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Nokia Lumia 1020 Prices In U.S.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Prices In U.S.: Nokia Lumia 1020 Official appears at the end of last week and caused quite a lot of excitement. 
Nokia Lumia 1020 Prices In U.S.
This phone is Windows Phone 's first Nokia equipped with 41MP Pure View imaging technology from Symbian phone Nokia 808 Pure View.

Lumia 1020 U.S. market launch on 26/7, so AT & T exclusive distributor. Product is $ 300 with two year carrier contract. The device will go on sale around the world before the end of September this year.

Meanwhile, retailer Negri Electronics (USA) also start booking network unlocked version phone of this photograph. Users can subscribe for $ 735.5 but no official date of delivery.

Also, yesterday the two German retailers also allow purchase Lumia 1020. The European version of the device expected to be launched by the end of the third quarter. 

The people of Europe have to spend more money to own Lumia 1020 . Reservation price of the product up to 799 euros.

HTC Will Likely Merge With Huawei

HTC Will Likely Merge With Huawei: Financial Report 2nd quarter of recent HTC shows the business situation of the company declined 2.5 to 3%.
HTC Will Likely Merge With Huawei
According to analyst Alvin Kwock from JP Morgan Securities Ltd. said, HTC Corp. may consider a merger with Chinese manufacturer Huawei is to enhance the market competitiveness of smartphones

Mr. Kwock said that a product such as HTC One can not help to overcome the difficulties, the merger is necessary at this time.

The merger between the two companies could help create a new business high positions in industry smartphone . 

According to a study made ​​by Gartner is Huawei hold 3% market smartphones in Q1/2013 the company that became the 6th largest producer in the world. Despite the presence of the One but HTC has been pushed back more than 2% market smartphones globally.

With this situation the merger will help the company alliance 2 about 5% market share of smartphones worldwide ahead of LG is currently ranked No. 4 with 3.7% and ZTE ranked No. 5 with 3.7%. However, this alliance will still be standing after Apple (9%), Nokia (14.8) and Samsung (23.6%).

But the market is not the only benefit after two companies were merged together. Analysts said that the two companies merged and will help increase competitive. 

Currently HTC is the manufacturer of the products with superior quality while Huawei holds the majority market in China. Between one thing in common when they are a heavy competition for other manufacturers in the industry producing smartphones .

HTC is also trying to reach out to a market that demands strong enough to help the company develop in a sustainable way. And it looks like Huawei is a candidate most likely.

Of course, this is only a prediction from the analysis because so far there is no information about whether HTC and Huawei were on the table to negotiate a merger agreement. 

But clearly the merger also promises to help consumers can expect more on quality products with attractive price.

New Apple A9 Chip Manufacture By Samsung Start From 2015

Samsung Continues Manufacture New Mobile Chips Apple from 2015: Apple and Samsung in recent years continuously met in the trial by the copyright litigation. 
New Apple A9 Chip Manufacture By Samsung Start From 2015
Both are big market smartphones and of course the delicious pie market is competitive the dispute will happen.

However, the relationship between Apple and Samsung did not seem too nervous as to what the user can see. According to a recent report the South Korean electronics giant will offer the new phone chip for future generations of iPhone.

Newspaper The Korea Economic Daily said that Samsung will be the manufacturer of the A9 chip Apple based on 14nm process starting from 2015. 

The chip will go into production and be used on devices for the iPhone 7. According to reports the iPhone 7 will appear at the end of the first A9 chip production lines in operation.

The report comes a few weeks after another report said Apple and a company from Taiwan has reached agreement to develop a comfortable 20nm chips for new devices next year. 

The report also showed A9 chip name is mentioned and probably until 2015 and both companies are Samsung chip supplier for Apple .

As of the moment Samsung has produced a number of proprietary processors for devices running the iOS operating system of Apple including the latest A6 chip. 

However, Apple has cut its dependence with Samsung since the company's biggest competitor in the market smartphone firm.

If a report from The Korea Economic Daily is correct then Samsung and Apple still owe to each other fate. 

And maybe the Apple separated completely from Samsung the company provides for its chips from 2007 to now there is a story not ending.

Toshiba SDHC Exceria Memory Card Announced

Toshiba Announced SDHC UHS Exceria Memory Card 260 MB: The electronics manufacturer Toshiba has announced two series SDHC Exceria. 
Toshiba SDHC Exceria Memory Card Announced
Exceria Pro first generation standardized application of Ultra High Speed ​​II which organized the SD Association announced at CES 2011 . 

Compared to previous generation cards Exceria, Exceria UHS-II speeds of up to 120 data records MB / s and exceeded 240 MB / s with Exceria Pro version. 

This rate has surpassed the XQD standard has a maximum recording speed of about 168 MB / s. If the index x familiar this memory card speeds up to 1600X . 

Therefore, this series aims to store images in ultra high resolution RAW image capture, video recording 4K .

Exceria Memory and Toshiba new Pro Exceria meet standard SD Memory Card Standard Ver . 4.10 SD Association organization. 

In theory the card manufacturers can create products with a maximum speed of about 312 MB ​​/ s. Exceria Series three capacities 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. 

Both products are expected to appear on the market since 11/2013 at a sale price is not disclosed. Reference price for version Exceria UHS-1 memory cards 32GB 83 USD.

Facebook New Group Beta Tester Version 3.5

Facebook For Android Left Menu Bar On version 3.5: With Facebook 3.5 this does not exist anymore if you want to access the settings of the software you can slip from the left side through. 
Facebook New Group Beta Tester Version 3.5
Recently, members of the Facebook group Beta Tester has received Beta version 3.5 new in which the most important is the better support for HTC in particular and the phone Android no Menu key in general. 

In order to understand you remember the HTC One the phone typically with 2 touch pad is Back Home and no menu and when using Facebook on this we again see the menu bar difficult have appeared. 

Besides removing the menu bar the Facebook version 3.5 also allows you to save images directly into memory while browsing photos. 

Notification bar automatically downloaded to old messages when you scroll down near the bottom of the list. 

Additionally, some errors of the old version will be overcome as the error does not load photos in the News Feed on some machines or status automatically exit the software. 

To download Facebook 3.4 Beta you can renew enter the program Beta Tester of Facebook. 

All you need to do is to group Google+ this click Join Group then press to Become a Tester. Download link will appear for you.

Apple Buy 3D Sensor Technology Development Company

Apple buy development company Prime Sense: Apple is said to have intention to buy the company that owns the technology of 3D sensors named Prime Sense Israel a local newspaper said today. 
Apple Buy 3D Sensor Technology Development Company
After the senior leadership of the company to Apple's headquarters in Cupertino to discuss the possibility of Prime Sense technology integrated into the products of apple Apple has launched an offer worth $ 280 million dollars to buy technology company specializing in the 3D sensor. 

Although this may be the first time you heard about Prime Sense but they had been known as technology vendors chip design for the interior of the first generation Kinect sensor of Microsoft . 

Prime Sense customers not only Microsoft that their technology can also be used on 20 million devices worldwide including sensors used in smartphones,tablets. 

3D sensor technology they are also found on the handheld scanner with high resolution detail and color 3D scanning capabilities. 

Also, Prime Sense is developing cooperation with ASUS 3D sensor technology for computer Wavi Xtion PC the game supports 3D motion recognition. Currently Apple and Prime Sense are not making any comments about this information.

BlackBerry A10 Standard Configuration

BlackBerry A10  Standard Configuration: Continue leaking information about screen smartphone with 5 upcoming BlackBerry is the hardware configuration table is a member of forum to share Crack Berry . 
BlackBerry A10  Standard Configuration
Accordingly, the A10 is to be released this fall with 1.7 GHz dual-core chip produced by Qualcomm and screen 5 resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels it reached a pixel density / inch 295ppi.

This technical data sheet is untested but if correct, the A10 is not only big screen configuration is also very impressed with the outstanding specifications like 2GB RAM, 1.7GHz chip and 2800mAh capacity battery.

Not only bigger in size but A10 will also be differences in design compared to the Z10 system. BlackBerry A10 will be pre loaded OS 10.2 and a bit thicker than the Z10 separate version for Verizon will be thicker than 9.7 mm.

Again the configuration table above is untested so potentially wrong information is still there. Specs of BlackBerry leaks A10:

1.7GHz dual core CPU, Qualcomm MSM8960
Monitors 5 OLED, 720 x 1280 pixels, 295ppi
BlackBerry OS version 10.2
8MP camera with LED flash, 2MP front camera
16GB Memory
Micro USB, Micro HDMI Out
Battery 2800mAh
Thin 9.4 mm

Yahoo Open Website According To Account Name

Yahoo Open Website Allows Requirements: According to account name will report results in mid August Last month Yahoo said that on 15/7. 
Yahoo Open Website According To Account Name
It will reset the account is not used for a year to give back to others 

Now the process begins and Yahoo also launched a website that allows you to enter up to 5 username that you desire to own. 

Yahoo will check these names are being used or not or among the account newly reset or not. If the first name is not available Yahoo will continue to consider the next username. 

Around mid August Yahoo will email reply we can know the username to be used and then you will have 48 hours to register property. Enter your username in the box first love. 

Then enter the next 4 options again please note that in turn enter the order of descending favorite too. O contact info then enter the email address that you are currently using, 

Yahoo mail will be sent to that result. Wish List This site will close on 7/8, and who will be registered before entitlements to grab more than okay.

iPhone 4S Cheap Cost Level

Cheap iPhone photos reveal realistic: The pictures are very clear about Cheap iPhone peeled green bananas are posted on totally different from leaked pictures ever before.
iPhone 4S Cheap Cost Level
Cheap iPhone peeled green bananas are posted on the site

Accordingly, cheap Apple iPhone built poly carbonate plastic made. Body height and slightly thicker than the current iPhone 5. 

In addition, cheap iPhone will also owned many different colors, including red as the prominent color blue.Cheap iPhone of Apple integrated plastic shell made of poly carbonate. 

Body thick and slightly higher than the iPhone 5 present. In addition,Cheap iPhone also owns many different colors including the striking color such as red, blue.

According to the recently leaked photos, cheap iPhone will still be 4-inch screen integrated like the iPhone 5. This also coincides with experts analysis that Apple is trying to set a new standard screen on the iPhone templates to facilitate the development of writing and application updates.

Cheap iPhone will be integrated 4 inch screen like iPhone 5. This also coincides with experts analysis that Apple trying to set a new standard screen in the form iPhone to facilitate the development of writing and updating applications.

After the iPhone 5S and Cheap iPhone launch Apple iPhone 4 death, meaning that iPhone 4S will be the only model with 3.5 inch screen is marketed. 

However, with the launch of iPhone cheap it is assumed that the death rate of the iPhone 4S will occur more quickly than normal.iPhone 5S and Cheap iPhone launch Apple will be the death iPhone 4, means that iPhone 4S will be the only model with 3.5 inch screen is marketed. 

However, with the Cheap iPhone launched it is expected that the death rate of the iPhone 4S will go faster than usual.

According to some recent reports, cheap iPhone will be sold for about 350 dollars for the 16 GB, 20 USD higher than the iPad mini. The time of launch of this product may be in September.

Cheap iPhone will be sold for about 350 dollars for the 16 GB, 20 USD higher than the iPad mini. The time of launch of this product may be in September.

iPhone 5S New Generation Will Be Produced

iPhone 5S New Generation Will Be Produced: This prediction coincides with the recent information appearing that Foxconn iPhone manufacturing partner recruiting large numbers of workers.
iPhone 5S New Generation Will Be Produced
Mr. Misek predicts Apple will release the iPhone 5S in the fall of this year and predictions from 25 million to 30 million units will be shipped in quarter 3/2013 followed by 50 to 55 million units will ship for season year end shopping. 

According to rumors, the new generation iPhone will use a faster chip, improved camera, have a longer battery life and a source said that the iPhone 5S will support.

Analysts also said Apple had begun to produce iPhone Lite cheap iPhone version for emerging markets but he estimated Lite iPhone will cost $ 300 ,400 USD but with this price it's more mid range smartphone segment is cheap smartphone. 

If such prices, iPhone Lite will be difficult to compete in the emerging markets, he said.

Google China Director Quit Pressure From Government

Google China Director From Government: The Next Web Google has confirmed company's director in China Dr. John Liu has officially left the company other opportunities.
Google China Director Quit Pressure From Government
John Liu is the manager of Google's business operations in China in nearly six years time. 

But Mr. Liu shared that he and Google have faced many problems in China in recent years. 

He has to deal with many complaints seeking services from the Chinese government and Google is also getting a lot of alleged intrusion searching for information in the country illegally.

According to Google the location of John Liu will be replaced by Scott Beaumont leader partnership and corporate business in Europe. He will assume his new role in mid August.

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