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Zalo Windows Phone Version Surprise

Zalo Windows Phone Version Surprise: Unless stated will be released at some point in the third quarter the publisher Zalo was relatively tight lipped about this version. 
 Zalo Windows Phone Version Surprise
Therefore, the sudden appearanceZaloWP on the weekend was quickly received the attention of netizens. Before that on many forums many users have expressed the expectation even by pressure to the release this version soon.

Currently, no see Zalo Official information about applicationsthis. Walking around the online community the majority of users are mainly found each other and spread.

Overall, version Zalo on Windows Phone(WP) different than the iOS and Android versions have been widely used. The interface in the WP brings flat design feature of the operating system. 

System icon and content layout is designed to impress users. According to the website of a product evaluation version Zalo on Windows Phone looks stunning than the old interface 2 on iOS and Android.

In addition to the traditional blue of the application is designed to be used as the main color ZaloWP on the increased use of character designs icons and functional systems interactive systems horizontally to bring a new feel to the user. 

However, the trial version is also limited due to not support some features such as two versions of iOS and Android. Perhaps publishers Zalo will need more time to improve.

The First Adult Film On Google Glass

The First Adult Film On Google Glass: Dimas is currently under the management of Mikandi the company launched the application first porn world forGoogle Glass.
The First Adult Film On Google Glass
According to the initial information then the movie has entered the post production phase and the teaser advertisements were broadcast on the Internet. James Deen is paired with an emerging actress named Andy San Dimas. 

Although Google was quickly removed from Google Play but this application was re very epic by deleting all sensitive content.

In the trailer of the new movie users can see the facial recognition technology X-ray images and a number of applications Google Glass. 

Both protagonists are deliberately transparent glasses Google length film. Deen share glasses backstage props that this has caused a lot of trouble for me while back very easy to fall into the sensitive segments.

It is not clear when the film will be screened but as expected by analysts obviously Google Glass has become the new gold mine of adult industry.

Coming Death From Apple iPhone 5

Coming Death From Apple iPhone 5: According to technology news site CTech of China,Apple may completely change the sales model once the iPhone 5Sofficially go on sale later this year. 
Coming Death From Apple iPhone 5
Specifically, the source said,iPhone 5 Death will be in the future.

This is because the production cost of iPhone 5 relatively high, and it will split the smartphone market Apple Especially in the context of a Cheap iPhone Will likely occur at the same time iPhone 5S.

Besides, iPhone 4 and 4S is still very much pleased God. Despite being Apple sold as a cheap form of its products but the appeal of the iPhone 4S is still not small. 

In many markets the iPhone 4S still strong circulation because in addition to certain designs square and moreiPhone 5,Form the previous generation of product defects Apple still meet most of the needs of ordinary users.

Thus, the ability AppleDeath will iPhone 5 to launch iPhone 5S iPhone cheap and keep the iPhone 4S is relatively large. In the past,Apple also had an unexpected death of his product line once its cycle has not gone away it is the case of the iPad 3.

Appleshowing signs of shortness of breath compared with many competitors having dominated the smartphone market for years. 

Therefore, the business strategy is sure to make Apple disability issues must painstakingly study if you want to consolidate crown. 

Therefore, all information is still limited to the level of rumor. If you want answers we will still have to wait until later this year when Apple officially announced its new product.

Google Play Games Try And Download

Google Play Games Try And Download: This morning, Samsung has officially announced the financial situation in their Q2 2013. 
Google Play Games Try And Download
Accordingly, the revenues and profits of the electronics manufacturers to reach the highest number ever in turn reached 51 billion dollars in revenue and profits reached 8.5 billion relatively close compared to the company's expectations not long ago . 

Samsung said both revenue index distribution and sales of their smartphones increased compared to Q1 after launching Galaxy S4 which is a phone Android highest of them today. 

Thanks to the S4's quarterly revenue rose phone array 9% compared with the previous quarter. However, compared with the same period last year profit is somewhat mitigated. 

Analysts said that in the coming period the growth rate will slow down the smartphone market. Samsung is also confident that its smartphone sales rise in Q3 this year and exceeded forecasts in the global market. 

Moreover, contribute significantly to revenue this year is the Samsung screen array with profit growth rate reached 46% compared to the previous quarter but mostly large size TVs from 60 back more.

Photo Sphere Of Android 4.3 New Feature

Photo Sphere Of Android 4.3 New Feature: When Android 4.2 release Google announced a new feature in the original camera app called Photo Sphere.
Photo Sphere Of Android 4.3 New Feature
This feature allows the user to create a spherical panorama image 360 degrees almost completely covered the space around her.

Now, on Android 4.3  Google has upgraded Photo Sphere for the better. According to Evan Rapoport chief project manager Photo Sphere his team has improved mosaicking algorithm to balance the horizon the error occurs in the overlap of the image is also minimized.

See the picture on the first post, you can see the horizon of the beach is quite straight. If you like, you can click the source link to see all 360 degrees.

Additionally, Google has also improved the exposure compensation for each individual frame so that they can work together more harmoniously when results are aggregated into complete.

The area has high contrast will have more uniform color.

Google Translat To Translate Difficult Handwriting

Google Translat To Translate Handwriting: From this encounter difficult word is typed using keyboard you can write letters to Google Translate service always such as pictograms or accented letters. 
Google Translat To Translate Difficult Handwriting
Prior to use Google Translate or you have typed the formula used to record but now there is another way to add a hand written with 45 different languages, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and South. 

I have tried using the mouse to draw a few Vietnamese words is that it works pretty good very accurate identification even if you write the characters interconnected. 

To use functions written you into click on the button located in the lower left corner and select line edit box Handwritten writing frame will appear and you can start writing.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Price Announced

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Price Announced: Just this morning, Sony Vietnam has quietly announced the official price for big screen phones Xperia Z Ultra. 
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Price Announced
Thereby the product is priced at 17,990,000 not much different than the predicted value. 

But rather than frantic times announced Xperia Z this round of Sony just announced the order at some dealers such as Mai Nguyen, Nguyen Kim, Telecommunication A. 

Besides the familiar Sony Center and the gift depending on where customers booking. Gifts can include a rechargeable battery backup CPF1LS 3500 mAh capacity, machine or piece of leather tiles where applicable depending on sales. 

Total gifts worth an estimated 2.4 million. Users have to order at the dealer right from today (26/07) the expected delivery time is 08/08/2013. 

In Mai Nguyen said that they will deliver on 08.06.2013 on the occasion of the opening of the new showroom at 144 Vo Thi Sau Street, District 3, HCMC. 

For accessories were introduced with the Sony Xperia Z Ultra,Sony Vietnam said the products will appear after Z Ultra Xperia distributed. 

If only its own product line phone Sony Xperia Z Ultra broke the record for the highest price from the genuine product ever distributed in Vietnam.

OEM 800 Snapdragon Smartphone In Coming months

OEM 800 Snapdragon Smartphone In Coming months: Renduchintala also revealed that in the near future chip platform RF360 they will be further supported by many device manufacturers. 
OEM 800 Snapdragon Smartphone In Coming months
800 Snapdragon is Qualcomm SoC's most powerful and it has been on a number of high end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A  Sony Xperia Z Ultra , LG has also confirmed that the upcoming G2 chip is also used this. 

Renduchintala Murthy vice president of Qualcomm said recently that almost all equipment manufacturers around the globe with high end smartphone developers are designing their phones with Snapdragon chip 800. 

He further revealed that soon we will see the device within a few months. Of course, there are several architectural firms do their own processor should not spend 800 Snapdragon, Samsung or Apple typical example. 

RF360 is the device can be operated with standard LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD, WCDMA EV DO, CDMA 1x, TD-SCDMA and caGSM / EDGE (2G). 

Therefore, it can remove barriers between the band more than 40 different mobile networks globally. 

This chip is capable of good energy. You can view more details on standard and Qualcomm 4G RF360 .

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