Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Nokia Lumia 625 Larger Screen

Nokia Lumia 625 Has 4.7 Inch Screen: It seems Nokia continues to release some new Lumia model in 2013 and last name may be the Lumia 625. 
Nokia Lumia 625 Larger Screen
Based on its name one can predict this is a slightly upgraded version of the Lumia 620 with some impressive specifications the same way Nokia did with the Lumia 920 and 925.

However, based on the information posted on Baidu the Lumia 625 would be a pretty strange devices. Specifically it will be integrated 4.7 inch screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels not using Clear Black technology and 2,000 mAh battery. 

No information about the machine's processor but more likely this product will be integrated 1GHz dual core chip and 512 MB ​​RAM.

The only attraction on this product is the screen size because this is the first time, breaking the boundaries Nokia 4.5 inch screen is available on the Lumia 920, 925 and the 1020 model has just hit the market.

It seems, Nokia is learning by Samsung or LG for product launches big screen but only from mid range segment. Currently the release date of the above product has not yet been announced.

Google Hangouts Call Free Integrates

Make Calls And Receive Calls From Land Line: Google has made its promise to integrate function free calls to Hangouts. 
Google Hangouts Call Free Integrates
Basically, it works like the previous video call you can call with a button click in Google +, Gmail or extension of Chrome.

Basically this function is similar to Skype services provided. Users can make calls with low rates to land line numbers or cell of the water. 

Another great feature of Hangouts is supported entirely free calls to U.S. and Canada. With the number of students as well as people in Vietnam live in these two countries Google services received promises of great customer Vietnam.

For comparison we can see that Skype lost 27.5 cents / minute for calls while only consuming Hangouts 8 cents minute.

Upgrade this time of Hangouts can also help users to mix video calling and regular calling thanks to this integration that those who do not can still use Hangouts to chat.

In fact, this function has replaced Google Voice before Hangouts is designed to become the future of Google Voice, and the calls made, calls received only the first step. 

According to reports from Google unknown features have been integrated in this mobile version or not. If its future integrated applications users may not need to use the phone to contact.

Yahoo Revenue Profit Up 150% To U.S

Yahoo Revenue Profit Up 150% To U.S: However, Yahoo earned profits have soared 150%, from $ 55 million to $ 137 million. 
Yahoo Revenue Profit Up 150% To U.S
The rate of return per share of $ 0.35 is Yahoo higher than the $ 0.3 figure that the anticipated financial experts had previously given. 

This is a sign that Yahoo is continuing to rebound since the female CEO Marissa Mayer took the helm of the company.

But everything is not necessarily good for Yahoo . Two parts of its main business is to display and search advertising are recorded declines caused investors to worry. 

Revenue from advertising in the quarter was 472 million down 12% compared to the same period last year according to the New York Times. 

The number of ads that Yahoo sales fell for two consecutive years. Revenue from search engines is down 9% to $ 418 million.

In the past quarter 2 Yahoo has acquired nine companies to consolidate the company's products including the acquisitions of social network Tumblr for $ 1.1 billion. Mayer CEO further revealed that not until years after the acquisition Tumblr beginners generate significant revenue.

Acer New Windows 8 Tablets Release

Acer Repares To Release A New Windows 8 Tablets: Acer spokesperson has recently officially confirmed that next generation of Acer Iconia W3 currently being developed. 
Acer New Windows 8 Tablets Release
Acer says Windows 8 tablet with screen size 8 will soon be released in the near future. Rushing promote The Acer is a plan that is not too surprising because since the official W3 launched the Iconia Acer has constantly been criticized from the user. 

Majority of customers have said that it is a large aircraft heavy and especially the screen can not be used because of the quality poor.

Therefore sales of this machine led to Acer retailers and frustrated and technology group headquartered in Taiwan found that this needs to change immediately. 

Finally frustrated Acer representative said the company will try to sell the notes at the remaining W3 Iconia Dutch market and distributors here will no longer receive any more new episodes.

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