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Samsung Galaxy S4 is only Smartphone

Galaxy S4 is only smartphone In the past, the best smart phones of Nokia then Apple and Samsung. 
Samsung Galaxy S4 is only Smartphone

Who is number one This industry is extremely dynamic. No matter how successful you today you in the number one position does not mean that tomorrow you still. Samsung has a lot of money.

If you invest heavily in marketing campaigns and branding people will always buy your product regardless of the smartphone that is good or not. Galaxy S4 is a mediocre phone.

We want to provide the best smartphone the thinnest and most beautiful. Phone (Galaxy S4) much thicker. Our products are not made from plastic. We also do not have much money to do the brand so we are forced to create better products said Richard You said

In a message broadcast from Huawei CEO he also confirmed that Huawei goal is the top manufacturer of mobile phones for the worlds largest by 2015.

Mr. Yu also said, to realize this goal Huawei will focus on improving the quality of products highly innovative products to help better Apple and Samsung, but sold lower cost.

Previously he has also rocked by the technology village Huawei claims are considering the acquisition of Nokia and the likelihood of success of this deal will depend on the goodwill of Nokia. However even then Huawei has aired immediately press release said it does not intend to acquire Nokia as media reports.

From the above information, the CEO of Huawei is making people doubt that whether or not a campaign to strengthen their reputation by shocking the spokesperson to attract the attention of the media.

On 18/6 personally sannouncement from Huawei the product will be sold first in the European market with price around 600 USD trivial.igned CEO Richard Yu introduced the Ascend P6 Forum  the world's thinnest smartphone at the moment.

This model is quite similar design to the iPhone 5 owns and bautiful metal casing thickness of only 6.18 mm magic. According to the 

Nokia Asha 501 has Long Battery Time

Nokia Asha 501 has terrible battery life of Nearly 2 million: A few days after they are sold in some Asian market the price of the Nokia Asha 501 has also been published.
Nokia Asha 501 has Long Battery Time in Vietnam
Representing a major supermarket retailers have voiced confirmation Asha 501 will be priced at 1.9 million 

A price that the manufacturers offe. The time for the official product to consumers is expected on 1/7.

Nokia Asha 501 is considered to be the product helps erase the gap between smartphones and secondary feature phone. Machine integrated touchscreen 3-inch LCD resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

This model runs on Asha improved platform from Symbian S40 platform.

Like other Asha models, the machine does not support 3G connectivity using only 2G network and Wi-Fi. This product use speed 1 GHz chip and then 3.2 megapixel camera. Version sold in Vietnam market is the 2 SIM, for about 26 days of standby time.

Meanwhile, the first machine capable SIM Life is up to 48 days in standby mode. According to the Nokia the talktime of the Asha 501 is 17 hours.

In terms of design, is easy to see this product line inspired Lumia, with the shell made ​​of polycarbonate plastic. Machine that does not have borders covering the back cover embrace the screen like the Lumia 520 and 620.

This product has different colors for the user to select.

Nokia Asha 501 slim 12.1 mm weighs 98 grams and uses a unique hardware keys to navigate.

This product is preloaded with popular applications such as Facebook YouTube and the option to install 40 free EA games.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Announcement

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Massive 6.4-inch FHD Display with 2.2GHz Snapdragon SoC 800 Announced.
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Announcement
That has to be one of the biggest titles we had for a post in recent times But its apps for a phone of this size. Sony Xperia Z Ultra has just been made ​​official at the Ongoing Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai and its a monster of a phone possibly carrying high end specs in every department.

The new phablet from Sony packs a 6.4-inch display Which runs at 1080p resolution. We have not seen a phablet of this size  yet boasting 1080p screens. 

Moreover its powered by the latest Snap dragon processor from Qualcomm 800 clocked at 2.2GHz With 4G-LTE thrown in. Snapdragon 800 was recently benchmarked With Some impressive scores never seen on a mobile chip ever before.

As you expect Sony Xperia Z Ultra weighs 50g more than its little sibling, the Xperia Z. Even with a weight of 212g the thickness stands at a meager 6.5mm much like the newly Announced Huawei Ascend P6. Other specs include 16GB of in-built storage microSD slot 3,000 mAh of battery pack and 8MP rear camera.We 

That Should note in Spite of being one of the first smartphones to be released with 1080p display Sony 
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Announcement
Xperia Z drew a lot of flak for its display quality. With Ultra Z Xperia Sony has improved upon the Mobile Bravia tech with OptiContrast and X-Reality tech. Though Xperia Z Ultra does eat with a stylus. Sony says 

That users can use any pen or pencil as a capacitive stylus. 
It also Improves upon the waterproofing and dust-resistant technology With The updated IP58 certification.

Ultra Z Xperia eat With The usual set of Sony-made apps like Walkman, Sony Reader and mini-apps suite. Handwriting recognition and easy-toggle keyboard Helps Improve the productivity.

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra comes in White&Black and Purple colors. It would go on sale globally from Q3 2013. No word on pricing yet.

A German Court Considers Illegal Download Manager

A German court considers illegal download manager: The Hamburg Regional Court has declared illegal the JDownloader download manager.
A German Court Considers Illegal Download Manager
Specifically, the court has ruled against a feature in a previous beta version  JDownloader version 2 which allowed the download of content protected by copyright and  streams RTMPE protected. For its part the creators claim that JDownloader manager and does not have that specific feature.

Fighting Internet piracy continues stronger than ever. Germany is one of the European countries with a strong campaign against copyright infringement through the Web On this occasion the service identified by one of the German courts has been the JDownloader download manager.

As reported by TorrentFreak, last week the Hamburg Regional Court prohibited the link manager. The court had ruled against a feature in an earlier beta version which allowed the download of content protected by copyright and streams RTMPE protected.

The Court decided that this feature supposed circumvention of effective technological measure under Section 95a of the Copyright Act of Germany.

As a result, the court issued an injunction against threatened JDownloader and its creators AppWork with a fine of 250,000 euro fine for the production distribution and possession of open source software.

For its part the creators of JDownloader ensure that this function does not exist in the manager. This feature has stood a JDownloader beta 2 in our open source community. Removed this feature as soon as we arrived she notices about a few months ago, said one of the leaders of AppWork.

The download feature streams RTMPE was not created by AppWork was a third-party tool that in its new version also makes downloading RTMPE streams may also be able to download regular RTMP. 

This update of the third party tool was present in JDownloader 2 for a open source developer.

However the court finds that AppWork is responsible for that feature was present in the download manager.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for September JDownloader.

The Price Of Xbox An Economist

The price of Xbox an economist at Harvard's blog when Microsoft announced the price of Xbox One, it seemed excessive compared
The Price of Xbox an Economist at Harvard's Blog
For example, with the starting price of the previous generation. However hours after the announcement Sony surprised with the 399 euros for PlayStation 4. Now the question is to what extent the $ 499 console from Microsoft can be a drag something that has been an economist at Harvard blog.

The consultant Rafi Mohammed  recently published a blog on the Harvard Business Review an entry in which notes that the fundamentals of the battle for the next console game consoles are set according to sales this holiday season.  In this sense indicates that the importance of setting a relatively low price for the system with the objective of maximizing the overall benefits.

Mohammed recommended directly to Microsoft to lower the price of Xbox One, which was too high due to the number chosen by Sony for PlayStation 4. The Economist refers to a common strategy in the console market selling the machines prices even below its actual production cost to achieve a significant installed base and raise cash by selling games.

Since the profits come from the sales of video games and accessories, pricing strategy is simple place the low prices for the consoles put in the hands of the players, said Mohammed. The more consoles are sold, the greater the potential benefit.

The economist added that the perception that the price of Xbox One is too high is embedding in the minds of consumers. In this sens although Microsoft believes that its new Xbox offers more value Historically consumers have not been willing to pay more for that peak, although ultimately offer more value.

In this regard, Mohammed cites the case of Kodak whose premium pricing strategy initiated in 2007 did not come effect and, together with other factors such as changes undergone by the world of photography in recent years, led to its bankruptcy declared in 2012.

Thus the sentence economist Xbox One and disadvantaged party Quote in this sense an Amazon.com poll-before Microsoft policy change regarding restriction of Second Hand market in which 94 percent of respondents were placed for the purchase of PS4 One Xbox instead.

With this scenario, Microsoft recommends economist lower the price of Xbox One or sell a package with some cuts to a lower price. The good news is that there is still enough time for the company to take this decision and is at a more competitive level when the machine hits the shelves later this year concludes.

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