Saturday, 20 July 2013

Intel CEO Upcoming Ultra Portable

Intel CEO Upcoming Ultra Portable: Accordingly, Intel will double its capacity to produce its Atom chip for mobile products this helps a lot cheaper laptop. 
Intel CEO Upcoming Ultra Portable
This is information that CEO Brian Krzanich disclosed in the income statement in the 2nd quarter of the Intel conference held on Tuesday 4 this week.

Intel will produce Atom mobile chip equitably than the computer processor chip with the goal of creating the Atom system laptop for under 300 USD while the tablet will cost less than 150 USD. 

He confirmed that the company is putting a lot of effort into Atom.

According Krzanich the first Atom chips toward mobile product code is Bay Trail completely redesigned the power supply so close with Intel Core i series chips. 

The Bay Trail the company hopes to bring laptops with touch screen designed to be sold at $ 300 to $ 400. Besides according to the tablet that runs on chip Krzanich Atom Bay Trail can be sold for less than 150 USD.

Stacy Smith Intel's chief financial officer said of tablets based on Intel's chips will increase 4 times compared with the first quarter in the fourth quarter of this year.

The Internet Companies Overseas Laws

The Internet Companies Overseas Laws: On 15/7 signed by the Prime Minister issued Decree No. 72/2013/ND-CP of the Government. 
The Internet Companies Overseas Laws
Management supply and use of Internet services and online information Decree 97 replaces the previous here to suit the practical situation developing today's Internet.

One point worth noting in this Decree is the first time the Internet information service abroad was taken on the framework. 

Specifically, under Article 22, businesses organizations and individuals to provide information to the public through the use of border in Vietnam or from Vietnam access must comply with the laws of Vietnam. 

The implementation of control how the Ministry of Information and Communications will provide detailed regulations.

Under Decree 72 the public information is information on a network of organizations and individuals publicly for all objects that do not need to determine the identity and address of the specific object. The business provides public information across borders such as Google, Facebook , YouTube, Yahoo etc.

So far social networks forums search engines Vietnam has struggled to compete fairly with the major social networks like Facebook , Google, YouTube to win at home. Many businesses have lost without fanfare that one of the reasons that Vietnam was now control the foreign companies are free to operate.

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