Saturday, 20 April 2013

SKY Dream Phone HD9500

SKY Dream Phone HD9500: Skyphone phone company launched a quadcore HD9500 slower than planned.
SKY Dream Phone HD9500
It was explained to invest in research thorough testing to the customer to hand, it is a perfect product.

The SKY HD9500 is equipped with powerful configuration used on every quality features.

Equipped with 4 chip with each core running the 6589 1.2 Ghz independent, runs on the latest DDR3 technology with 1GB, DDR3 technology for 30% faster than DDR2. 4GB of internal memory and can be upgraded up to 32GB.

Graphics card upgrade from PowerVR SGX 531 line up PowerVR SGX 544, which helps improve the speed up of over 40% compared to the previous generation, as evidenced by the glide touch with high resolution still smooth. With this configuration the machine just 50% is used to run the game smoothly most severe for Android as NOVA3, Fifa 2012.

Camera on HD9500 is rated as the highest resolution currently on the Smartphone line when pixels up to 12.6 megapixel, photography allows the HD format 4:3 or 16:9. Cinema-quality Full HD 1920x1088, video recording quality is not inferior to professional camcorders the investment of a HD9500 means you will not have to spend money for products camera, dedicated camera .

5inch screen size 1280 HD resolution when hand holding the camera, but you will feel like a 4.5-inch screen for very thin rim, top and bottom edges are minimized. Hand touch the 4 corners up nicely curved. Hand touch tempered super fine nano coated Gorilla helps prevent scratches shiny and smooth glide your finger over the surface.

Especially HD9500 screen brightness on high, fast response time and absolutely no change in color when you look from the 4 corners. Running on the latest Android OS version 4.2.1 world. This is the original ROM, Vietnamese standards supported, compatible with the new generation of game development virtual copies are not like other products. Customers can check in procedure, the machine will display the logo as shown above. With version 4.2.1 you will experience major changes compared to the old 4.1 version.

Sky HD9500 can download the app and very useful in life, such as bar code scanning to see when supermarket prices, Photoshop image editing, read AutoCad drawings, pronunciation dictionary, a list of Karaoke 6, translated text, pharmacy dictionary, cookbooks, teaching makeup.

Even HD9500 can help you find information on the Internet by taking one picture and it will search for information related to that picture.

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