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Nexus 7 Super Cheap Reality 2013

Nexus 7 Super Cheap Reality 2013: Another notable marks help it escape inexpensive products are cameras following has been fully integrated in this version.
Nexus 7 Super Cheap Reality 2013

If in the event last year Google redefined concept a cheap tablet to debut theNexus 7 Then step into the year the company continues to upgrade the above products with much stronger configuration and starting prices inched up only slightly.

The Nexus 7 new generation was produced by Asus but are much more elaborate. 

Specifically, Nexus 7, 2013 ownership as smooth backside instead feels quite lumpy so cheap as the previous version. Nexus 7 now looks quite similar to a Nexus10 is manufactured by Samsung. 

Machine about 2 mm thinner than the seniors dimension is narrower and lighter by 50 grams.

This product is integrated Full HD display 320 ppi pixel density excellent compared to what should be on a tablet. 

For example, the product is considered the best ever stroke as the iPad 4 or Nexus 10 can only turn a pixel density of 299 ppi and 264 ppi.

The machine will be sold from 30/7 in a certain market with the lowest price is 230 USD for the 16 GB Wi-Fi and the highest is 350 USD for the 32 GB 4G.

Android 4.3 New Bluetooth Officially Launched

Android 4.3 New Bluetooth Officially Launched: Along with the new generation Neuxs 7 Android 4.3 is focal point of event at 11pm last night (24/7). 
Android 4.3 New Bluetooth Officially Launched
In fact, this is not a major upgrade from Android 4.2 and if you want something extraordinary development the more likely the user must wait to debut Android version 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

Specifically, Google said that Android 4.3 has been optimized better allowing devices to improve performance. Together, text, images displayed on the computer screen will have higher quality.

In addition, Android 4.3 also supports the ability to scan the user's location via Wi-Fi more accurate. Accordingly, the user can turn on Wi-Fi option but not connected to any network that serves only to position the scan save the battery.

Bluetooth Low Energy features are also referred to several part of the previously leaked information. By its name, you can guess this is the Bluetooth connectivity feature helps save battery life. 

In addition, the range of Bluetooth devices began running Android 4.3 will also wider. 

Meanwhile, OpenGL ES 3.0 is the new standard to be used in the graphics industry enabling image reconstruction prettier to optimize super sharp screen of the Nexus 7 devices such as the new generation.

Multi User feature appeared on Android 4.2 has been improved by Restricted Profile feature enabling each profile for each different users on the same device.

Android 4.3 will be built on a version of the new generation Nexus 7 and start to download the update on devices such as the Nexus 7, Nexus 4, Nexus or the Galaxy Nexus 10. Particularly Galaxy S4 and HTC Google One moment Edition unclear officially updated.

iPhone Reveal Cheap Assembled

iPhone Reveal Cheap Assembled: This is not first time the image is said to leak of iPhone Light Cheap iPhone version appeared on Internet. 
iPhone Reveal Cheap Assembled
This time however, cover the device manufacturers to disclose Tactus Cheap iPhone images assembled complete set taken at multiple angles.

Comparison of Light iPhone in a series of pictures with the iPhone 5 we can see that Apple will keep the 4 inch screen size for the iPhone version cheap. 

The source behind the series of images the volume button on each machine will have the same color skin color. 

With a thickness of 9 mm, 1.5 mm thicker Light iPhone than the iPhone 5.

VNG Product Launches Payment Cards Online

VNG Product Launches Payment Cards Online: Cards also help customers to make transactions on the system eSale quickly convenience at any time of the day including holidays.
VNG Product Launches Payment Cards Online
According to the partnership VietinBank will deploy automatically recharge service from E-card account domestic partner of VietinBank into account the client's electronic systems eSale VNG through the Internet channel, SMS, ATM to buy game cards, phone cards etc.

Additionally, the deployment VietinBank and VNG service card payment online on the Internet for all domestic and international cards of all banks can easily recharge the account of customers in electronics systems eSale system. 

Near future, the company Thanh Son will be distributed agent product E-cards on Visa's fast VietinBank this is international prepaid cards for customers to pay online without having to have a bank account absolute control value in online trading card value.

And the launch of co branded cards VietinBank for VNG VNG customers will bring many benefits to users, such as recharge card channel diversity, safety, precision fit as demand through ATMs and Banking Kios VietinBank or send SMS by default syntax.

New Year holidays in the year such as purchasing card game, ZingXu phone cards and other cards payment for goods and services in supermarkets, restaurants, commercial centers and at the website to accept payments online ATM cards nationwide.

Asia Future Of Mobile Internet

Asia Future Of Mobile Internet: Mobile internet subscribers in developing countries has increased 27 times compared to 2007 compared with increase of only four times in developed world.
Asia Future Of Mobile Internet
According to estimates by the International Tele communications Union (ITU) in 2013 the number of mobile Internet users in developing countries will pass the first time developing countries. 

Previously in the old market, with the application of network equipment subsidies sales of high end equipment has made remarkable progress. However, the next phase of growth will occur in emerging markets with customer demand for cheaper devices, cheaper fee to access the service is cheaper.

This change creates significant challenges for large corporations such as Apple and Samsung the two companies have produced more than half of the smartphones sold around the world.

ITU also predicts that in 2013 the number of mobile Internet users in the Asia Pacific region will more than Europe and America combined. And still countless opportunities for development: there are only about 23/100 Asians are mobile Internet users. 

This figure is 67 in Europe and 48 in the Americas. Mr. Scott Lee an official of Exponential Interactive Advertising Group (USA) said that Asia will be the driving force behind the growth of mobile internet around the globe over the next two decades.

This growth has been largely due to the equipment cheaper than similar devices in the developed countries. China the largest mobile market in the world is emerging as a fierce battle when the foreign corporations face intense competition from local rivals. 

For example, the Chinese company Xiaomi sells handsets to the iPhone looks identical to Apple but the price is only half the iPhone 5.

But in India, the competition is even more intense. In the mobile market is the world's second largest the price of a cheap Android phone was cut in half to just $ 50. Even this price is likely to fall further $ 20 more next year, lower than the product of cheap phones Nokia or Samsung.

Firm Marketer estimates that between now and 2017 China and India will account for over 28% of subscribers using the new smartphone world. During this period the number of subscribers using smartphones own India will also tripled.

What's surprising is the speed of the user receiving the services for leading mobile internet is very fast even when the network is not very good quality.

However, limited coverage or access fees associated with expensive 3G phone and SMS services to many users still hesitate. Last year according to market research firm Euromonitor 62% of mobile phones sold in China are smartphones but only 16% of subscribers have access to the mobile Internet.

He S. Mohan site founder Spuul Bollywood films commented: I found that if you have a smart device you will be in great demand. Therefore, prices smartphones increasingly cheaper and on a number of clients increases the future of the mobile internet will be in Asia.

Nexus 10 Running Android 5.0 Released With Near Future

Nexus 10 Running Android 5.0 Released With Near Future: After the launch Android 4.3 and Nexus 7 new yesterday night (24/7) in Vietnam now Amir Efrati editor of the newspaper. 
Nexus 10 Running Android 5.0 Released With Near Future
The Wall Street Journal people often make the news credibility of Google has revealed that he received some information from Sundar Pichai about the future of Google TV and Nexus 10. 

According to an account posted on Twitter by Efrati, Pichai said that Google TV devices will soon be launching new and the new Nexus 10 is manufactured by Samsung and will be announced in the near future.

In the fall of this year namely in October, is a time when we expect to see the emergence of smartphones the new Nexus with Android 5.0 also known under the name Key Lime Pie. 

This is the perfect time to launch a new Nexus 10 and a new version of Android along with it. Nexus 10 is to be released in the month of 11/2012 so if the new Nexus 10 release in October will create an annual release cycle for this tablet.

According to technology news site Android And Me Nexus 10 was not as successful as Nexus 7 and the Nexus 7 new owner full screen HD Nexus 10 will continue hard sell. If the new Nexus 10 really exists we will soon know more information about it in the near future.

Tablet Sales Will Surpass PC

Tablet Sales Will Surpass PC: In the past year sales of the tablet has been booming and Google predicts the end of this year tablet PC will be officially over in terms of sales. 
Tablet Sales Will Surpass PC
This can be a big part of the products cheap tablet that is most striking Nexus 7 in particular and other devices running Android in general.

Sundar Pichai said: It was more than 2 tablets were sold worldwide there are a running operating system Android.

Meanwhile Google Play also witnessed remarkable growth to 2.5 times the profit that the application developer obtained. 

Additionally, site technology PhoneArena says downloading of applications has reached more than 50 billion. 

This is just two of many notable figures have been published on the potential Google's tablet Android and services Google Play .

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