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Native vs. Hybrid Mobile Applications

Native vs. Hybrid Mobile Applications: If you have been listening for a long time the concepts of hybrid applications and native applications without understanding anything, is your chance to find out what are each of them and what advantages.
Native Mobile Applications

  • Native Mobile Apps:

It is an application for smartphones that is integrated in the device. WhatsUp , for example, is a native of instant messaging.

The native applications developed in different programming languages ​​depending on the device you are going to use.

  • Hybrid Mobile Apps:

The hybrid apps are also called web apps which are optimized applications that look good through the screens of mobile devices. The hybrid applications are not installed in smartphones however when we access it, aesthetics and smuy similar to those of native apps.

Native vs. Hybrid Apps:

Simply have the application installed in the end it is an advantage. The same icon is a shortcut by which we do not have to type in the web address to access it. On the other hand, mobile app stores like the App Store or Google Play to find applications more easily than if we looked anywhere.
Hybrid Mobile Applications
One of the most interesting advantages of these applications is that they can access certain phone features, such as the camera and so can take advantage of these resources. An example would be the flashlight app that uses the camera flash. Moreover with few exceptions, an internet connection not required.

Allow sending push notifications. This ability is very interesting and sometimes not utilized as much as it could or used too. Push notifications allow you to send messages to the user to suggest actions: update of the app, shopping, updating content, etc.

Shopping within the Apps. Usually made through the smartphone user account so they are quick and easy. The user does not need to use credit cards.

Among the best-known disadvantages, we find the need for the user to update manually the need to develop an app for each marketplace and the validation thereof. These disadvantages are no nonsense in fact met a few days ago for AppGratis, an app that has been removed from Apple's marketplace and had over 12 million users.

As basically are contrary to those of native applications we will explain in summary:

They can be viewed on any mobile device without creating different apps. Updates the developer and does not need the user to update the web. 

Do not pass a validation process. Not appear in the markets and applications that are lost potential users. May require a greater marketing effort. Internet connection required whenever you want to use.

Original Content The Pillar Of Google Ranking Strategy

Original Content The Pillar Of Google Ranking Strategy: Employment in web content writing is booming mainly because of the flood of companies in need of a remodel of all the content.
Google Ranking Strategy
This is because, since 2011 the year that Google changed its ranking algorithm, SEO techniques have changed radically .

So that while in the past it was ideal to include links in directories but now a day this is greatly punished by Google. The newly algorithm, barely a year old has promised to stay a long time and this has led to numerous websites online services to renew duplicate content, previously allowed, for good positioning Web, by original writings.

The avalanche of job they currently have travel agencies, search engines and online business is such that it has created a job specifically to create this type of content.

Original Content Is The Basic SEO Techniques:

The possibilities arising from these main features are marked primarily by able to have a text model adapted to the needs. For low-profile content required still basic requirements without which are of no efforts being made in this regard.

Among these are the following:

Grammar and spelling correction: In many cases a sector professionals are not familiar with basic SEO techniques but, between them, this is paramount today. If web content is misspelled, Google will penalize you.

Minimum number of words per text: Normally usually several depending on the preponderance that you want to give to the site but will require a minimum of 250 words for secondary content 400 words for the main.

Original Content: not enough to write a string over and over again. Usually must innovate at least some terms.

Content Copyscape Proof:

It is an obligation for all kinds of editors since they have to warn all you need to enjoy a variety of information on the net without these are duplicated. It's one of the reasons that many reference sites in the field of tourism or sales have come down in the seats in the results pages of search engines.

Mainly it has to be ensured that the content editor perform good documentation. Although among SEO techniques never takes into account it is essential for any website that wants to be placed in an important position within the online content.

Otherwise what will happen is mainly that there will be a decline in visits because the content is not good enough to maintain or improve search engine positions.

3 Best SEO Measurements 2013

The 3 Most Important SEO Metrias And Measurements 2013: The start of an SEO strategy is a excellent time for a website and be organized as extensively as feasible to get the desired effect.
3 Best SEO Measurements 2013
We could compare this first release SEO campaign with the launch of the website nobody throws a half-built web and advertising to get visitors right?

Releasing a half-built web give bad image to the company and substantial losses, well, the launch of a bad campaign would also have fatal consequences SEO for a website and your company.

Once you've launched the SEO campaign has so carefully prepared and planned. You know, if you have some experience in SEO you've started a long distance race with some refreshment points.

As you all know SEO is a constant work that has to be monitored and corrected during the period when the site is operational these corrections will be your provisioning points in the long distance race that is search engine optimization of your website.

To find out what is wrong your SEO campaign or your SEO strategy must do continuously monitor your web analytics. To do this we recommend using Google Analytics tracking that as well as being very complete is free and can connect with other cool sites that also offers Google.

If you are a beginner in the use of Google Analytics is easy to miss among the many statistics, figures, data and other information provided by this tool. To help you, then we'll tell you what three metrics are essential to see improvement or worsening your actions that produce web SEO.

What statistics should I look for all web analytics?

  • Total Visits:

This metric is the most significant and most into account we have. Keep in mind that SEO actions have a reaction to long term, so we should not obsess and expect an increase in visitors instantly. The visits will be gradually increased responding to efforts to improve the SEO of the site to go by.

  • Keywords Driving Traffic:

In most cases, if until now you had not taken any action on your website SEO is that most keywords with visits to your website is the very name of your company or web domain. This is good, it means that users of the Network know the name of your company and seek.

The next step is to start using in your web texts by these words that are already coming to your website to enhance its effectiveness and start using the new keywords for which you want to position in search engines.

  • Time Spent On The Web:

Once visitors arrive at your website, it is important to retain as long as possible to get them to do the action that you want. Therefore it is imperative that visitors find on the web for information that interests them keep out and go quickly.

If you are building your web site or want reform still recommend you do a keyword research before you begin writing articles and new texts in this way you can include these keywords and improve the SEO of your brand positioning.

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