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New Nexus 7 Opener Earlier Generation

New Nexus 7 Opener Earlier Generation: According to some recent reports, Nexus 7 new generation will be introduced along with OS Android 4.3 on 30/7 to but suddenly recently. 
New Nexus 7 Opener Earlier Generation
Android Police had earlier posted clip open box product above.

According to the recorded footage the Nexus 7 2nd generation is not much difference in style than the first version. 

However, the back of the machine has been designed smooth rather than circular shape so asNexus 7. Also the word Nexus is also printed across the body rather than in the post.

Version Nexus 7 has built a new version of Android 4.3 and if the rumors are true the user will have the opportunity to own a 7 inch products with very powerful configuration while its price only from 229 USD.

Specifically, integrated computer screen Full HD 1900 x 1080 pixel, 600 quad core Snapdragon chip 2 GB RAM and 2 of the camera and 4000 mAh battery. 

Most likely all information will be officially confirmed on 30/7 to.

HTC One Break Genuine Box In Red

New Nexus 7 Opener Earlier Generation: Chassis made of paper but still petite but beautiful as the One X, One X + of 2012 previously but thin and more expensive area. 
HTC One Break Genuine Box In Red
HTC has changed the packaging for One 2013 blockbuster of them. 

Inside the case we have a few headphones against disorder and rubber button to change to suit ear size, USB cable charger and charging the three spoke several books and a user manual plants open slots SIM.

In the smartphone owners of 2013 FullHD screen the HTC seems more prominent due to the monolithic shell is made ​​of aluminum alloy materials. 

Thanks to this case that the machine feels more luxurious to hold but also create a major drawback is the heat capacity. Just use a short time as users feel the warmth in the back of the machine due to the thermal conductivity of the metal. 

It seems that HTC has used the method for plating anodes One red like the way Apple did with the iPhone 5, iPad mini as well as new generation iPod touch.

On the hardware side HTC One equipped with a quad core processor clocked at 1.7 GHz with 2 GB of RAM. With a memory capacity of 32 GB HTC has removed an expandable memory card slot on the One. 

Some other highlights of the hardware of the HTC One is in dual speaker system and BoomSound UltraPixel resolution camera with 4 MP front camera for wide angle to 88 degrees.

IPhone Sales Were Little Changed

IPhone Sales Were Little Changed: On the side of the store laptop iPhone 5 16 GB version still being sold at 14.7 to 15 million VND / unit depending on the store. 
IPhone Sales Were Little Changed
Apple has officially announced the financial statements for the second quarter according to which the company has sold a total of 31.1 million iPhones much higher than predicted by experts. 

Meanwhile, the reference in the stores large retail outlets in Vietnam both sales and prices of iPhone models are very stable in the past few months a relatively rare condition in the market Vietnamese schools in recent years.

Cellphones shops representative said the iPhone 5 and 4S sales are steady despite the new generation iPhone and the upcoming noise around a series of electric shock by charging iPhone users recently.

Meanwhile, iPhone sales of genuine decline slightly although prices remain stable. Specifically, the two operators are Viettel and VinaPhone will sell the iPhone 5 16 GB network locked at 15.7 million the open network is 16 million.

She Loan Director of Viettel stores Store Thai Ha - says iPhone 5 sales remained relatively the past few months. 

Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S sold genuine tend to slow down by the age of long products baby monitors and the price is still quite high. 

She shared Loan recently, the level of user preferences for iPhone products have tended to decrease due to face fierce competition from Samsung and HTC products.

A store manager sells Apple products in Cau Giay Street said the price of the iPhone less volatile in the long run is indeed a rare thing on the market. In previous years, the price of the iPhone tend to increase or decrease due to erratic power supply is not stable. 

In addition, product sales also constantly changing due to market demand as well as other factors but since the beginning of the year only the iPad tends to decline slightly to iPhone almost unchanged and the level Consumption is less volatile.

According to his explanation, the last few years the price of the iPhone is usually pushed up the new launches then slow down until the next generation iPhone sold. 

However, at the time of iPhone 5 sales so there is a big competition between stores dealers prices fell rapidly after iPhone sales. Therefore, the current price has been considered the floor price and the store can not be reduced, unless approved to do business is not profitable. 

Since then led to a situation and the price of iPhone sales were little changed in the past few months.

He predicts, only iPhone can market turmoil at the time of the new iPhone and Cheap iPhone launch. 

However, if the new product is an iPhone 5S not iPhone 6, iPhone 5 price will not decrease due to design differences. The same has happened with the iPhone 4 after the iPhone 4S launch he emphasizes.

Motorola Unveils Beautifully Droid Smartphone

Motorola Unveils Beautifully Droid Smartphone: Motorola has worked with Verizon (U.S.) to launch the latest trio of smartphones Droid line. 
Motorola Unveils Beautifully Droid Smartphone
Ultra Droid can be considered as central device with only 7.2 mm thin design, the Droid Maxx serial of the traditional Razr Maxx with 48 hours of battery time and directions to the Droid Mini compact delicate seed as the Razr M.

All 3 products are integrated chip 8 by Motorola's own design using Kevlar fiber back cover and 10-megapixel camera f/2.4 aperture.

Model 3 most expensive in the above product is the Droid Maxx which is particularly suitable for those who love a strong product performance and impressive battery life. 

The notable point is the product debuts this year, terrible battery life of Motorola products are only 8.5 mm thin. Droid Maxx owns 3,500 mAh battery capacity for the period of up to 48 hours use per charge. 

Basically, the machine remains the traditional monolithic design the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass toughened glass.

This model is integrated HD 5 inch OLED screen, dual core processor speed of 1.7 GHz, 2 GB RAM, storage capacity of 32 GB and weighs 160 grams.

Meanwhile, the Ultra Droid integrated 5-inch screen, HD resolution with a thickness of only 7.18 mm. It is not difficult to recognize design inspired by a line of Droid Razr Ultra with kevlar fiber back cover. This model 2,130 mAh battery and storage capacity of 16 GB.

X8 dual core chipsets designed by Motorola itself includes a processor speed of 1.7 GHz SoC a quad core graphics processor speed 400 MHz a processor context all creating a platform 8 people as Motorola announced.

Thus, the aforementioned device possesses a number of remarkable features such as Touchless control allows users to voice commands. 

These operations are supported by this feature include making calls search find their way this will be the processor device context aforementioned charge. 

One other notable feature is the Active display brighten the screen when a new message instead of just flashing LED as a current model.

Meanwhile, Droid Mini is a compact true to its name. Machines 4.3 inch TFT screen HD resolution shared with the Droid Ultra configuration. The thinness of this product is 8.4 mm.

The three aforementioned products will be sold with a $ 299 respectively 199 USD and 99 USD with 2 year contract from Verison. Currently, the network has to get in front of the place the time of delivery is 20/8.

Apple Has Officially Announced Second Quarter Financial Report

Apple Has Officially Announced Second Quarter Financial Report: Accordingly, the company has sold 31.1 million iPhones over 5 million units compared with expectations of experts.
Apple Has Officially Announced Second Quarter Financial Report
In the published financial statements management's Apple special emphasis on good sales of the iPhone 4. 

Apple not in the habit of watching their father how much sales the iPhone 5 how many iPhone 4S and how much iPhone 4in a quarter.

However, the average value of an iPhone sales dropped to 581 USD in part a reflection of the iPhone 4 is still very attractive.

However, leaders of Apple also reveal the iPhone 5 is still the best selling product of the company.

If iPhone sales reach positive, in contrast, the number of iPads sold in the second quarter of Appleled many to despair. 

Specifically, the apple defect only sold 14.6 million iPads lower than expected level of about 18.5 million units. Sales also fell 3% from the same period last year. At that time,Apple sold only a single model is the iPad 3.

However, overall sales of Appleis increased by 1%, to $ 35.3 billion, net profit of 7.47 billion USD. Its stock price also increased slightly afterApple published financial reports second quarter.

Speaking to reporters CEO Tim Cook promises: We are working very seriously for the great product in the fall of this year and in 2014. 

Through the suggestive above it can be stated, this fall is the time Apple introduced the new iPhone. What is waiting for the user whether or not a complete breakthrough product such as a clock or iTV iWatch that this company has been veiled.

Ubuntu First Smartphone Running Revealed

Ubuntu First Smartphone Running Revealed: The device is called its personal computer generation combining the advantages of the smartphone and the desktop PC.

Ubuntu First Smartphone Running Revealed
Canonical, the commercial companies and support services for Ubuntu / Linux and related projects actively raise funds from the community to be able to mass-produced smartphone Edge open source operating system Ubuntu.

Accordingly, the project will officially operate as a capital raising 32 million dollars. Anyone contribution of about 830 USD they will receive an Edge in May 5/2014.

According to Canonical, Edge uses 4.5 inch touch screen quad core processor, 4GB RAM and up to 128GB of internal memory and support for LTE network 8 megapixel camera on the back and 2MP on the front, built in NFC . 

Regarding software apart from using Ubuntu Edge also has the ability to run Android. Both operating systems will be integrated in the device. 

In other words the Edge smartphone with dual-boot capability, running parallel to the two operating systems.

To further convincing Canonical has released a teaser video introducing the sample looks smartphone Edge.

Bill Gates Microsoft Will Not Return

Bill Gates Microsoft Will Not Return: As CEO Ballmer belong to the early 2000s is no longer a concern of Gates though Microsoft has goodwill. 
Bill Gates Microsoft Will Not Return
Like when you return Gates will become  Director of Technology.

Currently Gates is still chairman of Microsoft . He brought footprint, such as a seismic with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, savings worldwide. 

Appearing recently at Summit Research Science Microsoft but Bill Gates seems to show signs of a do not go back.

Apparently he was sure Microsoft can not deviate rails according to the direction in which he can continue to finance the projects of Microsoft . 

He also can not return to the building for many years by sticking to our daily and are responsible for it.

Even Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft. But Microsoft is a different company since Gates retired in 6/2008, ending the daily duties of his word. 

Over time Microsoft is operating with new management system, and apparently can not return to the past with the heroic history of Bill Gates it is easy to see why Gates will not return.

Nokia Lumia 625 New Features Design

Nokia Lumia 625 New Features Design: Kye said although the biggest screen in the Lumia family but still product is designed to bring the feeling friendly and definitely comfortable to hold in hand. 
Nokia Lumia 625 New Features Design

Immediately after the Lumia 625 official launch, Nokia Conversation has 2 quick interview engineers and Jenny Kang Cui Kyeyoung from Nokia Design about the new features of Windows Phone design on the largest of the Finnish phone company. 

He explained that, The pure and seamless approach is at the heart of our design. This is achieved thanks to a clever combination between materials and design.

Looking over Lumia 625 brings the same shape as a pillow and very natural. The glasses are bent on the corners. 

On the back is also made slightly bent,Kye said the design team chose the most seamless design that manipulate the touch screen is made easy. 

The rounded edge machine with the back arched Lumia 625 makes automatic positioning of hands when handling.

In parallel with the design team to develop materials and colors also busy working to improve data quality polycarbonate material and give it to a new level. 

Similarly elder Lumia 620, Nokia Lumia 625 also possesses removable shell, made ​​from a single block of translucent polycarbonate and inner layers diffuse color with shades of gold, orange, light blue, white and Dark. 

Chassis is complete the form and surface roughness layers allow colors to appear magical than. Jenny concludes, Information technology equipment often brings a sense of cold. But we wanted to create something that looks more warm and lively.

Samsung Begins Capacity Production

Samsung Begins Capacity Production: The company said the first smartphone equipped with 3GB RAM of them will be present at this year it's possible or G2 Optimus Note 3.
Samsung Begins Capacity Production
Electronics firm Samsung today announced they will begin production of the RAM LPDDR3 capacity reaches 3 GB the highest in the world today for smartphones with data transfer speeds up to 2,133 Mbps achieved. 

3GB RAM Samsung's new designs in 20 nm technology the use of 6 LPDDR3 chip memory capacity of 4GB for a total of 24GB, 6 chips are placed symmetrically stacked and height thickness is only 0.8 mm. 

Samsung said last year it will begin producing a type of RAM 3GB only use 4 small chip inside 3GB promising new chip will be smaller than the above categories to help increase open space to increase extra battery for your phone. 

Currently, the highest capacity RAM is 2GB RAM device is fitted on the machine as the Galaxy Note II or Optimus G Pro. 

Large RAM enables us to run applications and games are heavier faster download and run a smooth multitasking especially for a hungry operating systems like Android configuration.

Apple Numbers In Quarter 2013

Apple Numbers In Quarter 2013: App Store revenue of $ 2.4 billion. Revenue from all your business software and services is 4 billion dollars on iTunes.
Apple Numbers In Quarter 2013
Apple has released financial statements for Q3 2013 this morning. 

In addition to information about record sales and profit that the company earned in 3 months business has very impressive numbers about the product products and services of Apple. 

Director of Finance Peter Oppenheimer Apple's share of the business information on the content repository iTunes, App Store and iCloud. 

Apple is now serving 320 million iCloud account  an increase of another 20 million accounts since WWDC 2013 took place in June last. Below are a few descriptions of Apple's business activities in the quarter 3/2013.

App Store revenue of $ 2.4 billion. Revenue from all your business software and services is 4 billion dollars on iTunes.

iTunes movie currently has 60 thousand, 230 thousand TV shows

Users downloaded more than 1 billion TV shows, movies 390 million.

  • $ 11 billion paid to app developers
  • 320 million iCloud accounts
  • 900 billion iMessage messages
  • 125 billion photos are uploaded
  • 240 million Game Center accounts
  • 8 trillion messages (push notification)
  • Application on the App Store reached 900 thousand applications, including 375 thousand for the iPad.

Lumia 1020 Pure View Photography Enthusiasts

Lumia 1020 Pure View Photography Enthusiasts: Nokia Lumia 1020 with technology PureView really is a blockbuster of Nokia for photography enthusiasts. 
 Lumia 1020 Pure View Photography Enthusiasts
Property sensor 41 Megapixel plus Zeiss lens 6 lenses and optical stabilization promises to give you a true picture perfect. Moreover Twenty Ten is also equipped with LED lights to turn 1,1 xenon to capture as the camera true. 

Another support for the spectacular light for a mobile device imaging. Nokia has overcome the difficulties on the physical size to provide the user with a smartphone technology is now the most photographed peaks. 

Besides superior hardware technology, Ten Twenty is equipped to take dental software. 

It allows the user to intervene in order to view and adjust the parameters of the imaging machines from manual controls such as exposure white balance ISO and even focus manually turn it into a miniature camera really. 

Infographic below will help you make more sense of technology hardware and software support for the effective October twentieth.

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