Saturday, 24 August 2013

Windows Vista Shame Of Steve Ballmer's Largest

Windows Vista Shame Of Steve Ballmer's Largest: CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer has officially announced he will retire during the next year until the company finds a successor.
Windows Vista Shame Of Steve Ballmer's Largest
Shortly after the above statement the famous editor of the site ZDNet Mary Jo Foley had a brief chat with the CEO of this character to learn about Ballmer's memories after a long time to stick with him industry and software giant Microsoft's next plan.

Ballmer shared shame of his greatest work during Microsoft's for Windows Vista - Windows version released in 2007 and received a lot of negative feedback from users.

However, for those who understand the industry, perhaps his biggest mistake was the failure to grasp the development trend of the smartphone boom. 

It is typical, Ballmer has announced closed columns so sure that the iPhone will not be able to gain market share (2007). 

In fact, it is considered as products change the way people use mobile devices creating the premise for a fixed period which Apple CEO called post-PC.


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