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Aveo X6 Becoming Best Selling Smartphone

Those on throne deserved for X6 by Aveo: These really practical contributions to Vietnam via international love technology upgrades including the perfect configuration screen display photography film Full HD.
Aveo X6 Is The Best Selling Smartphone
We can say Aveo X6 gather all the biggest advantages including more than 10 million models also have coveted.

We have the same advantages over those made class Aveo X6.

Configuration Crisis:

To commensurate with the title smartphone configuration strongest in the mid-range segment Aveo X6 proud to show its advantages over the use of quad core processor 1.2 Ghz with 4 channels run independently associated with DDR3 Ram multi  thnreading technology latest maximize capacity 2Gb help speed up the machine faster than 30% from the line smartphone the same price range.

Strength is the ability of the Aveo X6 player This ultimate market. Owning the ability toplayer Top quality sound 24 bit/192 kHz output up to higher than CD genuine.

Not only is the conventional music phone X6 Aveo emphasizes the ability to connect download songs quickly. Users can go to the time of its music, search, download songs to your computer and listen directly.

X6 Camera on the Aveo is rated as the highest resolution currently on the line Smartphone when up to 12.6 megapixel pixel allowing imaging in HD format 4:3 or 16:9.

Film quality Full HD 1920x1088 video recording quality is not inferior to professional camcorders the investment in an Aveo X6 means you will not have to spend money on computer products filming dedicated camera.Screen 5inch HD resolution in 1280 elongated design, strong 1 help Aveo X6 styling and modern harmony overall.

Touchscreen Toughened ultra fine nano coated Gorilla helps prevent scratches shiny and smooth glide your finger over the surface. Special screen Aveo X6 in very high brightness fast response time and absolutely no change in color when you look from the 4 corners.

With the Android OS 4.2.1 the latest Jelly Bean Aveo X6 can download the app and very useful in life like bar code scanning to see if the supermarket price photo shop editing read Auto Cad drawings  pronunciation dictionary a list of karaoke 6 text translation dictionary pharmacy cookbooks teaching makeup.

Particularly with the new Aveo run the software X6 camera itinerary resist firing rate management staff and children from remote or anti-theft function and find the lost phone  which smartphone 10 million is also difficult.

With only 5.3 million cost comes at the mountain of gifts worth $ 1 million as 8Gb memory card stickers screen high capacity 3000 mAh battery warranty with full body + touch screen up to 1 year, 1 X6 Aveo reaffirmed the class of its market smartphone Vietnam today.

In addition to scoring energetic design that refined and configure powerful just mention Aveo X6 is right to remember users smartphone playing music with extreme speakers sound terrible no line smartphone unrivaled today.

Showroom In Vietnam:

CS1: 185 Tran Dang Ninh  Cau Giay district Tel: 04.85878820 --- 0166.963.9899 0906.522.622.

CS2: 86 Land Bridge  Hoan Kiem District : 0987,091,516.

CS3: 25 Acacia Street - Gia Lam. Tel: 0989.89.1288 --- 0912,886,599.

Cs4: Son Tay Town - 34 Bridge Street Lead - P Son Loc Tel: 0966,155,664.

CS5: The New Number 8 Group 2 Spring - Xuan Mai Town - Fine Program: --- 0167.926.4269 0946.935.268.


CS1: 539 Huynh Van Banh - P14-Q Phu Nhuan Tel: 08.6684.4902 0903.065.596 .

CS2: 11/13A 1A  3rd Ward  Tan Quy Tay commune  Tel: 0938,514,801 0933,909,438 .

Two Unique Hybrid Ultrabook In Running

Sony Vaio Duo Acer Aspire 13 and P3: Two unique hybrid ultrabook running to the luxury segment with 35 million, while Aspire P3 with $ 18.5 million.
Two Unique Hybrid Ultrabook In Running
Aspire P3 is essentially a tablet running Windows 8 Pro, however the machine is supplied with mounting hardware keyboard to the computer will turn into a handy ultrabook. 

In the meantime Vaio Duo 13 is a true ultrabook have the ability to switch between the tablet and a computer by quickly sliding mechanism Surf Slides unique brand Sony.

Both devices have a weight of 1.3 kg, the equivalent thickness measured respectively with 19.55 mm and 20 mm for Vaio Duo 13 and Aspire P3. 

But in fact put the two devices together you will feelVaio Duo 13 beautiful than thin Aspire P3 By the edge of the Duo 13 has curved beveled design feels quite thin while Aspire P3 square design.For directions to the premium segment Vaio Duo 13 equipped with 13 inch widescreen Full HD resolution at 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

This screen also supports color range Triluminos Display (based on the Bravia technologySony) The image processor X Reality Mobile which helps the display better color reproduction increase image sharpness. 

In particular the Opti Contrast panel Vaio Duo 13 Post to bring more feeling more accurate when using the stylus.

Aspire P3 in the lower segment should only owns 11.6 inch screen size with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This screen is underestimated compared to the tablet at the same price today. 

Acer equip IPS panels use Cine Crystal LED technology the test showed good color display wide viewing angle .

As an ultrabook should Vaio Duo 13 integrated keyboard and touchpad for users. Through manipulation the keyboard has a good bounce and spaced just right you can easily input on this keyboard.

Aspire P3re equipped with keypad and comes with the device connected via Bluetooth. Basically the keyboard for better input capabilities is designed beautifully thin and pretty. 

However, does not support touchpad keyboard the keys are quite large and the distance is not good bounce tiny keys so users must use a few times to get used to this key format.

On the hardware side Sony equip Vaio Duo 13 Intel Core i5-4200U clocked at 1.6 GHz, 4GB RAM and 128 GB SSD. 8 megapixel main camera with Exmor image sensor RS's renowned Sony .

Aspire P3 the integrated Intel Core i5-3339Y 1.5 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD and the main camera 5 megapxiel. 

In addition the battery Vaio Duo 13 published for the use of up to 11.5 hours while Aspire P3 use time is 6 hours.

Currently, Vaio Duo 13 sold for $ 35 million and Aspire P3 is $ 18.5 million.

iPhone Light Recently Cover Is Green

Light Continued To Cheap iPhone Revealed: New leaked images showed that the plastic back cover of iPhone cheap otherwise known as the iPhone Light.
iPhone Light Recently Appeared Green
The back wall is blue is identical to use in a number of Apple accessories.

This image appeared again in parts machining workshop for Apple in China.The back shell design, similar to the arrangement iPhone 5, but at the same time as material processing quality make this product look more like a parody than the iPod Touch iPhone.

The rear camera is visible, as well as LED flash metering sensor of the camera. Product specifications do not exist, so this may be iPhone Light or trial version can also be completely false.

Apple is expected to launch iPhone Light with many different colors to diversify its product line.

In addition to using plastic instead of glass and aluminum,iPhone Light processor will be older lower quality camera 3G connectivity and memory capacity is 8GB.

The body will be slightly thicker for the iPhone 5, but still owns 4 inch screen.

Light iPhone is expected to have cost 329 USD for the international version and will be sold in concentrated growing areas such as Asia Africa and some areas in Europe.

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