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Google Ads Crush Users Blackouts

Google Ads crush on content: With both broad keywords Google often give a lot of information but not the first search engine users this desire. 
Google Ads Crush Users Blackouts
For example, the word Auto Mechanic is one of the information that North Americans and Europeans old continent the two largest markets of Google now always very interest which is what the user gets only 13% of the screen to display the search results. 

Up to 29% of display advertising services from car repair service Google Adwords and Google Maps map also shows the locations for car repair company registration accounting for 7% and the 13 inch screen 1.440x900 resolution is quite popular nowadays.

Everything will be much worse if Google Search users browsing on mobile phones. With Italian Food keywords on an iPhone 4, users will be very hard to get the desired results. 

The first page is the advertising links, page 3 and then map the locations registered trademarks of Google to the 5th page of the search for new information revealed.

Google to talk business through advertising forms inserted into the free service as a search in the course. But if features quick plucking know of he broke has become dilatory the time by many advertising pages before finding the required information then sooner or later will cause the user to find pages with search engines more effective.

In fact, not only new Google search engine development. Yahoo has improved search interface Their simple style and search efficiency is also improved considerably. 

Microsoft's Bing has the ability to find the latest news related to the keywords the user to update information. And above all two of Yahoo and Microsoft services are at the advertising page Beer with optimism as Google

Pinterest Page Abusing Information

Pinterest Page Abusing information: Through sending mail the hacker uses the logo of social networking big confusing the user mail comes from reliable sources.  
Pinterest Page Abusing information
They were driven access malicious links thereby paving the way for hackers to penetrate the device.

The Trend Micro security experts said the user will receive a notification e-mail account Pinterest password has been changed. 

Traditionally, users will think your account was hacked lost someone, will visit the link to view the status led. It was at this time the new account hack really happening. 

Link leads will redirect the user to address a series of websites that will eventually install a trojan horse override the settings and install malicious code on the user computer cridex backdoor.

The malicious software is designed as a Windows installation will penetrate and steal bank account information from the victim which hackers can steal money managed by this account.

Users can avoid this stolen information is not accessed by the link on the lead only to change the password from the site Pinterest mainstream. 

At the same time users should also make sure that you are using the latest version of Java Adobe Acrobat Adobe Reader and Flash.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Smartphone Released

Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41 cameras dotted released:This product will be available first in the U.S. for $ 300 with 2 year contract with AT & T.
Nokia Lumia 1020 Smartphone Released
After that,Lumia 1020 dock will turn to other markets in the third quarter of this right.

In the event just ended a few minutes ago in New York, USA, Nokia was officially introduced to the market Lumia 1020 Pure View with 41 megapixel camera. 

Regarding specifications Nokia Lumia 1020 integrated 4.5 inch screen resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels (16:9) using AMOLED technology Gorilla Glass toughened glass cover 3.

The most notable of the Lumia 1020 of course the camera. Equipped with 6 lenses of Zeiss components, Xenon flash format with different light modes and optical anti shake technology 2nd generation.

Regarding software Lumia 1020 integrated applications Nokia Camera Pro helps users to adjust the flash focus points ISO white balance and shutter speed. Machine is capable of recording video at 30 frames 1.080p / sec with 4x zoom.

Nokia also provides an external shell called Nokia Camera Grip allows extended battery and turn the Lumia in 1020 as a compact camera. The price of this accessory is 80 USD.

Hkphone Tickets Arsenal Team Play

Hkphone tickets to Arsenal: Competition Discover Revo LEAD Get Arsenal tickets are Hkphone Arsenal celebrated in Vietnam.
Hkphone Tickets Arsenal Team Play
10 pairs of tickets to watch the match between Vietnam and the Arsenal team will be dedicated to 10 lucky winners.

Accordingly, those who wish to participate in the contest will have access to arsenal  7 to answer questions about products and services Hkphone.

10 people answered correctly and predict the most accurate participant will receive 10 pairs of tickets for matches between Vietnam and the Arsenal team. The competition takes place from 11/7 to end on 16/07/2013.

Your list of winners will be the organizers in light contact competition on 17/7 for up to accept the award.

Competition Discover Revo LEAD Get tickets to watch Arsenal a place for users to express their understanding of Vietnamese phone brand Hkphone explore the product as well as its latest smartphone the Revo LEAD.

This is the first product of Hkphone equipped with 5-inch screen size resolution Full HD 1920x1080 pixels with a pixel density of up to 441 ppi, the equivalent of today's most advanced smartphones. 

Property completely different design products Hkphone previously Revo LEAD bring elegance sophistication. Equipped with high end chassis front panel is glossy black glass cover and the back is designed so rough scratch in only a slim 8.5 mm.

Equipped with the latest technology such as Full HD screen, quad-core 1.5 GHz, the dual camera crisis 13 MPx 8 MPx HDLens proprietary technology but only Revo LEAD priced 5.7 million copper. For this price the Revo LEAD Full HD screen smartphone available today in Vietnam.

Besides commit 100% satisfied return customers allows machine within the first 3 days without reason, LEAD Revo also sold policies genuine cheapest Products Vietnam's Hkphone.

Accordingly it will donate 500,000 customers now get genuine products cheaper but equivalent configuration LEAD Revo.

Online KT Game Industry Development

Online Game Industry in Vietnam: On 20/07/2013 in order to create opportunities for community development enthusiasts online games to share and learn together. 
 Online KT Game Industry Development
We can listen to the experience of domestic and foreign experts VNG Corporation Seminar Development of online game industry in Vietnam 2nd 3rd floor in Flemington Building, 182 Le Dai Hanh Street District 11.

This will be an annual event of the company in the field of online games in Vietnam and companies abroad.

At OGDC in 2013, besides the participation of the community of enthusiasts game and experts in VNG participants also listen to guest speakers from the development studio game industry leader in Vietnam.

Main content of this workshop is to share practical experiences in making game and how to develop products game. The development strategy game as well as the concern about jobs.

An important element will be doing hot OGDC 2013 Game Mobile fashion trends have strong appeal as smart phones has become universal today.

Taking place in July when the village game was exciting with new game launches especially the Ministry of Information and Communications recently held a seminar on the management of online games in order to facilitate business conditions in developing countries the conference. 

Development of online game industry in Vietnam organized by VNG provides much it contributes to the vivid picture help the community have a more complete picture of industry online games and bring people in the industry but more rewarding playground exchanges.

HTC One Coming Soon New Blockbuster Smartphone

HTC One Coming soon new blockbuster: Though this source does not provide information about new products but the ability to process before the launch of super HTC OneX in 2012.
HTC One Coming Soon New Blockbuster Smartphone
One X + upgraded processor improved camera and battery in the front.

Show HTC Oneshipped with the power of the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad core 1.7 GHz speed. Therefore, the new version will be upgraded to the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with 2.3 GHz speed push up. 

Battery current HTC Oneis 2,300 mAh and can be improved a little more. Meanwhile, the front camera is not likely to change, which can be upgraded on the back Ultra Pixel camera to take pictures sharper.

The source also confirmed that, smartphone top HTC in 2014, code named M8, followed by the code name given to the M7 HTC One before it launches. 

There is no detailed information about this model but it will continue to be brushed aluminum design as the HTC One.

Yesterday (11/7) senior director of design and innovation of HTC  Justin Huang said the company will release several more models, using the lessons they learned to make from the blockbuster debut HTC One.

The first product in the smartphone equipped with the new generation of monolithic aluminum case is HTC One mini. As expected this product will be officially announced in the coming months.

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