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Google video game And smart meter Is Coming Soon

Google is developing video games and smart meter: Both use the Android operating system hope to complete with the Apple device may launch in the future. 
Google video game And smart meter Is Coming Soon
Google also preparing to introduce the second version of the Nexus Q entertainment device the product was launched in 2012 but was not sold on the market. Sources of the newspaper revealed Google want to design and marketing devices. At least one of the two products may be released in the fall of this year.

Google refused to comment on rumors.Since the Google announced Android 2008, according to data from research firm IDC Android accounted for 75% and 57% market share in smartphone market share during the quarter I/2013 tablet. Therefore not difficult to understand when Google wanted to build hardware based on the success of the platform.

Game on Android also particularly popular and growing faster than the game would make gaming machines of the big guns such as Microsoft Sony or Nintendo.

Sony and Microsoft recently introduced two samples gaming machines New Xbox and PlayStation plans to sell later this year. However, sources said the move of Google not to the company but to the two previous deal with Apple in case apple defect launch game machine with the new Apple TV.

During this time Google is in the final stages complete version Android last.  

This version can stimulate cheap smartphones in developing countries with the aim of increasing its global market share Android. Google based on department Android and Google X production equipment separate from Motorola its subsidiaries.

This fall when the new version released can Android will be incorporated into a variety of devices such as laptops home appliances such as refrigerators. According to a source some computer makers including HP laptop developing Android. We will compete with Windows laptops.

On the smart meter Samsung said earlier developing wristwatch features such as smartphones and platforms using Android . Computing on the body is a field of 'Hot' now. the Wall Street Journal in May 2/2013 reported that Apple is developing similar products. According to rumors the sample clock Google can connect to smartphones via Bluetooth.

Some observers have Google Samsung and other companies eager to explore new land because Apple does not want to be the industry leader in a new category as it did with the iPhone the iPad. On the side Google Internet companies are trying massification list wear on the new equipment the most significant effort must include smart glass Google Glass.

Furthermore still according to the Times Google will launch the second generation of home entertainment devices Nexus Q. Nexus Q by Google developers and marketers but not marketed because faced criticism. The next version will be much cheaper.

Lenovo Has Announced The Latest Device For Windows 8

Lenovo computers optimized for Windows 8:Thanks equipped with Intel's 3rd generation Core the new model features and performance for the modern lifestyle of the consumer.
Lenovo Has Announced The Latest Device For Windows 8
In addition Lenovo G400 laptop also upgrade to mobility equipment for users who have a moderate budget desire to own an affordable laptop but well integrated features and strong performance.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Son General Director Lenovo Vietnam said, To meet the diverse needs and changing consumer has always been a top priority of our business activities in Vietnam. 

Designed towards Windows experience 8 optimized latest laptops released today once again confirms our commitment to provide innovative products with the convenience simplicity and the ability to respond less strongly than never seen before.

IdeaPad Yoga 11S mini but powerful Ultrabook

Users have an option to convert the computer's impressive IdeaPad Yoga Lenovowith a unique hinge design helps rotate the screen 360 degrees and fold. 

The Yoga today launched new 11S is equipped with the processor low power up to 3rd generation Intel Core i5 (running on Windows 8 platform, gives users powerful performance for multi-tasking processor  along with pre-installed Office applications all in a stunning slim design with a thickness of only 17.2 mm, weighs only 1.35 kg.

Much like its predecessor Yoga 11S can be used with many features such as a laptop or rotate the screen to turn into a great tablet. 

Besides, 11S Yoga can also switch to Stand  and Tend  to save space when viewed with excellent sound quality thanks to the machine that is equipped with Dolby Home Theatre v4 audio with integrated Intel graphics resolution for sharp images.IdeaPad Yoga 11S owns 11.6 inch HD screen IPS and 10 point multit ouch support, and retain the unique features that were previously only available on Yoga 13. 

Motion Control helps users just ran his fingers through webcam to view photos, video or other materials and Lenovo Transition helps users to automatically open applications such as PowerPoint in full screen mode when using Yoga in the mode, tent, stand and tablets.

Like Yoga 13, IdeaPad Yoga 11S rubber coated surface to create smooth, attractive, and has versions silver gray and orange.

IdeaPad Z400 Touch - slim, powerful touch sensor:
Lenovo Has Announced The Latest Device For Windows 8
IdeaPad Z400 laptop is the latest in a line of Z Series is optimized for the Windows 8 touch interface touch . 25% thinner than a standard laptop, the new model will support 10-point touch, with stereo speakers designed to enhance bass , along with Dolby Home Theater v4 technology brings experience great sound. 

The machine is equipped with low power microprocessor 3rd generation up to Intel Core i7 with NVIDIA GeForce graphics technology in a new design touch screen 14-inch wide will bring all the Using the most rich touch experience on Windows 8. 

Besides, the choices AccuType keyboard is backlit backlighting of the machine will help users easily see when they enter the key material in low-light environments.Lenovo G400 has a modern design and impressive features gives a reasonable option for those who are looking for a device that harmony between the high performance good audio-visual features but at a price affordable. LenovoG400 is designed with textured black casing Widescreen LED HD 14 inch wide.

Besides G400 integrated analog technology in the computer thicker to ensure robust performance and stability such as Intel Core processors and selected 3rd generation graphics card AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce (with up to 2GB), these smart features like Intelligent Touchpad mouse table enables users to experience Windows 8 wonderful.

G400 is also equipped with stereo speakers with Dolby Advanced Audio certified provides rich surround sound, along with the tool's unique One Key Recovery Lenovo allows users to easily recover data if the machine goes wrong.The new models launched today will be available in stores nationwide information from mid June. Prices and configurations, see below.

During this time, LenovoVietnam is also launching big promotion until 06/30/2013 for customers to purchase products Z400/Z500/Z400 Touch IdeaPad, IdeaPad Y480 and IdeaPad Yoga 11, 13, 11S. Accordingly customers who purchase one of these products will receive special gift package worth $ 2,000,000, including

  • - Wireless Mouse Lenovo worth $ 300,000

  • - McAfee Antivirus software license 3 years, worth $ 500,000

  • - Upgrade package for one year warranty for the machine worth 700,000

Visa Sacombank - Lenovo with 500,000 accounts available providing maximum convenience to customers in payment money and store a variety of incentives and discounts when shopping cards and other banking facilities.

The Play Cricket Best Android Smartpohnes

The cricket Best Android to user interfaces: Owning a Nexus phone means that you have opportunity to experience what most pure Android and not languishing waiting for update Android manufacturers.
The Play Cricket Best Android Smartpohnes
It seems that Google has noticed my interest in particular parts of a user with the Nexus product, and decided to launch a series of products Google Play Edition New year instead of a Nexus phone.

Galaxy S4 won several advantages compared to HTC Onein the standard because it is integrated with a Touch Wiz interface features intelligent series.

However, when stripped of all the skin to return to a pure version of Android it's hard to find the perfect product than the One.

This model is integrated beautifully monolithic aluminum casing, 2.7 inch Full HD screen, quad-core 1.7 GHz and Boom Sound speakers for exceptional sound great.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition HTC One strong point of the design configuration of the main selling points Galaxy S4. Also using 600 quad-core Snapdragon but its speed was pushed up to 1.9 GHz. Also the screen is larger S4, while its actual size equivalent to only One.

One of the other advantages of the Galaxy S4 compared to the Nexus One or the product is that it can integrate external memory card slot to increase storage capacity.

LG Nexus 4:

The Play Cricket Best Android Smartpohnes
Nexus 4is the name most mentioned at the end of 2012. The product owners then coated glass lid beautiful powerful configuration and price is also lower than the same model (300 USD for the 8 GB 350 USD for 16 GB version). 

The continuous occurrence of the strong product Full HD screen in 2013 was part of the attraction thatNexus 4reduced. However, a comprehensive review, this is one product worth owning today.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Like Nexus 4 The Galaxy Nexusis one of the best products at the time of its release (2011). This product is designed much like the Nexus 4 but slightly curved body is considered very sexy. Machine owns 4.65 inch screen dual core processor and 1750 mAh battery. 

The name of the Galaxy Nexus associated with the operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich  version for both phones and tablets Google first.

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