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The New Products Of Smartphone To Stop Buying

The product of  2,000 customers stop buying smartphones to wait for new: The first product the company Skyphone with just 6mm thickness is recognized as the lowest current that the retailer announced in Vietnam.
The New Products Of Smartphone To Stop Buying
Configuration, As disclosed the machine is equipped with quad core 1.2 Ghz, 1GB and 2GB RAM, 20GB ROM which customers can use to over 18GB. 

HD 1280x720p screen 4.7 inches. Camera before recording full HD 13M, 5M camera after filming 640x480. 

Both are 2 camera can shoot in low light conditions very well.

Connectivity, Equipped with HDMI to TV connection a connection standard often integrated to the company's products. 

In addition, the machine is equipped with multiple sensors such as light proximity balance sensor, navigation compass sensor. 

This is a phone equipped with GPS and Wi-Fi independent of N faster than standard PCs.

LG Optimus G2 First 3GB RAM

LG Optimus G2 will be cricket and first 3GB RAM: South Korean media have reported simultaneously using versions of LTE connectivity of a senior LG G2 Optimus. 
LG Optimus G2 First 3GB RAM
Upcoming will be the first integrated 3 GB RAM and most likely a product of international will also use the same type of RAM.

Sources confirmed from Korea 3 GB RAM will help the machine run smoother multitasking and still perform some other task while viewing Full HD video.

The product of LG inherent property of the traditional first, such as the first dual core device the first 3D phone and the LG also launched the company's first Optimus LTE 2 own 2 GB RAM.

Before that, there was a presentation of the G2 Optimus leaking to the outside. 

Accordingly it is especially curious design buttons located on the back of this product. 

Some other information about the Optimus G2 has been leaked include Full HD display and quad core Snapdragon 800 strong.

iPhone Light Very Cheap Smartphone

The beautiful building of Light iPhone Cheap: The leaked images of the Cheap iPhone Consecutive appearance over time. 
iPhone Light Is Very Cheap Smartphone
The basis for the designers at Design Ciccarese up a complete picture of the product honestly say the least.

According to this construction the iPhone Light slightly thicker than the iPhone 5 at 8.5 mm. It is also higher and broader than iPhone5 by the use of thick plastic. 

Design of a button cheap iPhone brings the style of a tablet, with slightly different iPhone 5.

In addition the speakers and the headphone jack of the machine has also been designed to be simple than iPhone5. 

It is expected that this model will launch alongside the iPhone 5S around September this year adding additional users a new choice lower prices especially in developing markets.

Motorola X Phone Was First Revealed

Motorola X-Phone was first revealed to phone secret : Motorola posted a surprise message of Think Thin of Ultra Droid phone as an affirmation of this is super thin smartphone.
Motorola X-Phone was first revealed
According to Motorola Droid Ultra will appear with a variety of colors and designs from traditional Kevlar material of the firm. Kevlar is the material bullet proof vests manufacturer has appeared in many of Motorola products.

And remember, Motorola has been producing ultra-thin smartphone from Kevlar material like the Droid Razr M so it can form new phone will have a slimmer design all of its previous smartphone.

Ultra name as a subtext for this handset.

From the message of Motorola Droid can guess Ultra will run on Android OS. Earlier also many rumors appear to be the same with Google or Motorola handset manufacturers secret X-Phone.

Apart from a very brief advertisement for Ultra Droid, Motorola has not revealed any other information about the product.

However, according to information leaked back in May Droid Ultra will use the processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 600. Meanwhile popular blogger revealed Ultra Droid Verizon Wireless will be distributed in the coming months.

Blogger also said that besides Ultra Droid Motorola also produced many other phones like the Droid Maxx Ultra Droid Razr Droid Razr M Ultra and Ultra Mini Droid.

Nokia Asha 501 And Sony Xperia E 2 Cheap Phone

Two Cheap smartphones mostly notable: Because of the higher price should own Xperia E configuration with wide screen better than the Asha 501. 
Nokia Asha 501 And Sony Xperia E Is 2 Cheap Phone
Specifically Xperia E integrated 3.5-inch screen has a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels while Asha 501 is a 3 inch screen has a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

Through initial testing shows the screen of 2 products shown good color, icons and clear handwriting however Xperia E marginally better than the Asha 501. 

Especially when surfing the web screen Xperia E for better text readability thanks to larger screen sizes and both display outside sunlight equivalent.

Sony Xperia E fitted to the 3.15 megapixel camera Nokia is equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera for the Asha 501. 

Camera of the two products for image quality equal however Xperia E for little more than the ability to capture light. Both do not support flash light support with front camera.

E Xperia smartphones running the Android platform. It uses the Cortex A5 processor speed 1 GHz GPU Adreno 200 combined 512 MB RAM and 4GB internal memory. 

Meanwhile Nokia Asha 501 device is essentially a hybrid between a phone and smartphone common so the configuration of the machine does not stand out with a processor speed of 1 GHz, 128 MB of internal memory and run background Nokia new Asha. 

Both products are supported on a microSD memory card slot up to 32 GB.  
Nokia Asha 501 And Sony Xperia E Is 2 Cheap Phone
Xperia Asha 501 E more prominent with the ability to support 2 SIM 2 waves helping to facilitate the users to use multiple phone numbers. 

Machine supports only 2G connectivity and Wi-Fi. Meanwhile the Xperia E only supports one SIM but with full 3G connectivity Wi-Fi.

Asha 501 weight lighter than the Xperia E respectively compared to 115 grams 98 grams. However, the Xperia E thinner Asha 501 with some measuring 11 mm compared with 12.1 mm.

Asha 501 looks squarely at each corner and rounded rather delicate fine sanding the back against the clinging dirt and fingerprints well. 

Meanwhile the Xperia E has designed curved beveled at the back is quite thin and beautiful. Adorn this design is a bright metallic trim surrounding the display certainly helps machine and luxury.

Products from Nokia to Sony marginally better about the choice of colors with colors such as yellow, green, white, red , while only 3 Xperia E version is white, black and red.

In addition, the Asha 501 Battery capacity of 1,200 mAh, for continuous talk time up to 17 hours . 

Xperia E with 1,530 mAh capacity battery continuous talk time is 6 hours 3G network.

Nokia Asha 501 is now $ 2 million $ 3.2 million Xperia E co. Image compare two practical products.

iPhone 4S Is Cheap In Market

iPhone 4S Cheap will cost level: Nearer the time of September the sample information on Cheap iPhone and Apple iPhone 5S becomes hot. 
 iPhone 4S Is Cheap In Market
Most recently a Chinese blog has published the latest information that the defects has worshipers bittersweet apples.

Entertainment is by the information from this blog Apple iPhone plastic cases have been brought to the production line of Foxconn which makes more certain the existence of this highly anticipated iPhone. 

However, the sad news that the iPhone is considered cheap will be priced on par with the iPhone 4S. 

At the time of launch cheap iPhone (if any), iPhone 4S is likely to be priced at around 450 USD in many markets.

Previously CEO of Pegatron has also warned users about the iPhone Cheap will cost not cheap .

Related to the iPhone 5S, the network recently Korea's SK Telecom has revealed an interesting information that this product is likely to be integrated LTE Advance the download speeds in ideal 150 Mb almost double the current LTE 4G technology.

Both the iPhone 5S and cheap Apple iPhone rumored to launch in September this year. 

While the iPhone 5S will probably not change the design over the iPhone 5 but are more robust integrated chip improved camera and fingerprint recognition capabilities the cheap iPhone would likely only use the flexible older events to reduce production costs. 

It is believed that this model will use plastic with vivid colors like the current iPod touch.

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