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World's Thinnest Huawei Smartphone Nearby

Macro world's slimmest smartphone: Ascend P6 Product is considered the focal point is investing heavily in both product quality. 
World's Thinnest Huawei Smartphone Nearby
The effects of communication from manufacturer Huawei Manufacturers currently ranks 3rd in the world selling phone sales international markets.

Not only own ultra slim design (6.18 mm), P6 is also worthy of the top most beautiful smartphone with designed metal case and is almost completely flat. 

Hold this product on hand it's easy to think of an iPhone by the rugged design and its cube shape. However, the P6 is larger therefore more difficult to handle than the iPhone 5.

Machine owns 4.7 inch screen and so the edges are square the user will feel a little bit of celery when picked up. 

Compared with the current high-end smartphone the configuration of the Ascend P6 only moderate with quad core processors, 2 GB RAM, HD screen and 8 megapixel camera.
World's Thinnest Huawei Smartphone Nearby
Through testing fast very smooth running engine, pretty in color camera and fresh. In particular, the front camera of this product with resolution up to 5 megapixels the image quality is very good. 

Emotion UI interface of this product deserves classified as the most unique present with many themes and various page flip effect.

Huawei Ascend P6will be sold in Vietnam market later this month. Price of the product is expected to be 9.5 million. Some pictures of the Ascend P6.

Huawei Ascend P6 wrapped a layer of shiny metal rim, quite similar to the iPhone. The right side of the machine where the power button, volume up and put the SIM slot. This product supports 2 SIM.

Huawei Ascend P6 weighing 120 grams the equivalent of the iPhone 5. The storage capacity of this model is 8 GB.

HTC One Mini Launch

HTC One Mini Launch: This product is designed and owned more identical units One Such monolithic design with metal or speaker Boom Sound 5 beautiful Sense interface.
HTC One Mini Launch
After a long time in the form of rumors HTC officially launched the One mini. 

HTC One mini integrated 4.3 inch 720p display 341 ppi pixel density. The screen is S LCD protected by glass Gorilla Glass 3. 

Inside the machine is dual core Snapdragon chip integrates 400 speed 1.4 GHz, Adreno 305 graphics and 1 GB RAM. The storage capacity of the machine is 16 GB, storage can not be expanded.

HTC One mini running Android 4.2.2, Sense user interface 5 with updated features news social networking Blink Feed and Beats Audio speakers. 

On the back the machine has 4 megapixel integrated camera and Ultra pixel using Flash technology. The front of the machine is the 1.6 megapixel camera with BSI sensor 720p video recording ability.

This model weighs 122 grams, thin 9.25 mm, capacity 1800 mAh battery for the phone is 13.2 h and 692h standby time. 

HTC One mini will have 2 colors silver and black, sold from August in some markets schools with 450 euros.

Panasonic Launches Lumix FZ72

Panasonic launches Lumix FZ72 the optical magnification highest current: This lens provides the focal length equivalent angle 20,1200mm when converted film camera.
Panasonic Launches Lumix FZ72
It is f/2.8 at the widest focal length and f/5.9 at maximum focal length, quite impressive for a camera with long zoom. Much of the other Lumix, FZ72 features integrated Light Speed ​​AF autofocus allows fast, supports Power OIS optical stabilization. 

FZ72 with hotshoe for mounting accessories. It has an electronic viewfinder resolution 202,000 pixel LCD screen 3,460,000 pixel resolution. Machine allows high speed burst shooting at least 9fps at full resolution. Lumix FZ72 price is $ 399. 

Machine uses the new Venus Engine image processor which comes with a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor to reduce noise 10-15%. Panasonic adds that they have built in stereo microphone windscreen of FZ72 To help improve the sound quality of the day the wind. 

Additionally, this microphone is also designed to zoom the lens so when you change changing the focal length will also change the sound corresponding to small. 

Unfortunately, Panasonic has not announced the zoom range of the microphone. 

Note in the U.S., has number FZ72 FZ70 . configuration of Panasonic Lumix FZ72 :News, 

Sensor: 1/2, 3 CMOS, 16.1 megapixel resolution
Components: 14 components, assembled into 12 groups, including 3 low dispersion lenses, 6 aspherical lenses, total 9 aspherical surfaces
Yes Optical Image Stabilizer
Optical Zoom: 60x
Digital Zoom: 120x with features Intelligent Zoom, Intelligent Resolution technology will keep the best image quality possible using the Intelligent Zoom
35mm camera equivalent focal length: 20-1200mm
Display: 3 ,460,000 pixel resolution
Continuous shooting at maximum resolution: 9fps
Filming FullHD 1080 @ 60i
Tele Conversion Accessories: DMW-LA8 1.7x

LG G2 Confirm High End Smartphone Optimus G Replaced

After Suggestive Of A High End Smartphone Will Debut: At the event on 7/8 next LG today announced the official name of the handset.
LG G2 Confirm High End Smartphone Optimus G Replaced
In a press release LG said it has called off Optimus in the product line of high end phones themselves merely begins with G and G2 in the coming months. 

In future, the high end of the phone line will also titled G only not Optimus G as before. In addition to confirming the name for the upcoming smartphone LG has not given any other details about the machine such as configuration or software features. 

Besides G2, series 4,3 screen is now Optimus Vu will be renamed for simplicity only the Vu only. configuration of LG G2 predicted:

  • Monitors 5,2 Full-HD with thin rim
  • 800 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • Android 4.2.2
  • 13MP Camera

Yahoo Investment Technology By Mobile Advertising

Yahoo Investment Technology By Mobile Advertising: CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer has decided to buy Admovate advertising companies to grow. 
Yahoo Investment Technology By Mobile Advertising
According to Yahoo Admovate have technology to help marketers advertisers reach their desired audience at the right time and place.

This acquisition of Yahoo for that matter that the company is currently suffering from improving advertising because advertising segment accounted for the majority of revenue from services Yahoo provides. The mere advertising display many traditional non-profit created to Yahoo .

In the second quarter Yahoo had revenue report showed the company lost 11% of revenue from display advertising over the same period last year. The advertisers have switched from Yahoo to another company such as Google, Facebook and Twitter.

The new company will now provide advertisers with more options object much better Yahoo . An example can be seen as Facebook has announced first quarter revenue was $ 1.45 billion this year of which nearly one third coming from mobile advertising.

Scott Burke senior vice president of advertising array Yahoo said We are investing further in the acquisition of mobile advertising company. 

Admovate engineers will join the development team of Yahoo in Sunnyvale they have the task of improving the mobile advertising service existing Yahoo and develop new projects.

Virtual Accounts Create Professionals Social Networks

Virtual Accounts Create Professionals Social Networks: Why would people spend money to buy virtual account the friend does not exist. 
Virtual Accounts Create Professionals Social Networks
People like Clegg saw the obvious potential: celebrities especially pop stars as well as businesses want to be followers or views of major Like Twitter , Facebook . The more we seem to be hit as they are more easily entice new arrivals Follow. Thus, the sales market turns Like Follow born.

Clegg is just a chain of underground world where virtual business account on Facebook , Instagram, YouTube,bloom. But this he said, only Twitter bring about huge profits. 

He hired Indian programmers produce bots can make mass account Twitter Follow purposes increases for celebrities.

To sell these accounts, up to 13 websites Clegg. He must do so by Google hate trafficking of Like / Follow virtual so each site Clegg to use optimization algorithms various search engines so that they can be displayed on the search results.

To access simply type the purchase of keywords, such Twitter followers Google and they will be led to sites specializing in goods and then select the number of Like / Follow where they need it to the payment process. 

Average 1,000 followers on Twitter is $ 11 USD. Every day 80,100 Clegg received an average order value and the most common is 30 dollars but also very high order.

For every $ 6,000 of revenue achieved Clegg was entitled to $ 2,000 after deducting expenses bot written lease, rent SEO for website development, customer service. Clegg lives in Cheshire 29 years old and this new market participants but no longer has achieved £ 85,000, equivalent to $ 128,500, in the last 10 months.
Virtual Accounts Create Professionals Social Networks
It all sounds simple but Clegg said nothing is easy. It simultaneously maintains more than a dozen sites, to ensure that they are always displayed on the search results quite tired. Group programming and production in India paint the virtual account. 

These accounts also have photographs, documents and contains the message to look like a user is. For example the account is a fan of Justin Bieber will post pictures related to the singer or share messages from the account of Justin Bieber.

Clegg also always have customer support when required. Google, Facebook and Twitter are often caught purge big. As 9/2012 Like tens of thousands more on the Fan Page of Facebook no thanks disappears from the system, including Texas HoldEm Poker site Zynga losing its 96,000 fans. 

50 accounts were born from the same IP within 24 hours immediately within sight and wiped out in the next 24 hours. So we had to find new ways to go before the mechanism confidentiality of Twitter . 

Purchase Fan Like selling is not something you can show off to parents who love. It is a shameful job Clegg acknowledged on PC World.

Bing Features Search Similar To Google

Bing Features Search Similar To Google: Search engine Bing has recently search results to help users eliminate false results by introducing a number of options. 
Bing Features Search Similar To Google
This functionality is highly valued users because they help reduce the time and filter search results.

An example when searching on Bing for Harry Potter the site will introduce the user to select the search as the movie the characters or the original story. 

Rating after trial suggested functions on Bing intuitive and provides more complete information on the Google.

On 1/6/2009 the new search engine Microsoft has officially opened the door and replace Live Search. Clearly the introduction of Bing at the time that Google dominates along with pummeling of elder Live Search has made ​​people skeptical about its future. 

Launched have pretty long time, but now completely faded before Bing giant Google which can be considered a step to help Microsoft close the gap with its rivals.

Google Event Can Launch New Android Version

Google Event On 24/7 New Android Version: Accordingly, the event will be held at 9 am on 24/7 here in San Francisco USA.
Google Event Can Launch New Android Version
As many predicted it's probably time to Pichai announced the latest version of the Android operating system to the user.

In addition, he will also release a new version of the tablet Nexus 7 even as smartphone Moto X are continuous media reported recently.

Before that, the expectations will be the next version of Android at Google I / O 2013 did not come true and the user is expected at this event it will not be late again.

Walkie Talkie Mobile Coming Soon

Walkie Talkie Mobile Coming Soon: Land Rover F8A radios capable of around 500-600m, helped make free calls with clear sound the price is less than 2 million.
Walkie Talkie Mobile Coming Soon
Talkie feature helps make free calls extremely sensitive to sound clarity.

With aggressive design and durable Land Rover F8A use 2 sim 2 waves online with many attractive features such as camera take pictures with camera 2 megapixel, mp3 player analog television channels with many interesting lead.

Especially A8F Land Rover also functions as a radio with antenna extended. Within the scope of 500m without obstacles radio feature works very well and stable clear audio and large broken quang. Dung 3880 mAh battery for use up time to 2 weeks. Customers will be presented with how convenient set rotation

Refer to sample some exclusive phones other signs:

Products with unique designs ultra compact only slightly more than 2 fingers fancy while ensuring the full integration of the current trendy features such as photography music player FM radio and a memory card slot expansion.

Its case is made of shiny metal offers the elegance regal. Holding hands is still very strong despite relatively compact size.

The edges are more elaborate to bring irresistible charm. The keyboard and the back cover of the hairline K83 slip out also increases the product's aesthetic to new heights.

Phone Battery healthy Admet B30 with bunkers designed to keyboard some attached to poles to display crisp and clear. The strength of the product is accompanied by computer battery capacity up to 5000 mAh help you keep in touch more than 10 days without having to worry about recharging. 

In addition to the super durable battery B30 also can charge for many other phones. Products using 2 sim 2 waves with full multimedia features trendy like taking pictures, listening to music, playing games, surfing the web, expandable memory card slot and ultra super bright flashlight handy again. 

Mode flashlight is turned on while holding the # key bright lights shine in the dark to find the road or objects. B30 is meaningful gifts for grandparents, parents, family members.

Mobile A8i Jeep pit design, super durable chassis is surrounded by protective layers of plastic and rubber casing with shock resistant resist the harsh conditions of the tiet.

May using technology 2 sim 2 waves online very good support multimedia features most notably the powerful subwoofer system used in noisy environments high quality videos mp4, 3gp, machine performance available with Bluetooth, FM, GPRS. A8i being discounted 590,000.

Durable Phone A8S with battery usually about 1 week shock resistant technology 2 sim 2 waves online very good support multimedia features most notably the powerful subwoofer system be used in noisy environments high quality videos mp4, 3GP, factory integrated Bluetooth, FM, GPRS, Camera 1.3 Mega pixel.

The highlight of the Land Rover S3 is 2 pin total capacity of up to 3,600 map allowing the user to listen to call 1,800 consecutive minutes, 2,200 hours of playing time. Through actual test, the machine's battery can be used in the normal needs about 15-20 days. Here is a sample of healthy cell phone hit before.

Phone Hummer H1 with strong design style, bunkers withstand bumps shock resistant, waterproof good. Especially this durable phone is real smart when carrying the Android operating system with ample storage applications. 

Chip processor up to 1Ghz machine, supports both front and rear camera with fashionable connections such as Wi-Fi, GPRS, GPS, camera 5.0. In addition to the ability to excel, Hummer H1 install applications or games. You can also call or message for free. Capacity is 2,800 Mah battery in the machine.

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