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Prepare Samsung Galaxy Note 6.3 inch?

Prepare Samsung Galaxy Note 6.3 inch?
Prepare Samsung Galaxy Note 6.3 inch?: Samsung reportedly plans to overhaul the look phablet latest Galaxy Note with a larger screen.

South Korea Daily, Korea Times, reported that the Galaxy Note 3 will have a screen measuring 6.3 inches.

The world's leading smartphone manufacturer will use the jumbo besutannya to introduce the latest generation eight-core Exynos processor Octa at the end of this year.

Samsung's new processor will provide more power, given a screen size of the Galaxy Note 3 more jumbo than its predecessor.

In addition, the battery power will also be better.

The report also revealed the Korea Times, Samsung offers products besutannya for smartphone manufacturers in China as a way to reduce dependence on Apple.

The company offers cooperation to companies such as Huawei and ZTE have started to make progress in the west.

"We have introduced Ecynos 5 Octa China to attract clients and varying our client base in China with better price and a commitment," said a senior Samsung official at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

Meanwhile, a senior Huawei do not want to be named said the company was currently in talks with Samsung. "Yes, we were approached by Samsung.

If the company offers favorable conditions, there is no reason to deny a new business," he said.

Greedy Data More Than Smartphone Tablet

Greedy Data More Than Smartphone Tablet
Greedy Data More Than Smartphone Tablet: Increasingly fueled consumption data along with the growth of smartphones and tablet users.

But for the first time, beating smartphone tablet in terms of data consumption.

Quoted from Mashable, it is revealed in a new study by mobile research firm, Arieso

The current smartphone users are consistently consume more mobile data than users of tablets.

Of the many smartphones, users of the iPhone 5 is the most "hungry" data.  

IPhone users consume data 5 reported 50 percent more than the iPhone 4S and four times more than the iPhone 3GS.

"Overall, consumption and skyrocketing mobile data driven by new devices that have more content. Users extreme begin moving into the new LTE network," said the study's release.

Prepare BPPT Website Information Flood Detection

Prepare BPPT Website Information Flood Detection
Prepare BPPT Website Information Flood Detection: Rainy season happened the last few weeks, resulting in seasonal flooding is also occurring in some streets of Jakarta.

It is considered to be his full attention, both for the community and the government of Jakarta.

Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) have attempted to enlighten the public, through the early flood detection. According Trihandoko Seto, Head of Assessment & Application of Technology Making Rain.

"In BPPT, we have the technology, starting early flood detection, not warning," said Seto. He explains, BPPT also have technology such as weather radar, rain gauges and river height gauges.

In addition, it also provides weather modification technology. Weather modification can be used as steps for intensity and discharge excess water. Thus, the method could be used as a way to reduce flood in Jakarta.

He further said that weather modification is supported by the Agency for Disaster Management will be implemented starting January 21, 2013.

"Early detection of flooding also delivered not only on the website, but also broadcast to social media," he said.

If the water level in the dam Katulampa eg rising, then it could be a sign that the flood will arrive in Jakarta. Thus, at least some time before people are able to find out through the website.

According to Seto, the topography of Bogor has a high rainfall. However, somehow the water will flow from upstream to downstream, including through the Jakarta area.

"Jakarta's Ciliwung river there. Was its coverage includes Jakarta, Bekasi, Jakarta and Bogor. Nevertheless, the rain did not recognize the province," he explained.

Holiday, the British Ogah Facebook Access

Holiday, the British Ogah Facebook Access
Holiday, the British Ogah Facebook Access: Although Facebook still get significant user growth in Brazil or India. But the social network must be willing to lose Penggunanaya in England.

In Social-bakers report, they found that social networking sites have not break the one billion active users.  

In fact, Facebook has long announced that the achievement rate.

Decline in active users Facebook is due to the characteristics of the majority of British people do not access the Internet over the holidays. 

Beyond that, these figures show that the site made by Mark Zuckerberg was not able to push to increase the number of active users in popular countries.

Meanwhile, through social networking distribution maps are released twice a year. Facebook leads in 127 of the 137 countries. 

Armenia, Latvia, Kygyzstan, and Vietnam is the country among the 10 countries that are dominated by social jejering.

Skype Present on Xbox Newest

Skype Present on Xbox Newest
Skype Present on Xbox Newest: The new console Xbox rumored to be integrated with the Skype application.  

This application will displace the voice dialing feature found on Xbox Live on a console before.

CVG citing sources nearby, Skype will serve as a basic communication service next generation Xbox console. "You may see voice and video features," the source said. Similarly, reported by Digital Spy.

Skype officially annexed by Microsoft in 2011 and then with the dowry USD8, 5 billion. 

Not long ago, in order to focus on developing applications, Microsoft Windows Live Messenger will close later in March and automatically lead users to use Skype.

Previous reports said the successor to the Xbox 360 console comes with a carrying two CPUs, each for games and run multimedia applications.  

Then Microsoft reportedly pinned kinect 2.0, 3D technology, and Xbox TV.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has yet to officially announce their new console. Reportedly console will be showcased at the E3 event next June in Las Vegas, United States (U.S.).

The ESA will work with NASA on the Orion manned mission

The ESA will work with NASA on the Orion manned missionThe ESA will work with NASA on the Orion manned mission: NASA and ESA have announced details of their cooperation in manned space flight program Orion, the U.S. space agency wants to accomplish in 2017.

As reported, at a press conference, the Orion spacecraft will have a similar service module storage for vehicles manufactured by the ESA ATV, which will provide power to the propulsion and spacecraft, as well as a load of oxygen, water and other elements of life support to keep astronauts.

The ESA has indicated that the module is a cylinder 2.7 meters long and 4.5 meters in diameter, similar to an ATV, but half as long. In addition, the mission of the ESA in this mission includes improving the configuration of solar panels containing ATV freighters.

The European agency has indicated that the panel will be a little shorter but wider and use gallium arsenide technology to power up to 11 kW, enough to meet the basic needs of a mission like this. The ESA has explained that these solar panels offer a 30 percent efficiency of solar energy conversion, relative to the current solar panels ATV, they get 17%.

Furthermore, to push up through the space Orion, NASA this module will provide an additional motor services, to be recycled to another launcher. This mission was canceled by Obama in 2010 for lack of funds and resumed a year later, so NASA decided to do a mission as 'low cost' possible.

The U.S. space agency has said it wants to make a first unmanned test flight in 2017 with this ship, which means that ESA will have to deliver the module in 2016. "This is a short term, but the people behind ATV have become accustomed to the delivery of a new ship in less than 20 months," stated the director of the European Space Agency, Jean Jacques Dordain.

After the test flight, ATV and Orion will head to the moon and then are expected to be the vehicle for man to reach an asteroid step.

Experts have noted that the ESA shall pay to the United States 450 million euros for the use of the International Space Station (ISS) during the period from 2017 to 2020, but this amount is not necessary to pay it in cash and, in fact, NASA have requested assistance from the ESA in this mission to change the lease on the space module.

This was the first landing in the Outer Solar System

Outer Solar System
This was the first landing in the Outer Solar System: On January 14, they met eight years since the ESA's Huygens probe bounced, slid and stumbled to a stop on the surface of Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.  

Will go down in history as the first landing in the outer solar system body.
This animation was created from the data recorded by the Huygens instruments, allowing us to relive this historic moment as if we had been there.
To develop this simulation takes into account the weather on Titan, the position of the sun, the wind, the behavior of the parachute (allowing certain artistic license when perched represent how their strings) and landing dynamics .
Even the stones in the immediate environment of Huygens have been modeled to mimic those that can see in the photograph that sent the probe after landing, and shown at the end of the video.
The animation is divided into four sequences, showing a wide shot of the descent, two close-ups from different angles and ultimately a subjective from the probe itself - the authentic experience of Huygens.
Last year he published the results of a study that revealed that Huygens left a hole about 12 inches deep on impact with the surface of Titan, and then bounced and slid about 30-40 inches on a flat surface.
The probe staggered five times before stopping completely, about 10 seconds after landing - which can be clearly seen in the last two animation sequences.
After impact the probe was enveloped in a cloud of dust 'fluffy' - probably formed by organic aerosols that precipitate from the upper atmosphere of Titan - who was suspended for about four seconds. The ease with which this cloud of dust rose indicates that the ground was dry, suggesting that there had been no precipitation of liquid methane or ethane before the arrival of Huygens.
Huygens separated from the international Cassini spacecraft on Christmas Day of 2004, reaching Titan three weeks later. Cassini has been orbiting Saturn since July 2004, and its operations will continue until 2017.
The Cassini-Huygens is a joint project of NASA, ESA and ASI, the Italian space agency. The laboratory at NASA JPL, a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, manages the mission for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA in Washington.

The waste generated by astronauts can be reused as anti-radiation shield

The waste generated by astronauts can be reused as anti-radiation shield
Scientists at NASA's Kennedy Center have found a new use for waste generated by astronauts during a space mission: anti-radiation shields for deep space missions.

As explained by the U.S. space agency, so far, water bottles, pieces of clothing, bags or aluminum foil tape is compressed into discs about 20cm wide not only served to reduce space the ship.

Now, researchers believe that these discs have potential for use as radiation shields, due to the high amount of plastic containers that are made. "The idea is to make these records, if the plastic components are high enough, protect from radiation," said the study's lead author, Maria Hummerick.

Thus, explained that an increase in radiation shielding could be useful in the 'rooms' where the astronauts are asleep, or in regions of the spacecraft where the crew is exposed to solar flare effects.

The investigation is currently under evaluation and "everything is going well so far," stated Hummerick, who has indicated that it is evaluating whether the heating and compaction is effective in killing bacteria on the discs.

By the time "sterilization is achieved mostly", but what worries scientists is whether the bacteria can not survive then regrow.

NASA has stressed the importance that is given to waste management when planning a space mission due to overcrowding and extremely limited resources of the ship. 

"In space you can not throw garbage overboard, it can contaminate the surface of an asteroid only do that," he noted microbiologist Richard Strayer space agency.

Europe ships to intercept asteroids studied

Europe ships to intercept asteroids studiedEurope ships to intercept asteroids studied: The European Space Agency (ESA) and the Johns Hopkins University (USA) have come together to carry out a project "low budget" in seeking to prevent asteroid impact with Earth.

As explained by the European agency, in this mission, named AIDA, we propose the use of two small spacecraft that could be sent to intercept meteoroids. The first, designed by the Applied Physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University, and which would crash into a fireball.

Meanwhile, the second piece of ESA, would be dedicated to monitor in detail the operation before and after the collision, which would complete the observation from Earth.

"The advantage is that the spaceships are simple and independent," stressed the head of the project's U.S. partner, Andy Cheng, adding that "everyone can do their research without the other."

For his part, Director of AIDA for ESA, Andres Galvez, has indicated that, by working together, the quantity and quality of the results improve significantly.

"Both missions to be shared are much better and offer joint investment", so that "a lot of joint mission data help validate various theories, as our impact model," concluded Galvez.

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