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Cheapest iPhone 5C Smartphone

Cheapest iPhone 5C Smartphone: It is likely iPhone 5C will be introduced at the same time with the iPhone 5S and sources said iPhone 5C many color choices.
Cheapest iPhone 5C Smartphone
According to Business Insider supply information not working Apple but related to a person of this company. So it can be stated,iPhone 5CProduct is cheap iPhone by using plastic Apple.

Report Pegatron factory in China also shows a lot of information about this product line. This factory will be the majority of the current iPhone, iPad and iMac in the near future for Apple .

Business Insider does not confirm the price of this product however they said that iPhone 5C will cost around 350 USD or more. This will be the iPhone intermediate products not totally cheap.

War Samsung and Apple fans

War Samsung and Apple fans: This result marked the first extended kimchi technology through apple of the possibility of making money.
War Samsung and Apple fans
It believes CNBC says Strategy Analytics research firm pointed out that operating profits in the mobile phone sector Samsung reached $ 5.2 billion in the second quarter profit exceeded estimates that 4.6 billion Appleachieved for the iPhone product. 

Margin of Apple in the cell array has recently decreased due to poor sales of the iPhone 5 positive and increasingly fierce competition said Neil Mawston, CEO of Strategey Analytics said in the report.

However, on the website AppleInsider a critic of the side fan apple has hit a cold water  on the aforementioned report said that the report put out inaccurate information. 

Analytics report with the aim to giveSamsung a virtual achievements seems to have ignored the truth instead of providing actual information Critics named Eran Dilger who writes about companies and products AppleAnd evaluation.

Mr Dilger, Strategy Analytics calculates that profits Apple obtained from the iPhone in a simplistic way by dividing the total $ 9.2 billion profit that Applegiven in the earnings report. 

In addition, Mr. Dilger said that profits from iPhoneApple Strategy Analytics has been directly compared with profits of Samsung the array of information technology and mobile telecommunications firm whether this array of products including tablets and PCs.

Strategy Analytics said it compared the profits in the mobile segment Apple directly with cell arrays SamsungNot to mention the other devices such as personal computers. However, the article onAppleInsider has sparked a debate on Twitter with a series of fansApple defended the apple.

The debate on the profitability of the cell array Samsung and Apple takes place in the context of concerns that the smartphone market are entering the stage of saturation and slowing growth in China could worsen the prospects of this industry.

In view of the AppleInsider more likelyApple and Samsunghave similar levels of profitability in the mobile segment. Meanwhile, expert Benedict Evans of Enders Analysis consulting firm, said that it is difficult to calculate the exact number of business results in the division ofApple.

AppleiPhone has no private parts, so operating costs are mainly pooled for both iPhone and iPad. Therefore, the calculation of the iPhone operating profit is difficult Evans said.

Strategy Analytics has tracked profits Appleand Samsung in the mobile sector over the past 7 years. The company has used the same method to make an assessment that profit from an array of mobile phones Apple over Nokia in the third quarter of 2009.

Guessing Phones Hit The Offers Phones

Guessing Phones Hit The Offers Phones: Invite you to participate in the competition guessing phones hit the phones Alcatel . 
Guessing Phones Hit The Offers Phones
We will have a picture on the phone, and you try and guess what the name of this phone and write to comment below. 

Every time you will have a single guess just name your phone without any other information. We'll draw the winner to select the condition to the right answer. Unless BQT Tinhte.vn, anyone can participate in this contest. Award:

1 grand prize: 1 Scribe HD Samsung Smartphone
10 consolation prizes: Each prize 1 tickets to attend the event SP experience and Smartphone Alcatel launched at 8:30 on August 9, 2013 at Cloud 9 Bar Cafe Saigon, 6th Cong Truong Quoc Te, District 3, TP. HCM
The contest will end at 15 am on 02.08.2013
When attending the premiere of foreign gifts to thank the organizers also have a lucky draw chance for SP Smartphone Alcatel.

Elecom Micro USB, 3G Speeds Introduces

Elecom Micro USB, 3G Speeds Introduces: USB Elecom MF-SU3 integrated security software PASS standard AES of Elecom help users encrypt their data is secure. 
Elecom Micro USB, 3G Speeds Introduces
Technology company Elecom Japan today introduced a line market memory USB 3.0 super small in size only by a wireless mouse transceiver and weighs 3g but capacities up to 32GB and speeds access 80MB/giay. 

This USB line called Elecom MF-SU3 with steel casing and silver textured with 3 sold out capacity of 8GB 16GB and 32GB the size 22 x 12 x 4.5 mm with a coin that only only. 

Although compact but still above the integrated LED lights to indicate the operational status of the product. 

According Elecom 8GB and 16GB, the access speed at 60MB / s and 32GB at 80MB / s. The USB drive has been sold for $ 23 for 8GB, $ 33 for 16GB version and $ 60 for 32GB.

Apple Control Of Tablet Market Sooner Than Expected

Apple Control Of Tablet Market Sooner Than Expected: Contrary business results bleak iPad Android tablet led by Samsung and Amazon has been a spectacular breakthrough.
Apple Control Of Tablet Market Sooner Than Expected
According to market research reports II/2013 your tablet recently published Strategy Analytics a total of 51.7 million tablets sold worldwide Apple sold 14.6 million iPads dropped by 16.4 % and 25% compared with the same period in 2012 and you I/2013. 

These are disappointing figures when the first iPad sales decline. With this result the iPad's market share has declined for 4 consecutive quarter down 28.2%. 

With 34.6 million units sold an increase of 40% compared to the same period in 2012 not only Android tablet sales tablet worldwide by 43% over the same period in 2012 but rose to dominate this market with 67% market share 2.4 times higher than iPad.

Meanwhile, users tend to switch to compact 7 inch Android tablet with a price less than 200 USD instead of the more expensive products of Apple the tablet market is the largest in the world with a multitude China some nice fake as make the iPad more losses. 

Thus, after more than 3 years of overwhelming market share even with time up to 81% market share Apple has lost control of the tablet market had been established since the first generation iPad launched in 2010 earlier forecast of analysts making market earlier.

Nokia Losing Patience With Microsoft

Nokia Losing Patience With Microsoft: To give a reason why you switch we need to ensure that your favorite applications not only on the basis of us and we have better. 
Nokia Losing Patience With Microsoft
In an interview with The International Business Times  Mr. Bryan Biniak vice president and general manager of application development Nokia expressed disappointment because the lack of support from Microsoft for the Windows Phone platform in general and Nokia particular.

In addition, we also have to bring a unique experience not available on other devices.

Currently we are releasing multiple devices on a regular basis and of course these devices without a new application we do not know to whom and how the opportunities wasted potential.

Besides, we are making an impact on the community at Microsoft have to understand that "time is very precious. 

Fiscal year came to a close if not until the end of the financial year that have not achieved title the one thing we must be difficult because of the many machines to sell.

Do you think consumers to use their favorite applications every day and they will not switch OS platform with applications being poor. 

You will not convert to a poor foundation because want to change my phone? An appropriate phone is not just about the hardware but the software must incorporate.

He also mentioned that in order to develop critical applications is not necessarily only a single programming. At the same time he also promised that the critical applications will also soon be available on Windows Phone.

According to what Bryan Biniaknoi we must understand that Nokia is putting greater pressure on Microsoft  and Nokia are also a point of impact to Microsoft that the company should change behavior when working with mobile devices the key to success is a strong platform and a diverse range of applications.

Apple Multitouch Patents Zoom Is Disabled

Apple Multitouch Patents Zoom Is Disabled: Computer world statement said after temporarily disable zoom multitouch patent in December last year this is a final decision from the authorities.
Apple Multitouch Patents Zoom Is Disabled
In addition to the zoom function this patent also includes features of a finger scroll pages and launch a number of features on the device with two finger touch.

April this year, Apple had also received a similar verdict on the patent office. At that time, it still does not appear concerned affirmed his many other options including appeal to the Appeal Board and Patent Appeals (U.S.). 

If all else fails the manufacturer iPhone, iPad event to a higher level is the Federal Court of Appeal or Court of the District of Columbia. Therefore, it can be applied in similar ways to regain invented his multi zoom.

Office of Trademarks and Patents for inventions that 8 zoom multitouch ever Apple to use Samsung event in $ 1 billion lawsuit. 

However, in March this year the Korean company has been reduced by nearly half a trillion dollars for compensation for Apple due to the wrong court. Rival Apple is sentenced to 21 samples owned smartphones and tablets violated patents.

Knowing your opponent's patent invalid Samsung filed a complaint to the authorities to help compensate for their numbers smaller. 

However, the USPTO has contacted the two original owners of multi-zoom patent Daniel W. Hillis and Bran Ferre for verification. As a result, the Samsung has been said is a violation of the patent Apple 

Lumia 920 Coming Soon Smartphone

Lumia 920 Coming Soon Smartphone: At the time of launch Lumia 920 is highly appreciated by certain monolithic design with many unique features. 
Lumia 920 Coming Soon Smartphone
Currently, the price of the Lumia 920 is listed in the major supermarket retailers is approximately 10 million compared with less than one million older and lower prices of about 4 million compared to the new products on the shelves in Vietnam. 

Before that it had a display model discount shock with reductions of up to 3 million in mid April.

After the second round of discounts mentioned above, the price of the Lumia 920 is just the equivalent of a mid-range model like Xperia SP (10 million), LG Optimus G (10.5 million) and much lower than the product One senior as HTC, Samsung Galaxy S4 or Sony Xperia Z.

This is seen as a move to reduce prices in order to welcome the arrival of the Lumia 925 and Lumia duo will debut in 1020 in the Vietnam market in the near future. 

Currently, the Lumia 920 but does not have high sales in some products sold by Samsung, but still good the share of a large retail units.

Until now, the Lumia 920 is the most advanced product of Nokia in Vietnam market. This model is integrated 4.5 inch LCD screen 720p resolution dual core Snapdragon S4 chip running at 1.5 GHz, 1 GB RAM and storage capacity of 32 GB.

Specifically, this product integrated wireless charging, ultra-sensitive sensor technology can be manipulated with gloves or even items such as keys, knives, forks and 8.7 megapixel camera especially for the PureView technology the ability to capture impressive images in low light and video stabilizer good optics.

HTC One 16 GB Latest Version

HTC One 16 GB Latest Version: HTC Vietnam has just made the announcement will release a version One 16 GB market in Vietnam in early August. 
HTC One 16 GB Latest Version
Price of this model is 14.5 million, $ 1.2 million lower than the 32 GB version is available on the market. This strategy is also HTC each application for smartphones last year's flagship One X.

In addition to storage capacity reduced to 16 GB all the characteristics features of HTC One will remain unchanged compared with the 32 GB. 

Specifically, users will have the opportunity to own a monolithic products beautifully designed metal back with 4.7 inch Full HD screen quad-core 1.7 GHz Snapdragon processor and 600 RAM speed 2 GB.

In addition, this product will also be integrated with the interface Sense 5 unique features such as home screen BlinkFeed Zoe shooting features using camera technology and speaker BoomSound ultrapixel among the best compared to smartphones eye lately.

Recently, the company has also added to the market release of the 32 GB One red accompanied by high worth leather cover 1.25 million. 

Earlier, a pair of mid range smartphone a low level is Desire and Desire 200 600 has been sold for $ 8.3 respectively and 3.8 million dong.

In August next, Vietnamese users can also receive the emergence of two new models from HTC is Butterfly S and the Mini One.

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