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iOS 7 Beta 3 With Improved Features And Bugs

Apple iPhone iOS 7 Beta 3 With Improved Features And Bugs: Apple released iOS 7 beta 3 in the right time.
iOS 7 Beta 3 With Improved Features And Bugs
The new software is now available for developers around the world who use the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iPad mini. 

After the initial launch of over-the-air (OTA) update from Apple, the iOS installation files 7 beta 3 have been added to Apple's developer portal. With them, of course, is the complete change log detailing all the new features and bug fixes included in iOS 7 beta 3. 

For those interested in seeing exactly what Apple has changed and added in this latest software version, BGR has provided with IOS 7 beta 3 log complete change and is posted below.

iOS 7 was unveiled less than a month ago, and since Apple has carried out its third beta for the operating system. 

Yes, mobile developers, which means you have a new download coming to you from Cupertino that will solve a number of problems found in beta 2 and add some improvements too. 

IOS 7 beta program offers the opportunity to test iOS in July before public posting. 

The program is designed for application developers in mind, offering the opportunity to test the new features in the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch before the official release.

IOS 7 beta 3 is not a final representation of the new IOS and possibly some of the features shown in the IOS 7 beta and Apple not reach a bit remains secret.

iPhone Cheap Exposed

Cheap iPhone fully exposed: Most recently, the back cover of a cheap iPhone from Apple has been exposed to many different colors.
iPhone Cheap Exposed
However, there are still many skeptical opinions that it is just a building or a portion of the shell iPod Touch is photoshop. 

However, with Chris Chang  editor of the site MIC Gadget has posted a series of clear pictures of this product on the blog Techdy it seems all information previously leaked product This hot line is accurate.

Accordingly, cheap Apple iPhone right is made of plastic. This product has a 4 inch screen similar to the iPhone 5 design is quite similar to the iPod Touch. 

According to Chang, the holding Cheap iPhone does not feel cheap unlike the telephone line and use the plastic casing of Samsung.

One point worth noting is that the machine does not have the side rear tire will embrace the screen grabs like a number of Nokia Lumia cheap. 

In addition, the bottom edge of the machine is also fairly simple design with the headphone jack mic ports and 4 Lightning big hole where the speaker rather than fussy iPhone 5 or iPad mini.

Shortly after the iPhone cheap portrait was revealed Techdy site for posting this picture has launched a smartphone running Android products are designed exactly cheap iPhone Basic named Bear. 

Accordingly, the Basic Bear is designed with 4-inch screen, a resolution of 1,236 x 640 pixels quad core Snapdragon processor 600, 2 GB RAM and 8-megapixel rear camera.

The phone features integrated Qi wireless charging standard capacity 2,300 mAh battery Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with super cheap price only 200 USD.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Trend

Phone mini trend will be hot: In the past few years mainstream phone market is still large screen smartphone. 
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini trend
There have been times it seemed the phone screen can not be larger than another when Samsung launched the first generation Galaxy Note but only two years later smartphone screen size has been pushed up to nearly 7 inches.

However, it seems that the trend is gradually being replaced by a new direction. Samsung has launched mini version of the high end phones Galaxy S4, and coming, HTC and Apple will do the same thing .

A major factor leading to the outbreak of the product is due to mini smartphone market has slowed growth in developed markets such as the U.S. or Europe. 

The emerging markets will be the new future for the manufacturer but users in these markets tend to save more.

The large screen is very much affect the price of the smartphone. Therefore, the smaller screen products from Chinese vendors such as Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo usually priced lower and is very popular in the aforementioned markets. For example, the iPhone is not even on the list of 5 best selling smartphone in China.

Kevin Smithen  Macquarie Securities analyst  said: Finally the big manufacturers had to wake up the smartphone wars with its cheap not as simple as they thought. 

The evidence is that as a series of mini model has and will hit the market.

Giants Technology Simultaneously Decrease

Profit from the giants technology simultaneously decrease: Samsung Which is the market leader evaluation Android Although there profit pretty good but still lower than expected. 
 Giants Technology Simultaneously Decrease
Specifically,profit of Samsung reached a record $ 8.3 billion but missed forecasts approximately $ 9.3 billion.

The reason may be due to sales of the smartphone Galaxy S4 is not as strong as expected the iPhone 4S still lost and the new Apple iPhone 5 to market. 

Another factor is that the company is spending too much on marketing, but not as effective as desired. This result makes the stock priceSamsung then slipped 3%.

However, the Samsung retains its position as the company with the highest sales in market Android Each surpassing Apple in sales and not only specializes in mobile technology. 

The other sub divisions Samsung can offset the slowed cell array. Predicting sales Samsung may increase in the future thanks to a series of new product designs.

In the meantime profit of HTC decreased to 83% compared to the same period last year despite the introduction of top phones HTC One. 

If compared with the previous quarter the profit of 41.63 million Taiwanese technology firms have increased but still lower than the predictions. 

The biggest problem of HTC at the moment is the fierce competition from Samsung with a series of design products at many price segments while HTC there are quite a few number of products.

Disappointed 2 mobile technology firm Android may give Apple a chance to impress during the launch of new products coming. However, the iPhone 5S Apple is expected to form only a minor upgrade the lack of a breakthrough. 

Therefore, Samsung and HTC still has a chance to go ahead if there is breakthrough technology.

Samsung Saturated Smartphone

Samsung's profit was lower: Than forecast raises concerns given that the smartphone market has shown signs of saturation.
Samsung Saturated smartphone
Industry giant Korean II/2013 quarter ended with a turnover close to 57 trillion won in net profit reached 9.5 trillion. 

Although this figure is much higher than a year ago 47 trillion won and 6.7 trillion won but still lower than the forecast of analysts. Accordingly, analysts predict Samsung is able to achieve profitability in excess of 10 trillion won.

Samsung is a huge force in the mobile market. Nearly half of all smartphones sold in Europe branded Galaxy. 

The company selling the Galaxy S4 in late April and quickly rolled the 10 million mark within the first month. After that the company issued a series version of eat the S4, S4 such as mini. Sales of Galaxy S4 is very important for Samsung, which is 2/3 of the profits come from the phone.

However, Samsung's smartphone sales did not reach the expectation is that analysts and investors extremely nervous. Bloomberg has even warned that Samsung's Galaxy brand began to weaken after a few in the glory years.

Richard Holway  President Tech Market View market analysis firm said the main problem lies in the smartphone market in the developed world is falling into a state of saturation.

As a result the manufacturer must make products cheaper for emerging markets. All the manufacturers are trying to roll out cheap products to increase sales in markets outside the development.

Speaking of the prospects of the new equipment Mr. Holway said: It is difficult to make the same profit from the smartphone product replacement. iPad, iTV or are unable iWatch .

Sony Xperia ZL Blockbuster

Xperia ZL Started Selling Officially Two Months Ago Sold in Vietnam: Xperia ZL is rated as one of brightest product on the market.
Sony Xperia ZL Blockbuster
At the present time many major retailers have stopped selling the Xperia ZL because no sale. A similar situation took place with the laptop shop. He H, Employees in a portable shop on Thai Ha, said the store has stopped selling the ZL for a long time because there were no buyers. 

Accordingly, this store only enter a single batch of the new machines sold then stopped because of unsold goods.

According to him the main cause of this model quickly became spray bomb laptop because the price of the product is not much different than the Xperia Z so users tend to give more money to buy the Xperia Z instead of buying ZL.

In addition, the Sony too favored media for Xperia Z also makes brother Its pretty much dimmed although the configuration of the two products are similar.

Genuine ZL Xperia sold in Vietnam market in late April, the price of 14.7 million dong. This model had been named product capable of optimizing the area the best screen in the world. Thus, despite the 5 inch screen owns Full HD but pretty much Xperia ZL smaller than the Xperia Z.

The only machine used plastic not as water resistant Xperia Z but still owns the home crowd Parameters such as quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5 GHz, 2 GB RAM and 13 megapixel rear camera Exmor use RS. 

In particular, the battery of this product are larger than the Z .

LG Optimus G Andriod Smartphone

LG Optimus G Smartphone With Powerful Processor: LG Optimus G one of the phones in the segment level but you will own the smartphone.
LG Optimus G Andriod Smartphone
LGG E975 Optimus configuration terrible compared to the average smartphone today. Using Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro powerful 1.5GHz with 4 cores designed new generation units Adreno 320 graphics processor ensures all the latest action on this handset are smoother operation perfect. 

In particular, 2GB RAM is raised to help enhance multitasking multiple applications run smoother weight of Android Jelly Bean OS at the same time without having slow phenomenon startled by the amount of RAM 

In addition, the memory on this phone is quite big enough to hold up to 32GB music library giant game and application installations film archive .

Dimensions are quite large but there are buttons arranged logically as the left side is the power button on the top right slant range convenient thumb helps unlock. Machine thin curved at the edges very masculine.

The machine is equipped with touch screen measuring 4.7 inch HD IPS with the ability to show images at a resolution 1.280x720 pixels combined with a pixel density of 320ppi and 470nit brightness. 

Air technology uses RGB matrix and advanced in cell panels to reduce the thickness and 30% G2 Touch display technology Hybird saves 70% energy compared to the AMOLED screen.
LG has always made good the show and this time they did not only good but also excelled on the Optimus G. Machine bright beautiful color fidelity smooth video performance easy look.

With every crisis, the configuration of the Optimus G can play most of the games best heavyweight out there on Google Play. 

LG android OS are reasonably customizable helps equipment run smoother the operation is done immediately with no delay. Experience in one of the game requires more graphics to show whether a hiccup or lag, Fifa 2012, Rayman, Temple Run 2, is that the machine runs smoothly very sensitive playing.

In addition, the machine also features built photography very interesting photographs taken after 13 MP camera for good quality. It supports full HD video better quality recording video shooting and playback are smooth not jerky or blurred clarity glare .

Optimus G is a good machine, both hardware and software. Owning a high end configuration of the current type this device can easily respond quickly to all daily tasks. Good battery life is also a strong point of the Optimus G. 

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