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Iconia A1 810 A New Android Tablet

Iconia  A1 810 A New features: Acer is rated as one of the first manufacturers to deliver his tablet small screen. 
Iconia  A1 810 A New Android Function
Configure relatively pleasant plus the price movement has brought a new consumer product Acer.

With the proposed rate4,690,000, A1-810 Iconia  bring more great option for the Android faithful. The computer maker is now pursuing a new trend with products tablets using Windows 8 operating system. But privately Acer In addition to land Windows tablet being thoroughly exploited Android is a segment not ever potential.

Widely regarded as the upgraded version of the Iconia B1-A71 Acerhas invested more than for Iconia A1-810 in design with silver plastic shell with the soft and luxurious but still ensure 430g weight and thickness of 11.1 mm for the machine. 

Users still easy to manipulate with one hand use. Iconia A1-810 is equipped with 7.9 inch screen with 16 million color IPS panels of 1024x768 on a 4:3 ratio which delivers vivid colors and wide viewing angles plus a pretty good contrast allowed you comfortable reading and browsing.

A1-810 Iconia uses Android 4.2 operating system with 1GB RAM, 16GB built-in memory card support up to 32GB external memory for superior storage capacity processor quad-core Cortex A9 running strong allowing good 3D gaming without risking severe shock. 

Durable with the ability to use the battery up to 7 hours the plant was owned Wi-Fi 802.11n Bluetooth 4.0, GPS a thickness of 11.1 mm and weighing just 430g. You can record the inspiring moments with 5MP camea and enjoy video chats with friends with camera.

Besides the ability to be mobile optimized combined with the strong good configuration is the price point for finishing last Iconia A1-810. 

As always lead on price,Acer always been regarded as a friendly brand with consumers. With the constant development of the market Acer always the best choice.

Apple And Samsung In Smartphone Rivals

Apple And Samsung Are Swallowed Gradually: Research the company's latest results are bad news for the mobile platforms are competing No.3 position on the mobile market Windows Phone BlackBerry 10 or the brand new recruits as Firefox OS Tizen.
Apple And Samsung Gradually Smartphone Rivals
Specifically, in the past three months 3,4,5, orderly brands smartphone and mobile operating systems will not change apart from the big two is not only threatened by new competitors but also enjoy the happy scene last 3 tables foundation lost market share.

In particular Apple is continuing its smartphone No.1 with a 39.2% market share in the U.S. up 0.3 percentage points from the previous quarter.

According to police Apples defect is Samsung with 23% up 1.7 points.

At the opposite extreme both HTC, Motorola and LG the three remaining firms in the Top 5 are seen market share decline.

Similarly while Android and iOS continue to maintain and champion runner and market share growth the land has little inherent BlackBerry Microsoft, Symbian becomes ever more narrow.

Although the sliding speed is not as fast as your BlackBerry before but this information was not enough to save the company's share price lost 27% after reporting last quarter was announced which is quite meager and depressing protein.

In addition, com Score also said more U.S. users choose smartphone to the phone.

As of last quarter the number of people owning smartphones in the U.S. has reached 141 million accounting for 59% mobile phone market in general.

Android P6 The Original Ultra Thin Ascend

Ultra thin Ascend runs Android P6 also the original Smartphone: Kevin Ho Director in charge of the handset's Huawei has said that the company was cooperating with Google to launch the Ascend P6 version running Original Android.
Android P6 The Original Ultra Thin Ascend
We are working with Google to analyze the possibility of releasing a Huawei Ascend P6 Google Edition .

However, speaking of senior leaders from Huawei completely contrary to the view of the president Mr. Richar Yu  in the launch event in London P6. 

Accordingly Mr. Yu has affirmed,Huawei not interested in a product interface running Android root and for that the Emotion UI interface their products better with hundreds of improvements compared with the original interface.

The P6 Ascend of Huawei introduced on 18/6 with metal casing designed beautifully. 

This is a product that is in high-level segment approach with 4.7-inch HD screen 8 megapixel rear camera and is now the world's slimmest smartphone.

Expected that this model will be available in August for about $ 600 USD at the European market.

BlackBerry Z10 Genuine Rapidly Decline To 14 Million

BlackBerry Z10 prices remain strong long dull: More than a month after selling out in Vietnam price of  BlackBerry Z10 was quickly cooled  to 14 million even where selling this product for $ 13.5 million. 
BlackBerry Z10 Genuine rapidly decline To 14 Million
Point worth mentioning is that despite the lower price the more the gift crisis but the product is still in a state of long dull.

A large retail unit in Vietnam has revealed sales of BlackBerry Z10 shock when the monthly average the entire chain of supermarkets they sold 30 units Z10, which is about 1 unit per day. 

Accordingly sales of this product by nearly 4% compared with the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 5% compared to genuine.

Talking to a number of shops selling portable phones sales of the Z10 decent but a little more each day the store also sold only about 1,2 units. Currently the price of the BlackBerry Z10 notebook also quite low near 12 million. 

Compared to the last moment of Vietnam  the price of this product fell 4, 5 million.

According to a store representative laptop BlackBerry products are in the form of special sales should not be high. 

In addition the operating system BlackBerry 10 is something quite new and has not attracted Vietnamese users as Android or iOS. For example customers may be willing to spend tens of millions to buy an iPhone or Galaxy S4 whether or not the trial does not even use BlackBerry smartphone ever but the Z10, almost no such thing .

Related to the product of the current BlackBerry the Q 10 Blackberries also was in a similar situation. Q 10 (laptop) when the Vietnam received significant attention but as the later as prices fell sharply but still no buyers. 

In particular price genuine up to 16.5 million of it was damn too expensive higher peer iPhone and even hit the current products such as the HTC One or Galaxy S4.

Meanwhile the market is witnessing quite exciting deals of the older BlackBerry models. 

Bold patterns like 9900, 9780 , received significant attention of young users objects by the price of only 3 to 5 million. 

On the classifieds website purchase transactions selling no less older BlackBerry iPhone or Nokia products.

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