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Microsoft Announced Financial Report In A Day

Microsoft Announced Financial Report In A Day: The company's stock price has lost $ 4.04 compared to the first day ie 11%
Microsoft Announced Financial Report In A Day
This is the highest fell in one day for stocks Microsoft since 2000 and it has swept away 32 billion dollars worth of company stock. 

The cause of this is because investors worry about the future of Microsoft Windows segment revenue was down 6% compared to the same period last year. 

Microsoft also are subject to a $ 900 million loss related to the Surface RT units in stock and total revenue is slightly lower than Wall Street expectations. 

Its report also raises concerns about low demand for Windows and Surface tablet. 

Recently Rick Sherlund analysts from securities firm Nomura Securities who watched from Microsoft during the 1980s to now also said to pose the question of restructuring the company announced that CEO Ballmer last week. 

Phase reconstruction involves removing 5 business division of Microsoft and 3 groups responsible for these operating systems are included in a single department. 

Sherlund pessimistic about the above actions and he said that it would not fix the problem on Microsoft's tablet or smartphone.

Tablet Series Notebook Discount

Tablet Series Notebook Discount: In addition, when customers are buying bundles screen stickers discount if you buy more accessories.

Tablet Series Notebook Discount

Mini iPad 16GB Wi-Fi + 4G is equipped with Apple's 7.9-inch wide screen, 7.2 mm thickness using A5 processor 1024x768 resolution 5 MP camera on the back and VGA camera on the front           .

After nearly 3 months recently stood at nearly 10 million the tablet is considered by many in Hanoi sought this place for only to 9.5 million that has fallen to nearly 700,000.

Notably, this is in some places still sell iPad mini Ad Information Wi-Fi + 4G drift warranty with time remaining warranty from 8-10 months the price is only about 8.5 to 9 million.

However, with this cheap product, buyers need to understand thoroughly by that old line used. Because Apple's policy is not to provide a machine market drift warranty only new sales and Refurbished item but still 1 year warranty genuine.

The tablet is equipped with a 10.1 inch screen, multi touch capacitive touchscreen runs Android 4.0 operating system configuration Dual core CPU processor, 1 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB of internal memory supported heard as a regular phone call.

Last week Samsung Galaxy Tab P5100 notebook 200,000 reduction, this product is priced at 8.9 million.

Equipped with Android 4.1 OS, 7 inch HD screen quad core Tegra 3 CPU 1 GB RAM, 32GB of internal memory not support 3G connectivity.

Google Nexus 7 uses Micro USB port front camera 1.2 MP resolution, supports video calling battery capacity 4325 mAh.

While new product 100% is the lowest price at 5.7 million 12 month warranty period is remarkable the 32GB is advertised warranty drift has sold 4.5 million price warranty time 8 months.

Also 8GB of internal memory, Memo Pad also allows lifting capacities up to 32GB through microSD card slot. Products 4270mAh battery capacity equipped with Wi-Fi connection but it does not have 3G.

Currently this product is sold at the lowest prices just 2.79 million that have fallen to 700,000 compared with the first launch in early 2013 and down about 200,000 from the previous week.

Motorola Smart Watch Developed Compete With Apple

Motorola Smart Watch Developed Compete With Apple: Self recruitment company engineers and construction Smart Watch own brand Motorola.
Motorola Smart Watch Developed Compete With Apple
In a recent recruitment of Motorola the company aims to search for a director specializing in the field of industrial design with experience in product development can be worn and can create a product world-class branded Motorola.

The design team will have the task to further the Motorola brand to compete with the emerging brand with smart meter devices as Apple,Samsung, LG, Motorola also said companies looking for an ideal candidate has over 15 years of experience.

Motorola's move is quite hard to understand when the company is owned by Google while Google Google Glass and development in a variety of firms reporting is also preparing to release the Motorola product Smart Watch seem to choose its own path . 

In fact, his involvement with the big Apple,Samsung, LG in the production of products that can be worn without causing much surprise in the community. 

Motorola has been in the market for two years with MOTOACTV products. This product is high-end devices capable of playing music and track support sports workout regimen. MOTOACTV with 600MHz processor runs Android and weighs 35g. 

This device will measure heart rate monitoring, statistical process running, walking and cycling, there are more GPS to determine the distance of the user exercise. 

In addition, the devices compete with Nike + also sweat and water resistant can store 4,000 songs.

Yahoo Ztelic Raise Level Of R And D

Yahoo Ztelic Raise Level Of R And D: Ztelic software developers are used to analyze and monitor activity on social networks. 
Yahoo Ztelic Raise Level Of R And D
After the company decided to buy Admovate advertising Yahoo the company continues to acquire data analysis Ztelic in Beijing to strengthen the research and development department (R & D) in China.

A spokesman for Yahoo emphasized the Wall Street Journal that the 8 engineers and developers of Ztelic will participate in R & D division of Yahoo in Beijing.

Ztelic founded by Hao Zheng, a former chief architect at R & D office of Yahoo in China, he has held the position of IT Director (CTO) of Zynga in Asia. According to Yahoo Hao Zheng will return to the role of critical leadership of R & D Beijing.

The terms of the deal have not been finalized 2 sides. It is unclear whether Ztelic will continue to operate or shut down completely. Meanwhile, Ztelic website has officially announced the merger.

One year after becoming the most powerful figures in Yahoo the company that Marissa Mayer acquisition decisions in fourth overall in the history of the business nearly 20 years of its existence. 

This shows the beautiful female CEO are very determined to restructure the giant in the field of the Internet to catch up with the trend of technological development.

Nexus 7 2nd Technology Road Configuration

Nexus 7 2nd Generation Special Features: Page Engadget has posted images of the basic configuration of the form Nexus 7 last. 
Nexus 7 2nd Technology Road Configuration
Accordingly,Nexus 7 Google generation 2 will be equipped with 4 cores processor running at 1.5 GHz, running the latest Android 4.3. 

The screen size is 7 inches but the resolution can be significantly increased. Camera of the machine will have a resolution of 5 megapixel front camera with 1.2 megapixel resolution.Nexus 7 New Slim portal will also help support full HD video playback on TV.

In particular, the model Nexus 7 there is a new search giant will feature a wireless charging's Price Nexus 7 new generation is 269 USD for 32 GB version. 

More likely Nexus 7 will be introduced on 27/7.

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