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ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch For Gamers

ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch For Gamers: Currently, Vietnamese gamers can purchase ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch on the company's website or other retail channels.
ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch
Furniture orders for Lenovo Model is equipped with Core i7 processor, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. 

Machines running Windows 8 Pro and priced specifically about 49.3 million. Gamers can customize the configuration to higher or lower coal buy the desired product.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch version sold in Vietnam with 14-inch screen resolution of 1600 x 900 pixel HD +, Identified 10 touch fingers simultaneously.

Product weighs only 1:54 kg and 20.8 mm thick Due to the shell from carbon fiber.

Regarding configuration, players can choose one of the Core i5 or i7 processor model. Machine technology support Dolby Home Theater v4. 
ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch For Gamers
In addition, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch HD am also integrates face recognition camera and two microphones to help users to make video calls. 

The product version supports 3G connectivity and battery life is up to 8 hours.

Lenovo's new Ultrabook charger using 65W slim 17 mm and weighs only 235 grams. 

The lighter color to 53% compared with a conventional model, capable of fast charging technology through RapidCharge. 

In addition to its compact size, this model possesses many features with security management and fingerprint reader, Trusted Platform Module technology or BIOS coding.

Philips W536 Smartphone

Philips W536 Smartphone With Paparazzi: This smartphone is not inferior to the pocket camera, Which helps Young People passionate photographers capture beautiful frames.
Philips W536 Smartphone
Philips W536 supports heard calling, chat, on Facebook, e-mail, scheduling, listen to music, watch movies online, anywhere and shoot and post all day without fear of running out of battery. 

The camera this mini for 11 continuous hours of talk time in 3G mode, 17 hours in 2G mode and up to 17 days standby battery. 

Xenium Chipset integrated directly on the mainboard of mobile phones Philips helps extremely low power consumption, no warm up Long conversations and protect user's health and the environment. 

Worldwide Philips is the exclusive manufacturer of the chipset Xenium.

Philips W536 Smartphone is capable of taking high quality photos with a 5 megapixel rear camera with autofocus. In low light environments or light balance it is still for the unique shots.

W536 has the ability to set the creative editing, good LED flash, optical zoom feature, image sensor processing performance into a professional camera smartphone.

In addition Philips W536 am also has storage space and high processing speed. Model with 4 GB of internal memory and 32GB external card to. 1 GHz Dual core CPU helps users capture and edit photos right on the phone pretty Quickly. 

Also just one click can upload and store Thousands of photos at the same time, video on Amazon, YouTube quite convenient via a wireless connection nhÆ° 3G, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

You kids can use Photoshop Express PicSay Pro, integrated on the phone to mobile photo editing for more creative shots. Just check out Google's users find and access install Android applications to image processing the cricket this pet. 

Philips W536 or can turn into a mini studio galleries stylishly own way or variations of style shot of colorful subversive fashion style Vintage. 

Philips W536 Smartphone Instantly helps users share with your Flickr friends from all over the world with the ability to connect to social networking sites or to post photos as Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Google Babel Chat Platform For iOS

Google Babel Chat Platform For iOS: From Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Line, Viber, SMS to familiar, all prepared for a new factor in this growing market.
Google Babel Chat Platform For iOS
Recently, more information about the new service Google talk titled Babel has revealed. 

According to an internal document of Google, Babel will support the ability to transfer multimedia files while chatting with is the ability to group chat. More importantly this service will be available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Of course, Babel will also support Web platform can duo-ii an application form for the Chrome browser or a feature of Gmail. 

This could be the answer to the user's Google sent to resolve the system conversation his confusion including Talk, Gmail, Google + Hangout, Google Voice and Chat for Drive.

Babel will have the mission to include all of the above services into a unified whole. This application may be announced at the annual conference Google I / O to be held on 15 to 17 January next year in San Francisco, USA.

According to the Google Operating System blog, this website is to be used for Google employees tried to use Babel before the product is officially launched.

Specifically, according to the line of code in the web page, Babel will probably own a UI quite new improved group chat and simultaneously provide enhanced ability to send images, notification through any device.

Recently, it was discovered a trailer for this product:

"Chat with Babel improvements. Babel is a new messaging platform that runs on Google's Android, iOS, Chrome, Google + and Gmail. Chats from anywhere."

Babel is the result of collaboration between the development team Android, Chrome, Google + and mobile applications in general Google.

"What is particularly interesting is that Google says about Babel for iOS as a top experience before on this platform in terms of messaging services."

Droid-Life also said that in the next step Babel will turn merged services like Google Voice, Talk, Hangouts and Messenger.

Movies App Launched In Theaters

Application For Playing Movie: The design is simple and convenient for users, applications Screening Movie Theaters with this beta has done a good job of updating showtimes most popular theaters nationwide. 
Movies App Launched In Theaters
Only encapsulated within 3 clicks can choose the right fit for their reference rate, with the choice of the film, by location or by schedule

This beta version will help users connect and book tickets online at Megastar Systems Galaxy and Lotte Cinema systems are supported online payment.

Movie theaters are also efforts to improve support solutions cinema systems deployed smaller online payments in the future. However, the application has not been made clear what theater ticket support feature, and there is no response when users select tickets in theaters unsupported features

Using GPS data, the application provides a list of the nearest cinema showings of the movie that you like as well as the full details of address, phone, price of each theater tickets each time you spontaneously want to see the movie.

The This offline debut in Sai Gon Paragon District 7 Ho Chi Minh City is also a showcase for smartphone applications to public Phimchieurap love watching movies.

The application is now available on Google Play. For iOS version expected to be released on 8/5.

How To Get Help From Facebook Support

How To Contact Facebook To Solve Problems: In the case of Facebook is very common still see problems personal profiles working for different companies or fan page working for the same brand.

For these cases I want to make the different routes of contact with  Facebook since they are not in a very obvious and many people ask me this information constantly, so maybe a post with this information to help anyone who needs it.

It is worth mentioning that must be very patient, unfortunately his response is not immediate, so patience and persistence is my best recommendation when it is already in their hands or ours as consultants on poderles help.

Facebook Personal Profiles

-  Your personal account has been hacked

-  Problems with long in

-  Your profile is available

-  Logon Problems

-  Problems in the wall

-  Problems uploading

-  Problems with friends

-  Problems in the videos

-  Problems with events

-  Problems reading your posts

-  Problems with receiving notifications

-  The home page is blank or does not display correctly

-  Problems with validating your

Facebook Account Fan Pages

-  Does not appear in search results

-  Report an announcement of Facebook Ads

-  Failed to load

Microsoft Apps Switch Android Devices To Windows Phone

Microsoft Has Released The Application For Android Devices To Switch To Windows Phone.
Microsoft Apps Switch Android Devices To Windows Phone
As a way to encourage the switch to Android users spend WP devices, Microsoft recently released an application called "Switch to Windows Phone" for Android devices.

The main function of this application is finding the same software you are installing WP on Android phone so when you switch to WP then the application will be installed on the machine so that you can continue continued use and experience.

After you make a list of the software is available on your Android devices, the app will search for alternative software equivalent Marketplace by comparing the software name, notes, reviews, feedback from users and many other types of information to be sure to find the correct version for WP or software at least functionally equivalent.

The list software will then be saved on Sky Drive server when you log into the application Switch to Windows Phone on the WP the application will be installed on the machine.

WP Marketplace app store currently has about 135,000 apps so little compared to approximately 675,000 of the Android app should be able to spend a lot of software you are on Android will not have to replace the on WP.

WP Central Page said Microsoft software will be released next week.

ASUS Taichi 21 Tablet PC

ASUS Taichi 21 Tablet PC: Taichi 21 is a hybrid of many current laptops use Windows 8 as a tool to help users to use the machine as both a tablet computer.
ASUS Taichi 21 Tablet PC
Computers ASUS Taichi 21 is equipped with two screens Full-HD resolution of 1920x1080. Second display on the outside of the laptop and you can use two monitors at the same time. Machine quality parts very hard, strong configuration and beautiful design.

Hinges loose screen, chiclet keyboard and sturdy when opening the machine up using, you will feel clear sense of uncertainty in detail. To put it more understandable, although the machine is small but I still feel like a very robust machine using a large screen 15" or 17".

In addition to the more common of a laptop Taichi 21 also has a button lock / unlock the screen on the right side separate Volume keys like smartphones or tablet products. There are micro HDMI port and Mini Display Port to VGA port switch via the supplied adapter.

Computer keyboard is chiclet type, however back light brightness is not very high, the keys are arranged logically so typing feels good, do not swallow the keys feel when typing quickly. In the upper right corner of the keyboard has a blue shortcut to quickly open the ASUS management utility which you can customize the display of two screens the display can be adjusted only one of the two showing parallel market in Mirror mode or Extended similar to when you connected your laptop to the projector.

In Mirror mode  you can use this mode to guide people sitting across the way that you are doing something on a computer. Extended mode is also interesting because the two screens will serve to complement and extend each other. 

On the screen you can work normally while the other screen we can surf Facebook or watch something. The external screen is touch screen should be less dependent on the mouse and keyboard, while the internal screen is not touch.

Holding his machine is equipped processor Core i7 quad-core 1.9GHz Intel, 4GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD with Win 8 64-bit running very smoothly. Here are the basic parameters of the machine:
  • OS: Windows 8 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3317U (1.7 GHz), Core i7 option up-3517U (1.9 GHz)
  • RAM: 4GB DDR3
  • GPU: Intel HD 4000
  • Display: dual-screen 11.6" IPS panel 1920 x 1080 resolutions. Only external display is multitouch
  • SSD: 128GB or 256GB SATA III
  • Battery: 6 cell with a time of 5 hours
  • Size: 33.92 x 22.8 x 1.74 cm
  • Weight: 1.25 kg

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