will have more Sony SmartWatch 2, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Apple iWatch.

According to the latest information the Sony clock will be sold in September, while the Galaxy Gear will be released on 4/9;'s iWatch Apple will likely only be introduced by the end of next year.


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