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YouTube The Social Network Favorite U.S. Teens

YouTube The Social Network Favorite U.S. Teens: If you believe a poll which also claims a teenager four is connected to the Internet within five minutes after waking.

YouTube The Social Network Favorite U.S. Teens
Facebook is losing teens. Several studies in recent months suggest. A new survey by PSOS MediaCT Wikia and young Americans from 1203 confirms the heart teenagers network Mark Zuckerberg is beaten by YouTube.

93% of 13-18 year olds consult the video platform at least once a week and 54% several times a day, as against only 65% for Facebook and 38% several times a day. 

26% use Twitter once a week same for Google+, against 17% for Instagram.

The survey responses did not include Snapchat newer and very popular among teenagers.

Connected From The Morning

Entitled Generation Z: Generation without limits the study also provides revealing figures on the addiction of teenagers to their smartphone and the Internet.

47% of respondents say they are more actively connected today than three months ago, and 100% reported spending at least an hour a day on the Net. 46% say they spend more than 10 hours per day online. 

One in four is "actively connected" within five minutes after waking, and 73% are in an hour.

The survey also reflects a very positive view of the technology 76% can help to achieve the goals and 66% gives them the feeling that anything is possible. Only 43% of respondents say they enjoy the time they spend disconnected. 

They are also to ensure that 44% never check their smartphone during the Mass the same percentage for homework and 45% during their sporting activities.

Xperia Two New Smartphones SP And L

Xperia two new smartphones SP and L: Sony Mobile has announced the addition of two new smartphones to its Xperia portfolio of 2013.
Xperia Two New Smartphones SP And L
Xperia SP and L.On one hand the smartphone Xperia SP compatible with 4G LTE networks, offering a 4.6-inch HD display dual-core processor and 8 megapixel camera and second the Xperia L has a screen 4.3 inch dual core and also technology with Sony HDR cameras in a 8-megapixel rear camera.

The Japanese company is expanding its range with two new models Xperia midrange to offer a HD screen experience high quality 4G LTE connectivity and function One touch he claims Sony Mobile team.

Both the SP and the Xperia Xperia L incorporate a variety of technologies including display quality, the latest technology from Sony in terms of camera the One-touch using NFC technology STAMINA mode for longer battery life Battery and Sony applications for enjoying photos, music, movies and games.

Meanwhile, the Xperia SP has a 4.6 inch HD screen with Bravia Engine 2 technology with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels framed in an aluminum design that features a transparent band at the bottom that changes color and is customizable for both incoming and text messages.

It features a dual-core processor at 1.7 GHz Pro Qualcomm, Android OS 4.1 Jelly Bean, 8 GB of internal memory, expandable up to 32GB via microSD card - NFC connectivity 8-megapixel rear camera and VGA front camera . This new model will be available in white Xperia, red and black and is compatible with 4G LTE networks.

As for Xperia L Sony has created a smartphone with 4.3-inch screen with a resolution of 854x480 pixels, dual-core Qualcomm processor at 1 GHz Regarding internal memory the Xperia L shares the 8 GB expandable to 32 and in their camera also has 8 megapixels as the Xperia SP and VGA front camera. This new smartphone disponibel Sony also be in black white and red.


Both the SP and the Xperia Xperia L include Sony multimedia applications that provide a consistent user experience across devices. Applications Walkman, Album and films provide an access point to the content stored in the cloud and content downloaded to the device with new experiences to enjoy and share content.

The Walkman application provides access to all the music stored on the device plus the Music Unlimited music service with over 18 million songs with integration with Facebook.

Movies application offers consumers access to more than 100,000 movies and Video Unlimited service while Album application provides access to photos taken by the user shared through Facebook. It also allows browse photos by time or location.

Both models feature one-touch functions of Sony, allowing consumers to share content in music and photos between devices.

The new Xperia Xperia L SP and will be available globally in the second quarter of 2013.

Xerox PARC Optimizes The World

Xerox PARC Optimizes The World: This innovation lab California develops future applications.
Xerox PARC Optimizes The World
It was during a visit to PARC the legendary research laboratory in 1979 that spurred Steve Jobs to Xerox the sacred fire of the GUI and mouse making everyone before this potential commercial. 

Perched on a hill in Palo Alto Silicon Valley lab dominates. PARC has an annual budget of 1.5 billion and sells advanced Xerox half and half to the government and large U.S. companies.

One of the specialties of PARC the big data processing massive amounts of data. 

The company has developed a particular digital assistant for nurses."Influencing people's behavior"

The idea is to make their lives easier. "The networking and sending notifications to their tablet allows them to spend more time with patients" says the head of the health division Markus Fromherz. 

If the wizard does not venture into the field of diagnosis as IBM Watson however it can help assess priorities through a comprehensive service.

With the European team based in Grenoble Onno Zoeter he dreams of finding a solution to the nightmare of parking in the city center starting from the hell of the City of Angels. 

With ground sensors an application displays the available spaces in real time. Most importantly the data stream can change the price of some meter streets of Los Angeles, according to supply and demand. 

"We can influence people's behavior, for example by offering to pay less if they are willing to walk a little more", says the mathematician. 

The Grail is especially able to book his place in the coming quarter. For this the most important work will be required in order to physically block the location. 

And streamline passing traffic avoiding the driver to turn around for fifteen minutes.

6 Smartphone Apps To Move To The Horizontal

6 Smartphone Apps To Move To The Horizontal: We often watch our smartphones before we fall asleep. And if, in fact inseparable our mobile helped us out snooze?
6 Smartphone Apps To Move To The Horizontal
To Fall Asleep:

To bed less stupid To combine the practical and not fall asleep idiot App to peruse before going to bed anecdotes Max identifies important for neurons all posted by its users in areas as diverse the Art, Figures, Cinema, Sport, Television. After reading it we validate "I go to bed less stupid" or "I already knew".

A Space iSleep screen, 24 icons symbolizing planets activate to create a sound. It is associated with up to 5 sounds nature and up to 5 frequencies assumed to act on the level of activity of our brain. 

And activates the timer. The result of a zen absolutely deserves some attention.

A magical sleep warning in the description of the app on the store awakens: "Sleep magic is very effective, do not use when driving or operating heavy machinery"

No danger however the application simply on the screen of your smartphone to go through a starry sky by sheep. Soporiphique actually.

Your partner snoring anti snoring? Pace yourself a quiet night with this application that automatically triggers a whistle when the ambient decibel level exceeds 50 db. 

Remains whether it will be awakened by snoring or whistle.

The secret sleep position in which we sleep reflect our personality. On the abdomen or back, on the side, with his hands around the head or under the pillow. 

The possibilities are numerous. With patterns captioned, discover what sleeper or sleeper in you.

Wake-up Light, Philips Owners of the latest generation of light bulbs Awakening dutch manufacturer can optimize their awakening from their iPod. 

This application allows you to set the time at which the lamp will begin during the week, but on weekends its dawn simulation.

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