Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mini Smartphone New Trend Growing

Mini Smartphone is becoming the new trend: Today, choosing a smartphone suit also try shoes like that. 4 inch screen, 4.5 inch or 5 inch fits most. 
Mini Smartphone New Trend Growing
For many years the trend in screen size smartphone the bigger the better. 

iPhone 5 long more than enough space to add an application store Android phones are more bloated located between the boundary smartphone Tablet.

But recently, this trend seems to be reversing. Samsung and BlackBerry launched miniature versions of smartphone while leading Apple and HTC rumored preparing similar actions. 

Samsung Miniature Galaxy S4 4.3 inch screen instead of the 5 inch screen of the Galaxy S4. BlackBerry smaller Q5 Q10 but not using the technology of 2012.

One factor behind the wave mini smartphone growth smartphone slowdown in developed markets such as the U.S. Western Europe and new markets are developing the future of the phone company but here consumer sensitivity to price.

The large screen can increase smartphone significantly so the smaller equipment vendors smartphone small as Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo extremely popular in emerging areas. iPhone is no longer in the list 5 smartphone Chinese bestseller.

According to analysts the big smartphone have recognized the problem and started to fight back wave  mini smartphone debuted in 2013. However, they doubt the leading brands really understand the message. The screen size is not as important as price.

The big telephone companies in China are focused on producing equipment for under 350 USD. Samsung S4 Galaxy Mini is sold in the UK but the price to 530 dollars, it's $ 600 cheaper than the Galaxy S4 but that is not enough.

That's why Ryan Reith, senior analyst with research firm IDC said Samsung launches miniature device moves just testing. When the market smartphone are becoming saturated the company will target multiple objects and attack every price range.

Market smartphone style is not one size fit all. Some people want smaller phones because they have small hands or want to fit in your pocket. Others just want to use the smartphone for watching movies playing games should need a larger screen.

According to rumors Appleis preparing to launch a new smaller iPhone model. If the iPhone mini actually appears this will be a step in sharp contrast to the usual way of Apple While the company focuses on high end segment.

However, already 6 years since apple defect to enter the market competition is stronger than ever before Apple should offer 2 or more products for customers to choose.

Als, make sure the screen costs are decreasing. 5 inch device is expected to be consistent with low-level segment from 2014 onwards.

Rival iPad Mini Competition

Rival iPad mini with $ 9.5 million: 3 Galaxy Tab 8.0 is considered a direct competitor of the iPad mini which was introduced in June last under the Computer 2013 event. 
Rival iPad Mini Competition
Currently, a large number of retailers in Vietnam listed prices or get put before this product with $ 9.5 million. Expected time of products on sale will be the end of July.

Compared with the 3G/4G iPad mini, the price of the Galaxy Tab 8.0 is still cheaper 3 nearly 2 million. 

In terms of design this product remains the traditional language of the Galaxy 2013 series with rounded edges for feeling smaller than actual size while holding the rear tire of the machine is made of plastic the edge is surrounded by a metal contour author.

One of the most eye catching product is factory integrated dual core Atom processor, Intel chip instead of Qualcomm or Exynos produced by the company itself. RAM Tab 3 of the 8 inch version is 1.5 GB. 

This model used 8 inch screen HD resolution, 5 megapixel rear camera and 4,450 mAh battery.

Related product line 3rd Generation Tab by Samsung the company will also release two different versions of the Tab 7.0 and the Tab 3 3 10.1 in Vietnam last July for $ 7.5 million respectively copper and 10.5 million.

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