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Google Against Users To Stop Glass Cyborgs

Google Against The Users To Stop Glass The Cyborgs: Google Glass awake much more love between users techies but also raises some hatred. 
Google Unite Against Users To Stop Glass Cyborgs
There the local decided to ban its use even before its release. This time, users have come together to encourage the prohibition of new augmented reality glasses in public places under the platform Stop the Cyborgs.

Following the precedent of Seattle the bar The 5 Point Cafe that already prohibit the use of Google Glass in your establishment last March 10 users have mobilized against creating a platform for this new device called Stop the Cyborgs.

This movement has been created in order to stop a future in which privacy is impossible and businesses have full control. Therefore invites citizens to unite and save humanity from a set cyber.

The organization said in its statement that the population is continuously tracked by smartphones online tracking banking and videovigilancias by CCTV so it could be another Google Glass tracking device on already existing. This is because these devices with no way of knowing if you are being recorded in contrast to smartphones where users should hold the camera visibly.

With augmented reality the user can use the Google Glass display Google+ or Facebook profiles of the person you are watching using facial recognition or voice what they consider a violation of privacy.

Furthermore, the data obtained in this way will not go through any database that can filter data in the most public private but all data are delivered directly to the people with whom you are interacting.

No distinction between the real world and the digital

However, for components of this platoforma these concerns go beyond privacy. His biggest concern is the failure to distinguish between the digital world and the real world which could cause people to make decisions and interact with people on the basis of information obtained through the Google Glass.

In this line, according to the belief of the platforms will act as autonomous individuals to make decisions and relate to others, but the system is controlled by a small group of corporations to make it impossible to escape his online profile.

In this campaign Stop the Cyborg adds that Google ban Glass is just the beginning for they try to add other devices with similar characteristics in the future. Thus, the site also added various prohibition signs of this device for users who want to use it to their homes or establishments in addition to its own online store where offer shirts with printed signs.

Sony SmartWatch And Its New Search Interface

Sony Improves Search Interface And Its SmartWatch: Sony has included a series of updates on his watch SmartWatch smart with improved notifications more accurate search interface and new styles.
Sony SmartWatch And Its New Search Interface
Also includes support for 200 new applications enabled for the clock. After the rumor mill about Apple smart watch and confirmation from Samsung on the development of his own wrist device Sony does not forget to improve your SmartWatch already available on the market. 

So has launched several enhancements to its wrist device. The signature package brings new features among which are those relating to notifications. Now you can preview the emails text messages and social networking updates.

The search is one of the aspects that have been optimized. Now indicate battery level will be more accurate. There is also support for almost 200 new applications that will be available to watch ordered by category to find them easily and quickly what you want.

The interface will also have a new look as it features six different styles to vary them according to taste and give a different look and renovated the clock.

To celebrate these improvements Sony has also launched two new accessories for your SmartWatch a new charging cable and new bracelets to wear different colors on the wrist. 

The update is available on Google Play.

Microsoft Developers Will Pay $100 For Approved Application

Microsoft Developers Will Pay $100 For Approved Application: BlackBerry which got 70,000 applications BB10 launch no less Microsoft will start paying developers to register or upload their applications to the Windows Store the great Achilles heel of their operating systems.
Microsoft Developers Will Pay $100 For Approved Application
With this strategy the Redmond company hopes to increase the number of applications available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone which is currently unable to compete with iOS and Android.

Microsoft is offering $ 100  per application developers to program for Windows operating systems. To access this assistance must reside in the United States and be an adult. Moreover such aid is limited in time and will last only until June 30, 2013 so it is only valid for almost three months.

So far Microsoft did not pay directly for enrolling in your store applications for their operating systems although indirectly funded the development of this.

The company used to test the application and see if it can be viable and can be sued by customers give some money to the developers to continue and put on the market. However this system of patronage is not agile.

Although Microsoft had previously paid for the development of Windows and operating system never done by applications.

This change in strategy may be produced because Windows needs a broader catalog of applications to compete with online stores such as Android or Apple.

But this change is not the only thing that is holding the Redmond company to try to get your Windows Phone has a wider acceptance and become more popular. Last week Microsoft released two video pieces to try to explain to developers how to write applications for Windows on your online store.

It seems that Microsoft has finally realized that without a good deal of applications an operating system has no future today. However, we have to see if it is late and if a period of only three months is sufficient to trigger the release of apps. BlackBerry which went adrift and resurgence is completely renovated with BB 10 was aware of this reality and the development of software for ecosystem was a priority.

The Canadian company gave test terminals in 2012 with which they could begin developing the system. In addition, RIM announced a succulent compensation plan for programmers. Alongside these initiatives, RIM promised to pay $ 100 per application developers that exceeded the test of compatibility with BlackBerry 10 in its debut.

In addition the Canadian company announced that $ 10,000 to give developers a paid application, with the condition that the app would generate a profit of at least $ 1,000 in the first year so once amortized investment the developer would benefit multiplied by 10 instantly.

BlackBerry has earmarked an investment of approximately $ 100 million to encourage the development of applications for BlackBerry 10.

Ebay Counterfeiting In Fashion

Ebay To Combat Counterfeiting In Fashion: Ebay the largest e-commerce portal in the world has launched.
Ebay Counterfeiting In Fashion
You can not fake fashion a collection of handbags designed by international designers in order to combat counterfeiting in the fashion world.

An initiative that was created in collaboration with the Council of Fashion Designers of America  which will go on sale 90 bags unique custom designed by Carolina Herrera Ralph Lauren and Marchesa among others.

The bags can be purchased only in the Ebay auction format from March 25 and will go on sale with a starting price of 77.2 euros. 

You can also purchase one of the basic models with the campaign logo with a fixed price of 39.79 euros.

Revenues raised in this campaign will go to the CFDA Foundation for its programs to combat counterfeiting in the fashion world.

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