Friday, 30 August 2013

Story Of Most Anticipated Smartphone History

Story Of Most Anticipated Smartphone History: According to the latest rumors the new generation iPhone is forthcoming. 
Story Of Most Anticipated Smartphone History
Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 5S on 10/9 here. iPhone is not the only phones in the world and the tech world eagerly awaiting customers. 

In addition to the iPhone and countless other products may also be honored however, is not empty and become blockbusters but instead to take life spray bomb.

Apple's iPhone has set a measure for all other smartphones. IPhone early form birth is 1/9/2007 after months of speculation. 

Bring on the pocket PC users building an empire on the application and create fever still simmering today. However, Apple's first smartphone was not rated because only slow EDGE network connection, call quality is bad.

Galaxy S4 showcase event attracted great attention from the world of technology especially when the Korean manufacturers spent more aggressive advertising budget than Apple iPhone and want to drown. 

Results on sales of S4 entirely as expected: S4 sold 10 million units in less than a month on the shelves.

First debuts 4/2013 received great attention because in the name of Facebook phone. However, it was a bitter disappointment for HTC and Facebook. 

The most notable is that it was built First of applications - Facebook Home interface, allowing users to access Facebook as soon as they open the machine. 

With mid-range camera, removable battery and memory card support equipment First is forgettable.


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