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Smartphone Integrated TV connector

Smartphone Integrated TV connector: Speed ​​data transfer from phone to TV almost no latency, perform operations on the device will display on the TV.
Smartphone Integrated TV connector
Thanks to the integrated GPS feature independent the machine can be located using maps offline without Wi-Fi or 3G. 

When enabled maps computer displays the coordinates direction and exact turning software GPS tests are also inspired to 12 satellites.

The unit is advertised as 6 mm thin so even with 4.7 inch screen but feel small just as Sky Nano 4.5 inch machine because the machine itself is fairly compact design. 

Surf the web or play online games quite fast smooth.

The machine uses its memory chip Kingston a Taiwanese conglomerate specialized in manufacturing USB memory cards and other storage devices.

Smartphone Market Has Reached Saturation Point

Smartphone Market Has Reached Saturation Point: Smart phones worldwide will reach 1.5 billion units in 2017 more than 2 times the number of smartphones sold in 2012.
Smartphone Market Has Reached Saturation Point
Market watchers said that although the smartphone market has grown strongly in the first long time many experts believe that the market has reached saturation point the fact that the demand for This product has never decreased.

IHS predicts by 2017 the number of smartphones worldwide is expected to reach 1.5 billion units. By the end of 2013 according to IHS, will have approximately 900 million smartphones were sold in the market.

As expected Apple will launch a series of new smartphones this year so IHS estimates Apple sold about 150 smartphones this year. 

However, experts at IHS said that the numbers are not really impressed by in 2012, Apple has sold 134 million iPhones.

According to statistics from IDC more than half of the U.S. population owns a smartphone. Besides, smartphone sales in Europe grew 12%. 

The analyst said that the market demand for this product line has no signs of cooling down the market even though the product was shifting users from smartphones to high end and mid range line cheap.

Therefore, users increasingly seen many smartphone products integrated useful features but offered at a price much cheaper than the previous generation of smartphones. 

Apple and other technology companies need to introduce many more products than just devices with larger screens and lower prices said Bill Why man senior managing director of investment research firm ISI Group said.

Blackberry P9981 Stylish Gold Plated Design

Blackberry P9981 Stylish Gold Plated Design: This product line business success by the luxury features along with its superior security compared to other smartphones on the market.
Blackberry P9981 Stylish Gold Plated Design
Recently, Digilux a leading company in the field of gold coated digital technology products based in CMT8 No. 81, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City launched the blockbuster hit this gold plated P'9981 24K diamond engagement than 200 natural

This Business Unit said mechanism, the P'9981 plated 9 1 micron thick layer of 24K gold and set with natural diamonds are carefully selected around the bottom edge of the cap and the camera.

These products are manufactured according to the order of business in Hanoi NHD. 

Entrepreneur D order the P'9981 owner said, due to the nature of work have frequently met with foreign partners to owning one phone gilded class is also helping him make a good impression with them.

Whether it's time or just use it on the table are also aura unparalleled luxury.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Anh representative Digilux firm revealed. At the present time, this is the first phone P'9981 only in Vietnam and covered almost the entire gold which we manipulated successful the result after more than 8 weeks of hard work by the artist Digilux.

Market entry of this blockbuster hit its main attractions are the hundreds of sparkling diamonds 24K yellow reflective background. 

Entrepreneur D despite a long wait but when holding the cricket love he said, It's more than what I expected The amazing! I was very pleased.

Apple firmware update MacBook Air

Apple Firmware Update For MacBook 2013 Wi-Fi Fix: The update is 3.35 MB capacity applies to all Air 11 and Air 13 and you can download it by clicking on the Software Updates.
Apple firmware update MacBook Air
Apple today began distributing software updates for the life of a Mid 2013 MacBook Air to fix the issue dropped Wi-Fi network that the user has some reflection. 

2013 MacBook Air is Apple's first machine with faster 802. 

WiFi standard but a computer error that WiFi does not connect seamlessly to even reboot, and now it has been resolved . 

Additionally, this update also removes the volume was phenomenal changes while playing video and jerky fix screen when using Adobe Photoshop. 

Microsoft Statistically Revenue Profit 4.97 Billion

Microsoft Statistically Revenue Profit 4.97 Billion: Microsoft again statistically business situation because it's the 4th quarter of the fiscal quarter of each company. 
Microsoft Statistically Revenue Profit 4.97 Billion
Accordingly, in quarter 4/2013 my Microsoft has earned a total of U.S. $ 19.9 billion on all products and their services after deducting all the interest they cost 4,975 billion.

In this particular tablet products Surface RT has made ​​firm lost $ 0.9 billion, as the value per share decreased 7 cents on the grounds that the adjustment in the warehouse. number 19, $ 9 billion total revenue rose 10% over the same period last year however the EPS were $ 0.59 decrease. 

Trouble adjusting inventory of Surface RT may be more likely to understand the machine's sales are not as expected sales at warehouse goods led to the many existing machines and lease loss expense ware house yard. And below is the details of each segment revenue department Microsoft:

Array Windows: Revenue 4,411 billion. Interest 1.09 billion.
Online Services: Revenue 800 million. 372 million loss
Tools and servers: revenue 5,502 billion. Interest 2.33 billion.
The entertainment devices: 1,915 billion revenue. $ 110 million loss.
Enterprise Array: 7,231 billion revenue. Interest 4.87 billion.

Reportedly, this is the last year Microsoft division as part of the array, starting the new year they will restructure the company to focus more strongly on hardware products and its services for such as the Xbox Surface will be in a new segment called Devices and Studios.

Sony 4K TV 55 And 65 Selling

Once introduced in Vietnam in late May 4/2013 Sony: Vietnam has begun distributing two lines 4K TV sizes 55 and 65 in order to provide a more suitable choice for both users sizes and prices. 
 Sony 4K TV 55 And 65 Selling
The price that Sony put out 104.9 million respectively and 160 million for the two versions 55X9004A KD and KD 65X9004A. 

Compared to other TVs in the W series X9004 has more holes designed by liquid magnet speaker system 2.2 channel. 

Besides this TV series is integrated Internet platform in 2013 with rich content, good support inter operability across mobile devices remote support NFC and multi format video content, movies with women problem comes. 

Like BRAVIA KDL 84X9000 TV series X9004A version also supports image processing 4K X Reality PRO interpolated likely source of the content from the HD / Full HD normal. 

In addition to technology Triluminos Display delivers greater color range more vibrant compatible with the visibility of many mobile devices such as laptops recently released Sony VAIO Duo 13 Cyber shot Sony Xperia phones Alpha or Z Ultra. 

Like high end HX line last year X9004A also protected by tempered glass certainly polished look pretty classy. X9004 speaker system along the symmetry of the two sides and includes two tweeters TV 18mm diameter, 80mm liquid magnet woofer and 70mm pair subwoofer speaker system made ​​up of a total capacity of 45 Watt. 

It is possible that Sony has integrated a mini stereo system right on their 4K TVs. TV supports audio technologies such as 3D simulator Surround S-Force Front, Dolby Digital and Dolby Pulse. 

Overall the price of two mid sized line of Sony 4K TV quite reasonable and very close to market prices health. Currently, Samsung and LG has not revealed plans of similar size TVs in Vietnam. 

Toshiba also unveiled CEVO 4K imaging technology in Vietnam but not introduce more products.

Dell M3800 Mobile Introduce Workstation

Dell M3800 Mobile Introduce Workstation: Computer maker Dell has confirmed with Slashgear site that is preparing to launch a line of mobile workstations is called the Precision M3800 . 
Dell M3800 Mobile Introduce Workstation
Which has a screen resolution super high reaching 3200 x 1800 pixels  ie higher than 2880 x 1800 pixel numbers of the Apple Macbook Pro Retina 15

The reason for Precision M3800 with higher resolution is understandable because the Windows laptop now often used aspect ratio 16:9 and 16:10 Apple uses for their products. 

It is not clear when the M3800 was released but Dell said that later this year. According Tweakers Precision M3800 will have a wide screen 15.6 optional Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 or 3200 x 1800 pixels. 

Regarding configuration the machine will be equipped with CPU Haswell Intel Core i7 can be 4702MQ model, up to 16GB RAM, 1TB hard drive or 512GB SSD, which is attached to the graphics card VIDIA Quadro K1100M 2GB RAM, battery capacity output 61Wh or 91Wh. 

A rather interesting information that is whether the mobile workstation line, but the leaked images the Dell Precision M3800 is designed as a slim ultrabook and is equipped with touch screen.

Windows has the same point 8/8.1 the price of the machine is expected in the range of $ 1,699 for the standard configuration. 

An official at Dell said We prepare introduced a mobile workstation lightweight world Precision M3800 18mm thick and weighs only 2.05 kg. 

Currently we do not confirm any further information, perhaps you should wait another week for that.

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